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    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

    We are nearing the time till Valve's presentation begins (2pm PST, 10pm GMT) and our colleague Smash is on location at the Los Angeles Conference Centre, reporting back his findings. You can follow him through twitter right here - http://twitpic.com/6h3rt


    Update 1: So far since arriving, smash has wandered into the 360 demo booth and found a playable Left 4 Dead 2 demo. Picture here.
    Update 2: L4D2 playtest in valves room. not an expansion. pc and 360 nov 17. screen shots later at hl2.net. no ep3 at e3.
    Disappointing news, no episode 3 at E3. So Episode 3 really is an ambitious project, there is still nothing to show for it!? I am surprised.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. xdrive
    I know, how dare they.
  2. Otto-Grainer
    Hehe, man, some people are way too serious about stuff. :p I'm really looking forward to this game, and also Episode Three, of course.
  3. Warped
    I continue to love Valve. there is plenty of content I haven't retouched yet. also I only played through some of the Survival modes, but the fall I may need something new to wet my appetite
  4. bbson john
    1 thing I want to make it clear.

    Are L4D, TF2, Portal and Ep3 all developed by discrete teams?
  5. ZT
    Wow, the Steam Community boycott group is surprisingly big so far, for one day.
  6. kanaka
    Just curious about the Valve presentation: it was something like a conference?, or they presented nothing and is just a booth with some booth babes?, or is a shared booth with EA or just a lonely tv in a corner with L4D2? Gabe and co. were there? or the presentation wasnt today? or What the hell really happened??
  7. Captain M4d
    I was going to update my blog and write about the big disappointment, but I have a feeling too. I'm going to wait it out a few days...
  8. Trooper
    I second this motion.
  9. Reflex
    It's clever of them to announce it just before E3.
  10. kineaesth
    Uhm, what?
  11. Sloth
    Just making clear that teams do work in Cabals, some larger than others - so EP3 could have the same team size as L4D2...
  12. -smash-
    Wow, such shitty attitudes...

    I don't think all of Valve was dedicated to working on this project. TRS (Valve South) still called the shots as far as I could tell. Maybe some of the employees did contribute from here to there, but they are all working on other projects I'm sure - like they always are.

    Ep3 just isn't ready to be shown yet.

    L4D2 is going to be a great game worth getting, for sure.
  13. AHA-Lambda
    So much for orange box 2. At this rate I don't think we'll even see Ep3 next year

    :( :(
  14. ChiliFan
    Well this was a disappointment.

    Anyone else think that maybe they weren't happy with the way Episode 3 was going, and decided to re-make a huge chunk of it?
  15. Crazy_killer
    If the project is so ambitious or uses another Source engine upgrade then why aren't they telling us, you could say atleast 'we are upgrading the engine' or 'episode 3 will be like HL2, much longer gameplay'.
  16. Dr0ndeh
    heres a crazy thought, maybe theyre going to ditch the shitty episodes all together and just make halflife 3?

    im seriously starting to think valve have jumped the shark, starting with this:

  17. AHA-Lambda
    Seriously was there no mention of anything at all apart from L4D2. I do find it hard to believe they would set up a conference just for one game :|

    and especially when ep3 and portal 2 were announced way before this.
  18. Kadayi
    I guess you being at E3 you missed the entire internet backlash against L4D2 given that Valve having not delivered on the big promises on further maps and content for L4D1 they made (which encouraged people to buy a fairly content light title), are effectively making that title redundant within the scope of a year. Unfortunately a lot of people are feeling let down and betrayed about that (yes they have entitlement issues, but they also have a point..Valve haven't delivered on their promises). Personally I just think calling it 2 as opposed to L4D:New Orleans or L4D: Deep South is the big problem. I got my moneys worth out of L4D and look forward to L4D2, but I can't say its a majority position, esp amongst the Johnny highstreets out there. Valves marketing really dropped the ball on this one (again) :dozey:
  19. eyefork
    Seriously, this would be perfect! Sadly, people would still cry about the lack of info and whatnot. Gamers sure are whiny.

    As for the whole L4D2 thing, I think people are completely jumping the gun. The game was officially announced about a day ago. Most people haven't even played it. Give it a chance before you dismiss it entirely.
  20. Jintor
    Hey. Hey.

    Jarate is awesome.
  21. EVIL
    bleh! no episode 3
  22. Eejit
    Except Valve aren't pretentious tossers like Kojima.
  23. tvharti
    maybe this has been answered in the 10 pages before, but:

    Did the Valve guys SAY that they are not showing Ep3? Or was it just not shown and they didn't say a word about it?
  24. Lobster
    Read this on shacknews, Lombardi being cryptic as usual!

    Shack: Most of us were not expecting Left 4 Dead 2 to show up at E3. You guys had teased more information on Half-Life 2: Episode 3 earlier in the year. Should we expect more on that soon?

    Doug Lombardi: [laughs] Don't have a new date. Since we missed the last time, I'm not gonna put out another one. I've said this before, but Freeman's not done with his adventure. Stay tuned for more.
  25. Rossjg
    Joining the L4D2 'boycott' group is an admission of your own stupidity. By all means, go forth.

    That would have been completely worthless.
  26. Zephos
    I think that's a fairly valid point right there, I know I brought my copy under the same impression that new content would come its way, considering it only had 4 maps to begin with.

    But hey, maybe we've been spoilt with the Orange Box. I mean, y'know, paying half the price of Left 4 Dead for three games one of which has been consistently updated with new content since its release, might have something to do with the feeling of being ripped off.
  27. Kadayi
    There was certainly an expectation not only by players, but also by reviewers that Valve would add further campaigns to the existing game over time (2 more would of probably been acceptable) when they were reviewing it. Valve certainly didn't go out of their way to dampen down this expectation either. People might argue that the Survival mode and the addition of Versus mode to all of the existing campaigns was new content, but in a lot of ways that sort of thing should really have been in it when it was shipped lets be honest. I don't share the disappointment, but I do understand where its coming from.
  28. ríomhaire
    Indeed. Why the hell are people saying that they just want to see a single screenshot or model render? Valve aren't a mod team who need to keep interest by making a huge announcement every time they finish a map. They want to keep it close to their chest until they have something worth showing. There's no point in releasing five dull screenshots or a handful of models.

    Even if they had a really good trailer to show, there's not much point until they have some idea of when it'll be out. For HL2 Valve showed too much too early and had to try to get the game out before it was ready due to the hype they had generated. This ended up causing huge dissapointment amoung fans who didn't get their game for over a year later.

    Even with EP2 they had the trailer at the end of EP1 and almost everything in the trailer ended up being different in the final game. Valve itterate everything and anything they show now probably won't be the same when EP3 is finally released.

    20 maps.
  29. kupocake
    Valve: Where are my un-skinned weapon renders?
  30. MFL
    The only way that I can see Valve remaining tight-lipped about Episode Three up to this point is that whatever IS in Episode Three is such a big surprise that if they gave out any information about it beforehand the effect of said material would be ruined. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no information to go on when it comes to guessing besides a few random art pieces. Speaking of which, those screens do not look as if they are in the Arctic at all. Which is strange, because as we all know, that's where Gordon is headed. In fact, the only place that has had design of that kind at all is in inside of a Combine Citadel.

    I for one don't think that Valve would make an episode that would consist of nothing but arctic landscapes and the interior of an arctic outpost, or even that and just an Aperture Science boat. Which begs the question. Where ARE we going?
  31. Banana
    Damn, I was really hoping for episode three... Well, Left4dead 2 looks like a rather decent sequel!
  32. Au-heppa
    ARGH! Still no jumbo sized posters of the Witch to put over my bed!
  33. Oppressor
    After reading through this entire thread I can just go with you people who think Valve has something up their sleeve. I'm sure we are going to see something huge Half-Life realated in the near future. I've been a fan since 1998 and all this just makes me certain Valve will continue to raise the bar with the Half-Life saga. Sure, I'm dissapointed as most of you people, but my trust in Valve has payed of for almost 11 years now. :bounce:
  34. Blacksky
    Those mother****ers are not gonna take my money with L4D2.. I can't stand the thought, that we have waited almost 2 years, and NOT a word on Epi3, but oh yeah, not even a year after the release of L4D, they are gonna announce the new game.. -.-
    Valve, i begin to dislike you!!!!
  35. Frits
    Actually, my thought was that they just don't have anything AT ALL. I don't mean that negatively, though; from what I've come to understand, Valve isn't afraid of re-writing part of the storyline if it doesn't play nicely (ah, those tons of test runs all their volunteers get to perform; where could I sign up? I'll promise I'll consider emigration). Or cutting out certain parts (L4D special infected, for example) because of that.

    No, I was thinking that anything they'd be able to show just won't be there when EP3 will be out. I mean, look at the shots they showed long before HL2 was out... Now where did we see that in HL2 again?

    So, they're pretty self-confident that EP3 WILL be a hit. Because:

    - no EP3 at all? Then, why wouldn't they just say "Don't expect anything for a long while"?
    - something of EP3? If I'm correct, what else would that have communicated than "Please don't lose faith in us"?
    - none of EP3: They trust their fan base VERY much.

    Come to think of it: might they even be writing an entirely new engine? Just a thought (and maybe somebody already said this; I haven't read all 14 pages in their entirety, tbh).
  36. MacBowes
    I don't think that it would be in the best interest of the HL2 series because it would kind of ruin the continuity. Minor Source engine updates that improve graphics here and there aren't a big deal (although they do make the environment much nicer) but getting an entirely new engine would feel strange. I have no doubt that when they choose to make HL3 that it will be on entirely engine that they make or a whole entire new Source engine upgrade.
  37. AHA-Lambda
    Got to say I may be the only one thinking about it but why did portal 2 completely drop off the face of the earth?? All we know is they're making it and that's it.
    I didn't even know that much.