• Half-Life Update Breaks Community Mods

    Discussion in 'News' started by ríomhaire, Feb 17, 2013.

    ModDB are stating on a short statement in their news feed that Valve's recent updates their original game, following its release on Linux and MacOS, "have broken every Half-Life mod." This has been caused by both engine changes and the change of the directory that Half-Life is installed within the Steam folder. This isn't the first time that an update to a Valve product has caused trouble for modders and hopefully Valve can resolve the problem in a timely manner.

    Correction: The above news post was from the Cry of Fear mod developer, not ModDB staff.


Discussion in 'News' started by ríomhaire, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Barnz
    I'm sure Alfred is working on a fix, so calm down and wait for a fix. Also, don't forget to turn off V-Sync from the video options (it's a new command), it fixes many known problems.
  2. MFL

    Didn't see anybody particularly freaking out, just reporting the issues.
  3. Barnz
    You don't visit Steam Forums much, do you?
  4. Vegeta897
    Is this the steam forums?
  5. Shem
    You don't realize how much of a dick you sound right now, do you?
  6. SpotEnemyBoats
    Honestly after Valve never bothering to fix HL2 after they broke it with the mac update, I'm not sure if they'll fix this one either.
  7. Barnz
    You can use the ignore button on my profile to block me.
  8. MFL
  9. MuToiD_MaN
    Fixed that, IMO.
  10. Dienstbier
    • The referred post was published by the Cry of Fear team not by ModDB.
    • The update does not break every Half-Life-Mod, not even most of them, which you could easily affirm by starting a respective mod yourself.
    I would consider rechecking such a statement before reposting it on your main page thus causing resentments.
  11. ríomhaire
    Well now I feel like an idiot.
  12. Krynn72
    There there Riom, we all make mistakes and justly feel ashamed of them.