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    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

    We are nearing the time till Valve's presentation begins (2pm PST, 10pm GMT) and our colleague Smash is on location at the Los Angeles Conference Centre, reporting back his findings. You can follow him through twitter right here - http://twitpic.com/6h3rt


    Update 1: So far since arriving, smash has wandered into the 360 demo booth and found a playable Left 4 Dead 2 demo. Picture here.
    Update 2: L4D2 playtest in valves room. not an expansion. pc and 360 nov 17. screen shots later at hl2.net. no ep3 at e3.
    Disappointing news, no episode 3 at E3. So Episode 3 really is an ambitious project, there is still nothing to show for it!? I am surprised.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Kadayi
    Dude, they had the worlds gaming press in full attendance waiting. If they had the game in a shippable state for the anniversary they'd have mentioned it. They gave us zip here, and there's no conspiracy to it :|
  2. Polaris
    Bloody hell. I don't remember more disappointing words from Valve, that bites.
  3. MFL
    I believe I speak for us all when I say that we're a little disappointed right now. Even those of us without hearts or souls have somehow found a way to have that sad puppy look on our empty shells. /exeunt
  4. joule
    Possible Orange Box 2? Me hopes so.
  5. CaptinDirt
    Wow, I regret being interested in Valves conference.
  6. Asuka
    This is so utterly ****ed up....I know Valve will make history with Episode 3 but wtf nothing all we have gotten is 1 piece of concept art.

    -Valve "we will release more info on Episode 3 shortly after Left 4 Dead ships."


    Left 4 Dead 2 announced

    WTF!>@PIOjdfaptgu =wA3T

    ****ING HELL

    Agreed! 100% wtf was the point?
  7. Rossjg





    Do not slam the keyboard. It does not constitute a post.
  8. leib10
    Epic fukking fail. I seriously could give two shits about L4D2, especially in light of it taking precedence over Episode Three. What a fukking joke, this is unbelievable. Shame!:frown:
  9. Kamikazie
    L4D2 = Ep3.

    Mark my acronyms.
  10. kupocake
    Sure it's disappointing, but every set-back just strengthens my belief that they're going to bin the confinements of the episodic trilogy and make something all the more substantial and impressive for the next Half-Life. Half-Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two give us a rounded-out product, already bundled together as one widely recognised product. Episode Three would just be tagged on. Even among the new Orange Box content, Episode Two was starting to look a little tried and tested. I think Valve want to aim higher.

    And even if they had shown Episode Three, it wouldn't have been destined for a 2009 release, considering that Left 4 Dead 2 was always likely to hit in the ridiculously busy Q4 period. Hell, perhaps putting L4D2 (Is it a game or a Star Wars droid?) out as quickly as they claim they can will break the curse of Valve time once and for all.
  11. Falcon(Nate)
    Yeah, I was definitely hoping for some Episode 3 news as well. I really hope we get release date info soon.

    I would love for Valve to do another "Box" but I think expecting that is setting yourself up for disappointment.
  12. Monkeh
    Episode 3 should've been released 1,5 years apart from Episode 2, yet now it's 2 years later and we still haven't seen a single screenshot.

    I used to love you Valve, but with the recent TF2 update, L4D2 and no Episode 3 news.. my love is growing thin.
  13. Shippi
    Awwwwww :(

    Well, as long as they are working on making Ep3 the best goddamn game to ever grace this planet rather than twiddling their thumbs and working on zombie splatter mechanics.. I GUESS I can live with this.
  14. scotland1
    I am disappoint. But I'm sure some EP3 media will come with L4D2.
  15. poullos
    Although I don't understand why valve doesn't develop CS2, being at E3 announcing the "game of rage" and having a press conference the other day to say hi, is...not valve. Or is it?

    Fukk it
  16. chimpmunk
    "Half life 2 will be coming out september 30th"
  17. Asuka
    So remember the times when Valve would hold a interview or demonstration and it was the coming of ****ing god. Like the Half-Life 2 demo with all that tech, i was really expecting something like that this E3 maybe even just 50%.

    This is just so lame.....

    Wheres that interview you guys are talking about anyway>?
  18. Shakermaker
    This lol
  19. Wanted Bob
    It was on the live gamespot feed with Doug Lombardi.
  20. eyefork
    Bring me out of cryostasis when they have something to say :|
  21. Zeus
    still no news on episode 3?? WTF valve. Who cares about left 4 dead 2, give us episode 3 already it's been almost 2 years
  22. Rossjg
    Understand, it doesn't take that long to produce content for Half-life 2 - for instance, were Episode 3 but a slice of the episodic pie, you would have seen it already. L4D2, shallow and simplistic as L4D inherently is, is evidence enough that for Valve, churning out such Source content is not an arduous, time-consuming task.

    Episode 3 -- which is in development -- is going to be a far more significant landmark than the two that preceded it.
  23. Harryz
    Update: Episode 3 will go gold on Monday.
  24. Hectic Glenn
    We could talk about this all day, and complain all day. I agree with you guys...we should have something by now...but still nothing. I am surprised.

    I don't wish to make excuses for them, but I'm trying to think why we haven't even got a screenshot / a short trailer / a model!? Well, we know its going to be ambitious, what if Episode 3 or whatever it may be is so amazing / different / ground breaking they can't show it yet without ruining the new ambitious side of it?

    Or is there a new package with unannounced titles included, which aren't ready yet. Hence the wait.

    Lastly before I leave you for tonight, 2 points:

    1. "We chose the wrong word in 'episode'" from Valve
    2. "Ambitious project" from Lombardi

    Combine both those two comments and I believe we don't have Episode 3, I believe we have something closer to a full game. Something...with wow.
  25. Asuka

    No shit...Still doesnt make it any easier to wait for...
  26. DigiQ8
    I'm sure of that, but I think it's time to see at least some screenshots.

    edit: I hope you're right, Glenn.
  27. kupocake
    So you want them to pull the wool over your eyes and lie to you with faked sequences and claim their pre-alpha software will ship in three months time, when in reality it will be out in 18 months?
  28. dcxs
    What I dont understand is why they invited HALFLIFE2.net and yet they didnt show anything related to half life, and we already saw l4d2 yesterday..
  29. Shakermaker
    So not ready yet or new IP? Or possibly gameplay like we've never imagined it before.
  30. Rossjg
    We are invited every year.
  31. FoxFire
    I was willing to let this L4D2 announcement slide if they announced something meaningful like Episode 3 or Portal 2, but all they've got to show is a slightly improved L4D with a "2" slapped on the end.

    For shame.
  32. LazyMofo
  33. SpotEnemyBoats
    TBH, I thought it was too good to be true. I thought no way would Valve show footage without any sudden notice, and so subtly. Sure I'm a bit frustrated, but I'm not shocked at all... since it is totally like Valve.
  34. ApoJapo
    Ep3 won't come (as an episode) anymore. ep1 and 2 failed hard when you look at the sales numbers.
  35. dcxs
    Will smash be able to get an interview with someone at valve? (or did I just dream about that?)
  36. MFL
    I remember another company that had a product with "wow". AND a long development cycle. And while I can not accuse Valve of doing nothing for twelve years, they are obviously working on various projects, at least 3dRealms had the good nature (or maybe con-artist embezzling nature) to at least show us screen-shots every once in awhile.
  37. Asuka
    Can someone link me to this ****ing interview i cant find it anywhere.
  38. kupocake
    And what Dice did you throw to get those numbers that no-one else has ever seen?
  39. Monkeh
    Then why doesn't Valve just tell us that? That they don't want to spoil anything, while it's not fully operational yet. No, Valve just shits on their fans and only talks about this L4D 1.5
  40. Hectic Glenn
    We've covered L4D fully on this site too, I guess they thought we'd be interested in L4D2 too. We are...that isn't wrong, but you are correct. Half-life is the centre of our existence and importance!