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Guantanamo secret files leaked

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CptStern, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

  2. Shakermaker

    Shakermaker Party Escort Bot

    Canada doesn't do bank holidays / Second Easter Day?
  3. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

    yes but only government jobs + schools are closed. how is this relevant to the thread topic?
  4. Shakermaker

    Shakermaker Party Escort Bot

    It isn't. I was just being curious.
  5. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

    right. curious
  6. Krynn72

    Krynn72 The Freeman

    Do Canadian police officers carry guns like American officers, or just batons and such like British officers? Just being curious.
  7. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

    "STOP! ...or I'll say stop again!"

    seriously you've never been to canada? cops will shoot you just as dead as they would in america ..but unlike america it's justified 51% of the time
  8. Fixed.
  9. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

    nah that only happens in the west coast. they'll shoot you dead in ontario just for looking at them funny

    it's because they're ....

  10. Warped

    Warped Newbie

    this is sad news. I just can't wait till someone blows the lid of the economic crisis. I'd love to hear who came up with the whole "Lets tank the World Economy so we can each have an extra $100 million dollar bonuses"

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