• Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast -- Released

    Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, Oct 27, 2005.

    It's official. The Lost Coast will be released this evening (in a few moments actually). As you all should know, The Lost Coast is free for all owners of Half-Life 2.
    Though anyone can play it on their lower-end system, to appreciate the full benefits of The Lost Coast, you will need a high end machine to play. Lost Coast features some excellent graphical features including HDR, double resolution textures and much higher-polygon models (and much more).
    The Lost Coast will contain around 15 minutes of brand new game play, set around parts of the City 17 coastal area that was originally cut from the game.
    Watch this space for an announcement as to when it is released.
    UPDATE: Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast has now been released. Restart your Steam clients to play.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Jangle
    how can i get it to play in garrysmod?
  2. wlodi
    The Lost Coast is a good piece of work and the level design was great. I especially liked the monastery and the way they combined normal textures with cube maps to create the reflection on the gold paint. :thumbs:
    I've got some questions. What is the exact difference between DoD:S HDR and LC HDR? I've got a feeling that it isn't the full HDR on my computer, how can I check it? Is it possible to manually change the exposure with sliders, console commands etc.?
  3. StardogChampion
    Mehhh, I only just noticed this was out.

    Here goes with my 2.6ghz, 512mb, Radeon 9600. If I'm not back in 30 minutes then my computer has exploded and I'll probably be in intensive care.
  4. Robinhood_01
    Wow! that was quite breath-taking and my pc only just met the recommended specs (literally my system is bang on).

    OK so now the rundown:
    The LC is seriously, very well done. The new HDR effects do wonders for the source engine.
    A couple of nitpicks;
    The higher details meant that any lower detailed textures or blured textures were really
    noticable (I expecially notice the monistary wall textures were rather blurred
    (and I had everything set to maximum).
    I also noticed there were quite a few texture seems visible on the ground around the
    edges of the water.
    Also the 3D sky box was very obvious when i was decending from the monistary.
    And after playing FEAR it felt as though the combine don't really take the hit or react enough
    when getting shot, it was like "OOW! damn mosquito, oh wait, I've been shot".

    Frankly though if that's all I can nitpick then that's a nice effort by Valve.

    Now I'm going to go back and check out the commentary
  5. clarky003
    to sum that up, id have to say.. oooooOOO :D
  6. Dowie
    Im going to cry now, the game crashes after 30seconds due to the sound bugs in Source. I get to see the amazing level, hdr and textures and then the sound loops then it crashes.

    Dammit so close, yet so far, ohh well back to Half Life 1 the only steam game that works for me :'(
  7. Monkwarrior
    Very nice effects, it looks and feals real.
    Two things a noticed which are not so good:
    * the comments of the Valve-crew: it's too obvious they are not set on this world for delivering voice-overs. Seldom did I hear such monotone dull voices ;)
    * the background noices of the sea are the same as in HL2. You can hear the waves splashing on the beach, but if you search for the surf: it's not there ;-)

    Overal: Well done.
    On a side note: is this really the thing so many guyz on this site were craving for and do you still feel the same after playing it ?
  8. mbrithoms
    I thought it was great,

    out of all the nice gfx, nicely scripted sequences and beautiful church interior you know what impressed me the most?

    a combine slid down a rope off a roof, then a combine ship passed above it and it sucked the rope upward (air from the engines?) and it dangled upward for a moment as it went past then fell back down, that for some reason impressed me the most.
  9. StardogChampion
    Didn't like it much at all. Some dodgy level design. Boring.
  10. Sufferin-rebel

    hmm I'll use GCFscape and get the map in garrys mod.. it will probally crash lol
  11. Gorgon
    I loved it. I wish all HALF-LIFE2 maps was like that.

    the commentray system is so cool,
  12. Sufferin-rebel
    I sent a Love note (email) to gabe :)
  13. Dowie
    Ok after two hours I have fixed my Audio problem for Source games, and ive been playing Lost Coast, simply amazing

    A+ Valve, I await Aftermath with even more expectation!
  14. anobium
    How did you fix these audio problems I have the same thing audigy 2 zs, x800pro and lost coast has crashed everytime I play all at different points?;(
  15. SubKamran
    Great, release it when I can't play it because my hard drive died. Well, my SATA power adapters should come today and then I can reformat and RAID my two new 200 GB drives.
  16. Gorgon
    No problems at all,

    I think you need to install latest driver of your sound card.

    get the besta version from stationdrivers

    I think its over 2.0 the official version is old,
  17. Puzzlemaker
    I played it in hard mode the first time through.

    It is just me..

    Or was the AI much better?


  18. Gusdor
    Does no one think its desperatly short? In need of more examples of HDR making a big impact? Why did this take so long to produce?
  19. Puzzlemaker
    Because they had to overhaul the engine to put in HDR?
  20. Przemek
    Why did it take so long to produce? I think it's because they were simultaneously [sp?] working on Aftermath. Also, since this is just a tech demo, they didn't have to rush so much and could make it as perfect as they could. And the storyline - they wanted Lost Coast to show something not seen in the HL2 original, but not too much, so it took time to balance.

    edit - and yeah, just read the LC reviews: Valve did a lot of work to finally find the right way to do HDR on both ATi and nVidia.
  21. v1p3r
  22. etzel90
    Harpoon + gravity gun + combine = lol
  23. Unfocused
    It was sw33t :)

    I can't remember clearly but I think in the G4 video the monastery was different (?)
  24. Dowie
    I freed up 20GB on my Harddrive.
    I re-installed the latest drivers
    and played it full screen.
    And validated all the games
    plus updated windows
  25. -Psy-
    You sir, have been owned. God Bless America. *salutes*
  26. CyberPitz
    I'm just happy I could play this with everything max. The game was just beautiful. I officially can't wait MORE for Aftermath.
  27. KU_
    Fun level (tech demo rather). Was short, had a few bugs, but looked friggin awsome. Ran well on my 1.8Ghz AMD, and my ATI 9600XT too. (I ran it on all high, no AA or AF, at 1024x768, and got very little frame rate issues. Only one was when I used a rocket launcher to take out like 5 combine.) Hopefully, Valve uses this in all of their games in the future. Good job Valve.
  28. Asuka
    I love how all the people having problems or say it has bugs ether didnt update their drivers or have a card below 6800 x800.

    You need a very high end card to render everything right. etc.

    I had no problems running the game 3+ times. No bugs, no crashes, no gfx issues.
  29. auscrow
    Getting it now. Be good if valve could get the minimum spec program right. Says ive got a 1.8ghz cpu when its a AMD 64 3000+.
  30. DrDevin
    That is correct the 3000+ runs at 1.8Ghz. Valve got it right.
  31. auscrow
    Yeah i understand that but its program shiuld be able to tell that it's a p4 3ghz equivalent it defiently meets the minimum specs
  32. justin82
    heres a pic of the chopper i thought was pretty cool.


    EDIT: crap putfile wont display the res of the pic was actually 1680x1050 so it looks kinda funky scaled down.
  33. sickre
    I've got the latest drivers for my Inno3d 6800GT, and I was still getting bugs - combine soldier models were standing around in Jesus Crucifix position all over the map.
  34. justin82
    yea it did it once for me, Its not a driver issues, as I understand it its a bug that valve cant seem to nail down yet. <--at least thats what i read in the steam forums
  35. G-Dub
    Sure that wasn't just the commentary pausing the AI? My Inno3d drivers work fine.
  36. busthard
    to be precise the Athlon 64 3000+ race @ 2000 Mhz
    actually is Sempron-32bit 3000+ that runs @ 1800Mhz
  37. G-Dub
    well of course!
  38. Sui
    No-one told me to... but I wrote a review because I'm bored. Here's a sneak peek ;)

  39. TheSomeone
    This ran and looked twice as good as COD2

    I fricking love the source engine.
  40. KU_
    Because AI problems has something to do with a GPU? I know someone who has a 2.8GHz processor, Nvidia 6600GT, and still get's problems with the AI.