Half-Life 2 Pre-Release Hits the Scene

Discussion in 'News' started by rec, Oct 7, 2003.

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    Oct 5, 2003
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    MBA, you clearly don't realize the situation:

    If Valve doesn't sort this out, the enterprise will never have existed. Then captain kirk never could have rescued that neanderthaler-woman when he returned back in time in episode 371. And she invented the WHEEL for crying out loud! Then because she never existed, the space-time continuum will be ripped apart. We will all live in a parallel universe where the wheel has never been invented, and the egyptians are ruling the world, building pyramids everywhere, constructed by the pain and endurence of the common people. Then, Rah, the lord of the underworld rises to destroy all the non-believers and strucks them with lightningbolts. Because of that, the climatic stability of the world is destroyed, as the sunlight is blocked by the fumes created by these bolts of horrendous fires. Facing or imminent death, we all turn to caves to keep us warm. Most of us start dying and the few of us that survive, start rotting slowly in the cold humidity of the crypts we once knew as our caves. Diseases spread everywhere, the horror being a common part of every day life. Then after years of darkness and bitter hell, a human-shaped being slowly approaches what appears to be the remains of a wheel, and doesn't recognize it. As he stumbles upon it's knees, releasing his last breath, a tear appears on his face, but none is there to witness it.


    So, as you can see, dear MBA, this is very serious matter after all!
  2. Has it occured to you that this might have been the CAUSE of the delay?
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    Sep 13, 2003
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    Daegan wrote :

    'Valve has had... Half-Life. That's it. They have yet to build another actual game after that. People forget so easily...Valve has ONE title under their belts.'

    Very true. The Quake and Doom games, while excellent at the time, still can't match HL (which is still the best pc game imo)
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    Have you guys forgotten that the first Half-Life was delayed for a YEAR? I garuntee you guys taht people would be going apeshit back in the day if this happened. Right now, I don't know who to believe. Speculations are everwhere but personally, I don't think valve was ready to release the game. Based on what I've heard people saying who have seen teh source code, that game wasn't even close to being done. I'm siding with the guys who think this is one big ploy to cover up the fact that valve just didn't have a finished product.

    All you guys just need to relax and put your trust in Valve. They know what the hell they're doing (whether the code was stolen or not). They're not going to roll over and die like this. They've worked too hard to make this game. They're not doing this for them. They're doing it for US. From what I've read in developer interviews, these guys are putting 110% effort into making this OUR game and not theirs.

    I'm not even thinking about downloading the leaked version because I know that it's not the final product that Valve intended for me to play. It MAY be the majority but when I sit down to play this game, I want to be 100% satisfied in knowing that THIS was what Valve wanted me to see, not some mock up ghetto rigged version that a bunch of hackers interpreted it to be.

    As far as people pointing fingers saying that so and so broke the law by downloading something, shut the hell up PLEASE! EVERYONE has downloaded something they weren't supposed to whether it was MP3's or games or whatever so you have no room to talk. I've downloaded my fair share of songs, games and apps (hell, I didn't even pay for my operating system) so I'm keeping my mouth shut.

    That about wraps up my rant so I'll step off my soapbox. In conclusion, though, everyone just needs to chill and wait for the game. Bitching about it isn't going to get it on the shelves any sooner. Even if valve did concoct some hoax, just let it go. They know what they're doing. Waiting is the hardest part but I know valve will make it worth every single minute we've suffered through.
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    Sep 18, 2003
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    Half-Life 2 has been pushed back til April because the ****ing game wasn't finished. Not because some n00b hax0r got in, and stole the Source/Pre-Release code and leaked it to the internet.

    Apparantly the pre-release that's out right now is what was actually finished up until last week, when the source was first mentioned to be stolen.

    Valve had no intentions of releasing the game this year, and were basically pulling the wool over everyones eyes (Except those of us who aren't blind).

    Just get the ****ing game finished Valve. Listen to Todd Hollenshead from iD.

    "Then there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Ultimately, we're in the business of making games, not chasing hackers."

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    tomorrow there will be a pre release gold
  7. zippO^

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    One question, why all this hostility towards eachother? It´s not like everyone stole the code and everyone has to attack eachother?
    Just calm down for crying out loud and discuss like normal human beings... Not fun to sit and read "Retarded asshole" over and over again... :dozey:
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    I think that valve should go into hiding again and put the iron curtain back up...

    It made 'em famous before...

    Remember when the big thing was "It's all steams Fault!" No one talks about THAT anymore....

    Steam is to Valve = No Taxes for you

    Imagine if you didn't have to pay any taxes on your income EVER AGAIN? Valve tried the same thing, but with games (release version with out publisher= more money...)

    Its only a game, the world will go on. (I say that for my benefit as well....)
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    Don't download the illegal pre-release. It'll only spoil the game when you get it.

    That's not entirely true...receiving stolen goods is also a crime, regardless of the reason. The only legality in making backups of a game resides in the EULA of that program. Some EULAs (such as found on most Microsoft products) strictly forbid making a backup for any purpose, and in Microsoft's case, don't even allow you to run it on any operating system other than Windows.

    So, unless you want the FBI (potentially) knocking down your door someday, why not wait a few months for your prepaid game to arrive?
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    tisk tisk, i guess none of you guyz read the leak update nfo, THE E3 MOVIE WAS A HOAX, ITS ALL SCRIPTED, U CANT KILL THE COMBINE SOLDIER BEFORE HE KICKS IN THE DOOR. Only what came out is done, half life 2 is a good 6 months from being really finished so stop crying about it being leaked. VALVe, as much as i love them bullshitted us since we first saw that e3 video :'(
  11. Sardukar

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    Now really.

    Do you take yourself seriously? :dork:

    You could;
    a) Report any IP addresses taking part in the peer to peer sharing of the leaked game/source.
    b) Recheck your sources about "Stealing 1 3rd of the game"

    Oh may I also remind you of a particular comment used by Rec + the news co here that I like "The unintelligent and uninformed web-wide have speculated that.....

    Don't have a baby or anything. It still doesn't justify your support of people in your situation downloading unofficial leaked versions like this. You don't really own a game at all - even if you have the CD. You only own the right to use the game on one machine unless otherwise stated by the leading developer or with the consent of the publisher.

    By the way - we're all human and i'm sure we'd all prefer it if you would "stfu" about Valve not meeting their deadline. If you really did feel like this about people/producers delaying games, then i'm sure you'd find use for the title "Weedums Eats Game Industry in your next epic autobiography.

    Yes, everyone is a hipocrite and so are you. But there is an ethical issue you here that many of you repeatedly fail to notice or pay attenton to. If everyone stopped downloading MP3s, would ALL of them really go and buy the CD? No they would not, about 10% would go out an buy it. Even if all the MP3 downloaders bought the CD instead > DO YOU REALLY THINK THE MUSIC INDUSTRY would reinvest that money or make their CD's cheaper? No they wouldn't. Please, stop being so naive.

    However, by downloading this HL2 leak, you are showing support for the hackers who stole the code, compiled it and then distributed it. You are also helping to cripple Valve's chances of a stable and profitable release. You are truely selfish. This is what Valve is - 5 years of work - on a Half Life 2 engine and game.

    I like totally realise it's illegal but I think your an asshole.

    Right, wrong, and wrong. Valve couldn't have been more careful, proffessional hacking utilitie custom designed for this "smash" were made. If you want the specifics, it was basicaly a trojan type code sheet that resided in the NTFS structure and could not be deleted. There was no way you could do crap all if you have this in your PC. No way at all.

    You are also wrong that Half Life 2 will be nothing. The leak does not have anyway where near the same technologies that will be provided with the final release, such as the long anticipated bump mapping engine addition etc. And also, if you really are a Half Life 2 fan, you will buy the game anyway, ignore the screenshots, don't download the leak and report and offenders.

    Me me me me me. Vavle hates me, the world hates me. Cry cry. If you really want to believe they're delaying the game to piss you off, then please carry on doing so. Please say hello the flying pigs while you're there.

    I love you! :bounce:. But i'm a critic so i've got to point out one thing, some code will be tweaked, not rewritten.

    Well, you guys DO take things a bit extremely.....

    Listen to yourself, take a deep breath, and then stop polluting these forums. Give them a break for gods sake. They're trying their best, and if that's not enough then you must be God. And please, refrain from the 100 smart ass comments you could fire at me for saying "You must be God".

    ONCE AGAIN I WILL REUSE A BRILLIANT quote used by Rec and his announcements team;

    *ehm ehm*

    The unintelligent and uninformed web-wide have speculated that...
    The unintelligent and uninformed web-wide have speculated that...
    The unintelligent and uninformed web-wide have speculated that...

    You are the unintelligent and you are the uninformed.

    Now stop flaming Valve. Stop threatening to kill yourselves. Stop shouting at each other. Wait in fun anticipation as you were a few weeks ago. Are you achieving anything??
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    Sep 18, 2003
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    Hey sunshine, why don't you "listen to yourself"? You realize you just typed out a post that took up as much space as an entire page of posts, trying to tell everyone how they're wrong, and you're right. Which basically tells me you somehow think you have this superiority complex, or you needed to type all of this bullshit out, to somehow feed your massive ego.

    You're trying to to say downloading this stolen pre-release isn't the same thing as downloading music? Snap back into reality. It's the same exact thing. I'm guessing you tried making that point because you actually DO download music, and in order to not feel guilty about it, actually forced yourself into believing that downloading copyrighted music is different than downloading copyrighted games. The Recording Industry actually DOES give money accumulated from record sales to the artists of that particular music (It isn't much, but it's definitely not peanuts). Which means when you download copyrighted music, you are STEALING (Theoretically) from the artists themselves, who produced/created that music. Downloading games (Pre-releases & Full ISO's) is the same thing. I don't care if you have a soft spot for Valve, and in your mind this whole theft that took place on their network is worse than theft of an MP3, or an album, but in fact it isn't.

    Get off your pedestal and go get a clue, before you come posting this bullshit. God.
  13. Sardukar

    Sardukar Guest

    IF you'd take time to read through the post, you'd notice I was merely pointing out a stronger ethical and moral issue in downloading the game as compared to downloading music.

    And actually - it is in the contract that the artist would be paid X amount by the record company/production company regardless of sales. Do you seriously think we live in a prissy share share world like that?.

    My ego is big enough, thanks very much. And i'm not telling everyone how wrong they are, just people like yourself, the people who asre screaming suicide because the game is delayed, the people who curse Valve for the delay and people trying to make downloading the game seem right because they may download music.

    You must be ethicaly blind to realise that downloading this leak of Half Life 2 is different to downloading an MP3, which if you had have bought instead you wouldn't be doing the world any favours, just the back pockets of those who design the covers of those albums.

    Oh and by the way - I myself do not download these MP3s or any Warez whatsoever.

    Now please, get off my pedestal.
  14. tritonconfig

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    I have no idea why people would even care about any of this other than the supposed delay in shipment. I have heard from a few sites that it will be pushed back and from a few that said it won’t be. Could someone get their freaking story strait?

    So what if they took some of the source code. Not like the company will lose any sales, if anything they will just make more since it's something to feed your appetite while you wait for the real release. From what I’ve heard your not missing anything the supposed leak is junk anyways.

    It would be easy to say this is all orchestrated to get attention but then again I don't know much of the facts so I couldn’t make a reasonable guess even.

    All I know is ATI wants that game to ship with their cards for the holiday season and I guarantee it will. OR has anyone thought that they might just give you a certificate with the cards for free one from a store? Or their site for that matter.... eh?
  15. tritonconfig

    tritonconfig Guest

    Never mind I just read a site that said it would ship a certificate for a free copy.
  16. Sardukar

    Sardukar Guest

    Are you forgetting Valve could face lawsuits from the licsenced code they used in the game, which was stolen with the whole lot and is there - free - for the public?
  17. Tragic_clown

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    _[ October 7. 2003 ]____________________________________________
    / \
    | |
    | Half-Life 2 - "Chosen 9" release |
    | |
    | Company: Valve Corporation ( http://www.valvesoftware.com ) |
    | File size: 100 x 15MB |
    | Release: November 2003 |
    / \
    | |
    | Quote from http://www.planethalflife.com/ : |
    | "There were a ton of rumors the past couple days about the |
    | existence of a leaked, playable Half-Life 2 beta, but |
    | thankfully those stories have been confirmed to be completely |
    | false." |
    | |
    | Well, I hope nobody believed this rumor. Who would actually be |
    | good enough to get the source, but forget the game ? |
    | |
    | To *****: this is too big for you to take credit :p |
    | |
    | - Anonymous leaker |
    | |
    / \
    | |
    | Gordon Freeman is back! Along with scientist Eli Vance and his |
    | daughter Alyx, your mission is to save the world from total |
    | alien domination. See, that little incident in Black Mesa was |
    | just the beginning: now those pesky Xen invaders and a new |
    | threat called the Combine have spread across the whole Earth, |
    | causing massive amounts of death and destruction. It’s up to |
    | you to set things right. |
    | |
    | + Scientist-with-a-crowbar Gordon Freeman joins a ragtag |
    | human resistance fighting extradimensional invaders for the |
    | survival of a conquered Earth |
    | + Unnervingly realistic graphics the likes of which have not |
    | been witnessed outside of a motion picture or pre-rendered |
    | cut scene |
    | + Realistic physics: objects have varied and appropriate |
    | mass, density, physical properties |
    | + Ingenious artificial intelligence: enemies will adapt, |
    | plan, improvise, and respond |
    | + Hordes of new aliens and other enemies, plethora of guns |
    | and other weapons |
    | |
    | Minimum system requirements: |
    | + Windows98/2000/Me/XP |
    | + 700 MHz CPU |
    | + 128 MB RAM |
    | + DX6 compatible video card |
    | + ~3 GB free hdd space |
    | |
    | Recommended system requirements: |
    | + Windows98/2000/Me/XP |
    | + 2 GHz CPU |
    | + 256 MB RAM |
    | + DX9 compatible video card |
    | + ~4 GB free hdd space |
    | |
    / \
    | |
    | Have fun playing, but buy the game, cause this wasnt intended |
    | to be leaked! After the source leak, there was no reason for |
    | keeping the beta private. |
    | |
    | - Anonymous leaker |
    | |

    This is from a paying newsgroup that i'd rather not mention.
    The name of the maker of the D/L thread is xxxRIPTERxxx, but the credit for the actual source of the game is given to -ANON (anonymous).
    It works, by the way, but many things about the game are not done, and it crashes in a few places. Just because I looked for, and found, this incomplete non-multi-player beta doesn't mean I won't buy the game.

    Oh, and yeah, it's fun.
  18. ag3nt187

    ag3nt187 Guest

    Im sorry, but downloading mp3's IS the exact same thing as downloading leaked isos, betas of games, etc.

    they are both copyrighted, you didn't pay for them, and its ILLEGAL no matter how you try and frame it by using "ethical" comparions. if you think its more ethical to download an mp3 then a game, you are mistaken. go ask the RIAA if its ok to download them :) yes, one is more socially tolerable because everyone and their dog does it, but it doesn't mean its ok, legal to do.

    so sick of mod's banning people from irc, etc for asking about leaks, isos, etc. but yet they have 100000 mp3's on their computer......right.

    sorry for my rant, but people need to understand what they are doing.
  19. tritonconfig

    tritonconfig Guest

    I am ignorant so please enlighten me, why Valve would be sued.
  20. Rarehero

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    Sep 18, 2003
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    Because Havok™ is part of the Source Engine, and VALVe doesn't own Havok. If you're unfamiliar with Havok, the Ragtroll test in 3DMark03 uses Havok Technology.
  21. Bluefusion

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    Originally posted by omega_0
    tisk tisk, i guess none of you guyz read the leak update nfo, THE E3 MOVIE WAS A HOAX, ITS ALL SCRIPTED, U CANT KILL THE COMBINE SOLDIER BEFORE HE KICKS IN THE DOOR. Only what came out is done, half life 2 is a good 6 months from being really finished so stop crying about it being leaked. VALVe, as much as i love them bullshitted us since we first saw that e3 video :'(

    You are forgetting that the E3 video is just a demonstration of the game's potential. A demonstration buddy. In the Beta the maps used in the E3 demo are SEPARATED and named differently from the other maps. They aren't part of the real game. They took some maps out of context, spruced it up, did some cool scripting, and bam, you have your E3 demo. Even if these maps will be IN the real game, that half ass horrible scripting is so piss poor, do you honestly think Valve is dumbshit enough to let such retarded scripting exist in the game? NO, the guy playing through the demo knew what to do in order to trigger the scripts, and damn it sure did look nice.

    Play the rest of the Beta, theres virtually no detectable scripting, or at least any that interferes with gameplay and makes you go "Huh." Take your conclusions from the other maps, not from maps meant to show off the game's abilities.

    I hope you honestly don't believe "what came out is what Valve had done". That came from the leaker, which in his own statements he contradicts himself. He himself says that the Beta is all Valve had finished, but yet he threatens at the same time to release "all of the game" unless Valve doesn't come clean. Hmmm, play detective for a minute. I know you can't trust Valve, but man, Valve is more trustworthy than some adolescent hacker.
  22. xtra krazzy

    xtra krazzy Guest

    you ppl dont get it do ya?

    Sardukar is so damn right, dont u ppl get it you illegal fools? man u fight to tell everyone ur right? well here's something for you:
    And do you all talking about the e3 scripted demos have the game? if not, how do you know that it is?
    You are so proud of yourself having a darn leak and breaking the law, I think that everyone that has the leak and is telling about it should be IP banned at least until the game comes out.

    sardukar: you don't have the leak right? coz if u do everything you told is wrong.

    BTW, what is the Havok Source code site? I'm working on a game and I wanna check it out... If I can...
  23. xtra krazzy

    xtra krazzy Guest

    Re: you ppl dont get it do ya?

    [edit] Sardukar is so damn right, don't u ppl get it you illegal fools? man all u ppl do is fight to tell everyone that your downloaded leak of HL2 is OK? MAN you are dumb... [/edit]
  24. xtra krazzy

    xtra krazzy Guest

    sry couldn't edit...
  25. AU StangGT

    AU StangGT Guest

    I know that talking about the leaked version is a touchy subject so I'll tread lightly here. I just looked over the shoulder (yea I refuse to actually play it) of a friend with the leaded build.

    I want to put all of you at ease on the subject of "the whole game getting leaked". If this point already hasn't been established, let me do so.

    In all of the 3+ gigs of what was leaked, there are at most 4 maps which appear to actually resemble something that one would encounter in Halflife 2 but still are nearly unplayable (you can walk around and shoot that's about it). The rest are merely test maps and what not. I am personally breathing a huge sigh of relief. I was afraid that what I was hearing about the whole damn game getting stolen was actually true.

    What I saw was nothing compared to what Valve has in store for us. Cheer up playas, you KNOW Valve has the upper hand :D
  26. jggibz

    jggibz Guest

    doesnt this mean there's a possibility that it can be traced back to the people who stole the source code?
  27. xtra krazzy

    xtra krazzy Guest

    Well, not exactly....
    I have found the Havok Source Code site and I have made these conclusions:
    1. Havok and Havok 2 are pretty cool engines to start a game with...
    2. All of the fancy new cool games' companies are their clients (almost all of them)
    3. Havok is good with aliens too :bounce: (which means big success with HL2 aliens)
    AND 4, the worst...
    4. Havok can sue HL2 for their leak of the source code thus publicing the pricy engine for FREE to all! (also based on 1 comment from someone in this thread)
    so dont :cheers: or :bounce: because HL2 may NEVER come out with Havok engine or AT ALL!
  28. xtra krazzy

    xtra krazzy Guest

    jggibz: Valve are already tracing and there are 2 options (users that I know about) that I know of... Im not telling but if one of the mods or "God" Newell wants to know I saw a site investigating and getting to them, because I dont (and I dont want to) know them.

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