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    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

    We are nearing the time till Valve's presentation begins (2pm PST, 10pm GMT) and our colleague Smash is on location at the Los Angeles Conference Centre, reporting back his findings. You can follow him through twitter right here - http://twitpic.com/6h3rt


    Update 1: So far since arriving, smash has wandered into the 360 demo booth and found a playable Left 4 Dead 2 demo. Picture here.
    Update 2: L4D2 playtest in valves room. not an expansion. pc and 360 nov 17. screen shots later at hl2.net. no ep3 at e3.
    Disappointing news, no episode 3 at E3. So Episode 3 really is an ambitious project, there is still nothing to show for it!? I am surprised.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Escaep
    I haven't watched the presentation yet, but were the words "Episode 3" mentioned at all? Nothing like "sorry we have no Episode 3 this year"?
  2. Diesel_Power
    This can only mean that Valve will have a huge amount of stuff to show us at E3 2010.
  3. MFL
    Maybe the Episode 3 team read the oh so hilarious Team Fortress 2 blog and got the idea that they will do the old switcheroo mid hullabaloo and do a double dose of fap-happy update news to tide us over till... till... *sobs uncontrollably into Samon's lap*
  4. Adabiviak
    Dude, it's Valve. They won't steer us wrong.

    Get it? Get it? amirte? :rolling:
  5. RioBravoXL
    Do you have a link for this? Can anyone else here confirm?
  6. Insano
    You mean our roots?
  7. Eejit
    Them too.
    I'm tired.
  8. Jintor
    No Episode 3? Fiddlesticks.
  9. kupocake
    This is the only possible interpretation.
  10. eyefork
    Well I'm over the initial disappointment, these things happen. Time to go back to whatever I was doing before I got myself all hyped-up I guess. Can't wait for some news though!
  11. LazyMofo
    I would like to point out that Smash is about the worst Twitterer ever. He's averaging roughly 2 hours between updates lol. Even if there is no Ep3 info to pass at least give us mundane details about what's going on.
  12. PimpinPenguin
    I do feel sorry for Gabe for the amount of hate-mail he has to sift though tomorrow.
  13. Planetary
    The only thing I can think of is either they'll announce it tomorrow, or it's a LOT bigger then the previous 2.

    Bigger then Episode One and Two combined? Who can say?
    Remember Episode One had 5 chapters, Two had 7, so Three should have 9 at least...
  14. Eejit
    You're right. I'm gonna go send him some lovemail.
  15. PimpinPenguin
    I'm guessing he would have had to turn of his phone and other communication devices before entering like everyone else. To his credit as soon as it was over he did twit do give us the bad news. It does seem like he didn't have much to report on, Valve just waffled on about L4D2 which we saw yesterday so he didn't have much to tell us.
  16. MFL
    The strangest thing to me... is how much is NOT being said about Episode 3. Besides on the forums, of course. No major gaming news site has any kind of spotlight on the lack of Episode 3. At this point, it's news. Yet no one has made much of it. Which is strange, because those same sources had, for the most part, expectations of seeing Episode 3. In fact, an IGN representative said that the appearance or no show of Episode 3 would be one of the factors of whether or not the PC portion of the show would be impressive. To say that, then see nothing, then SAY nothing... leaves me suspicious.

    Or maybe I'm just an over-analytical bastard. Serves me right, playing these games for so long.
  17. LazyMofo
    Blah... I know... I'm just frustrated and feel like bitching =(
  18. RioBravoXL
    So is there another presentation planned for tomorrow?
  19. gFrohman
    I'm a little suspicious too, maybe not as much as you, but suspicious.

    I agree with Hectic Glenn on this issue - there may be something big heading our way in the (near?) future.
  20. leib10
    Now that people have had time to vent and rant, time to move on. Accept the facts for what they are, be patient a bit longer.
  21. SolidSteel144
    E3 seems like the last bit of hope to see EP3 till a few more months, I guess we will find out.
  22. fishdbaz
    Okay this sounds kind of stupid but...
    Have any of you ever noticed that in Episode Two, whilst Valve did update some of their textures, most of them (especially the ones on random physics props) used the same old textures they had from Half-Life 2 and looked low-res and out-of-date compared to the new ones? Could it be that Episode Three is taking so long because Valve is updating the whole game? (As in, every single texture updated among other things.)
  23. PoeticRocker
    Even if they're heavily updating episode 3, I think they could have at least give us a teaser trailer.
  24. Farrowlesparrow
    They've drawn every new texture, pixel by pixel.
  25. ZT
    I think even if it just showed a fading black screen with nothing but the words "Half Life: Episode 3" and then a super vague, possibly not used in the final game, G-man quote, I would have went cuckoo for coco puffs.
  26. Hunter-Killer
    Last year Valve said there would be no Ep3 as L4D was their main focus. This year there has been no Ep3 and L4D2 is their announcement. Just seems a bit odd of Valve. At least last year we got a bit of concept art.
  27. Warped
  28. the cow says moo
    I thought you said

    I think even if it just showed a fading black screen with nothing but the words "Half Life: Episode 3" and then a super vague, possibly not used in the final game, G-man quote: "I would have went cuckoo for coco puffs."

    I swear, I lol'd so hard.:LOL:
  29. Asuka
    LMFAO! You made my day..
  30. xdrive
    I hate Valve now. I use to love them. They brought l4d2 so quick, they obviously focused on that more then ep3. **** l4d2 im boycotting it now.
  31. kineaesth
    Go you! You champion. Stick it to the man!
    I look forward to when you sheepishly buy it and play it once it's out.
  32. Warped
    we need to bring back suck it so we can make Valve get working on EP3. fanboys keep a company alive and spread the news
  33. leib10
    Don't feed the naysayers; what can be said has already been said.
  34. xdrive
    Did i just say i'm not going to buy it? Left4dead sucked, left4dead2 looked better was going to buy it but since valve has pissed me off, im boycotting it. They have spent to much time on l4d2 and not enough on ep3.
  35. bbson john
    A boycotting is too much. Valve is one of the best game companies, and now you want to boycott its latest game? What message are you giving out? Why don't you boycott other game companies, like EA? Releasing L4D2 may be a bad move. Yet, there is no way we should punish the best game company on earth.
  36. Absinthe
    I just find it funny that Valve can start making and announcing a sequel for a game released in '08 whereas an episode of Half-Life is still under wraps without a freakin' word.

    Heh. :|
  37. QUINTIX256

    This just illustrates how immature this nonsense has gotten. Buy L4D2, and any number of VALVE games; and that will be money going to EP3; more content for L4D; and who knows what else. Depriving them of revenue doesn't help anything. The last thing VALVE needs to be is yet another 3D Realms.
  38. bbson john
    Saying that we should buy every game Valve made is not that good. As it will give a wrong message to Valve as if they have made a good move.

    My stand point is that if one thinks Valve did a bad move, they can choose not to buy the game personally. Making a boycott event is too much, too foolish and too punishing.
  39. kineaesth
    How dare they decide what games they want to produce!
  40. Ennui
    I believe this post has something to it.