• Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast -- Released

    Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, Oct 27, 2005.

    It's official. The Lost Coast will be released this evening (in a few moments actually). As you all should know, The Lost Coast is free for all owners of Half-Life 2.
    Though anyone can play it on their lower-end system, to appreciate the full benefits of The Lost Coast, you will need a high end machine to play. Lost Coast features some excellent graphical features including HDR, double resolution textures and much higher-polygon models (and much more).
    The Lost Coast will contain around 15 minutes of brand new game play, set around parts of the City 17 coastal area that was originally cut from the game.
    Watch this space for an announcement as to when it is released.
    UPDATE: Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast has now been released. Restart your Steam clients to play.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Chris_D, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Moto
    Some high quality shots I took on max settings. It ran perfectly.





  2. Adabiviak
    ...downloaded for me in about 15 min. Plays at 1920x1200 with all settings at highest from 30-60fps. Neat!
  3. Icarusintel
    i want more levels with commentary, it's nice to know more about what goes into making a game

    oh, and the level roxored by boxors at 1280x1024 with everything High on my X800 XT... guesss I donlt have to upgrade just yet
  4. Roland Deschain
    I had a nice bug on the second playthrough where I turned out to be invincible, so I could come up close to the modles and admire them :D
  5. aeroripper
    To get the split screen demonstration thing type this in console:

    mat_show_ab_hdr 1

    To see all the other hdr cvars you can play with just type "find hdr" in console
  6. Feuyaino
    I was actually quite pleasantly surprised to find that it ran everything High, max AA and AF, and full HDR on my 6800 OC. The framerates got low in the outdoor area just outside the church (the "arena" they talk about) and a little bit inside the church, but it was mostly playable. I suspect if I halved my AA and AF and put it in 1024, it would be plenty smooth.
  7. Mountain Man
    I had silky smooth framerates from beginning to end with my 6600GT and 2GHz CPU, which sure surprised the hell out of me, especially since Valve made a bunch of noise about how you'd need a high-end PC to play this level on maximum settings. Now either my box is far more capable than the specs would suggest, or Valve exaggerated the kind of machine you'd need to see the Lost Coast at its best.
  8. Underhill[FIN]
    Oh jeah, im downloading... Cool!!! I love valve!


    Damn i have to go to school :cheers:
  9. 605Scorpion
    I suspect Valve exaggerated the specs to make sure no n00bs starting moaning "omfg lc kills my comp vavle is teh suzzorz!!1!"

    Only slowdown I got was when looking down on the remains of the hunter-chopper. This really hits the spot. Lost Coast competes with Battlefield 2 and even F.E.A.R, but it does so much more effeciently. Some of the best 15 minutes I've had in awhile! :D
  10. Element Alpha
    So how's the level anyway?

    I have to admit gegams' popsong is wicked. Anyone care to mix a mp3 song?

    edit: wow this thread moves fast!
  11. JellyWorld
    AHHHHH i'm in school now, cant dl.
  12. dugweb
    just beat lost coast... it was really nice. It ran beautifully on my comp (amd 2.2ghz, gforce 6800, effects turned up high, 1024x768 res) I was getting probably an even 40-50 fps throughout (a couple slow spots)

    My friend walked in on me while I was playing and said "woah! is that a game? I thought you were looking at a picture till it moved."
    I personally thought the graphics were a bit above average. Next year they will be average, so it's a little ahead of its time I think. it seemed to have a lot more objects on the screen than HL2 did, which I felt helped it look better than the lighting effects they were showing off did. Scaling the cliff was fun. The cathedral looked beautiful! deffinately the highlight of the show.
  13. 605Scorpion
    It's a rather colourful (for the Half Life 2 world anyway) level, but it's really intense. Combine comin' fast and furious, a puzzle and a boss. All under 15 minutes. :p If you're not a neo commando, you should get a bit more time out of it.
  14. huntingbear
    I liked the Jesus bug...kept me on my toes when I peeked over the cliff sometimes.....
    Yeah, i'm not sure but I don't think HDR came on during my game...is it supposed to come on when........


    come busting into the church and the light goes all blue/white'ish....it just didn't look like the HDR i see in all your guys scrnshots
  15. boglito
    Looking absolutely unbelievably good, but was too short. :upstare:

  16. Azlan
    Alright, much to my dismay, I had a crashing problem all night since I downloaded Lost Coast. However, I circumvented this problem by running LC in a window, but much to my surprise, you can window it in 1024 still! The HDR effects look better than I anticipated and I loved the commentary.

    In retrospect, after playing through it without HDR, it makes a world of difference and brings much more depth to all of the textures.
  17. CyberPitz
    That was fun! It played really well on my computer everything maxed. I loved it. Thank you Valve!
  18. dugweb
    haha! ya, it was pretty scary sometimes, b/c on my game they would lye down like normal, and I would turn around and they would all the sudden be standing up lookin funny. It made me jump once :p
  19. Pilo
    I thought you said it would run on low spec systems:

    As soon as I try to install, it flashes in red that I don't have the min specs and Yes I can run HL2
  20. TeddyBear
    I started it, maxed the graphics-settings and launched. It crashed. Now it will not launch anymore. Yay for me, I will never be able to play Lost Coast :p

    (I know, all I need to do is re-install it)
  21. Septih
    downloading at 64kbps \o/

    *kicks uni firewall*
  22. Blakeb155
    Short but very sweet.

    I can expect that they will fix the few bugs in it sooner rather than later.

    e.g. the "jesus" bug
  23. Betelgeuze
    I have the same but thats not a big problem for me.
    Lost Coast was fun and very intresting. Its short but thats what I expected.
  24. BlackSeer
    Good quality and fun to play, ran better then I expected and looked great so full points to valve. :E
  25. Gorgon
    LOL, I m going to install it now.

    ok guys, where can I find it.

    its not on my list ???
  26. atakgrbl
    Should be in the "Not Installed" section until you choose to install. There were some updates after I started steam, I can understand thinking it installed itself.
  27. Jangle
    i heart valve!

    edit: aww it says i don't have enough ram ;(
  28. Psycho
    Wee, it crashed 3 (!) times now, I didn't even get the chance to finish it, and I won't play it again until they fix it, because it's getting on my nerves. I also was able to swim to the other side of the level without dying, so I could walk through all the buildings there etc. And I found a bug with the HDR and zooming in with the crossbow, when I zoom in, and then move my view to the left, the HDR magically disappears.
    Oh well :p
    Besides that, I have to say the HDR effects look pretty sweet!
  29. Barney_Calhoun
    Is there any way to install, even if your PC doesn't meet the minimum specs?
  30. dogboy73
    Anyone ceremoniously un-excited by the whole Lost Coast thing now? I can't even be arsed down loading it now to be honest. Am I missing out?
  31. mezz
    Yeah just click install :)

    It stupidly judged my processer based on it's speed. But its a AMD 3000+ 64, so a speed of only 2GHz, but it runs games almost as well as an intel P4 3GHz.

    I have to say the the graphics in the lost cost (despite the terribly aliasing at the 800x600 resolution I had to run at) are incredible. Also the level design is amazing, I actually felt free to chose where to go the first time I played. Also the difficulty and AI of the enmies seems to be increased from HL:2, which makes it even more enjoyable.

    I just can't wait till Aftermath Episode 1 now :)
  32. Chrysalid
    Damn right it is! :p Just finished it, the HDR rocks.
  33. Darg
    So far it's crashed twice for me with the freezing and sound stuttering bug that I got in DOD:S as well. I assume it's something to do with HDR as HL2 always ran without any bugs for me. I can play for about 5 minutes which is what DOD:S was like at the end which is why I never re-ordered it after they mistakingly declined by CC.

    Seems a pity. It looks amazing and runs a lot better then I'd hoped for. With my Radeon 9800Pro, 1GB RAM and 3Ghz P4 I was getting 25fps average at 1024x768 with everything up full, AA 2X and AF 2X, no Vsync.

    I think they've exaggerated a lot of the effects on purpose just to show what they can do. So far I haven't gotten to that sweet indoor bit from the video. I think the last time it crashed I was just before that so I was fairly annoyed :hmph:

    Well worth downloading especially seeing as it's free. Only took me a short time to download as well even though that was during the prime download period for the U.S.

    A pity about the sound bug. Let's hope they fix that before Aftermath.
  34. alphadec
    Okey then I have run trough "Lost coast" I do not have a pc to what this beast need or demands. And have found that out have crashed 2 times allready. But Valve have done some improvments in all aspects to the source I can see that.

    But...... hmmm can they do something about the "water fractal!!!!" :D
    Also need to do something with the "jagged" costlines or landscape.
  35. Blakeb155
    That could depend on how good your system specs are and what levels you have you have everything set at etc.
  36. atakgrbl
    It's a very cool demo, they did a lot of reworking to get the engine & content to where it is now for all to see. Hell, even the bullet tracers are affected by the hdr. The commentary system is pretty neat as well, beats reading stuffy articles on level design & whatnot. It was sort of like going around & collecting gold coins. :)

    I'm still left feeling that a hybrid sort of next generation engine like source should be a bit more efficient performance wise & still be able to push out this amazing eye candy.
  37. Sulkdodds
    Oh wow. Missed this. Any good?
  38. Rossjg
    Yes, yes it is.