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Global warming has happened at least 6 times before

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dream431ca, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. dream431ca

    dream431ca Newbie

    Mind you this was millions of years ago but it still has happened. I saw this documentray on friday about the entire history of the earth...just awesome.

    The earth has been literally destroyed dozens of times before but life still remains as you can see ( I hope).

    Anyway..global warming is not a new occurence...and it gets worse apart from the ice caps melting...there is this substance at the bottom of the ocean called methane-hydroxide. What is it?? it's methane but in a solid state. When the seabed becomes warm enough the methane hydroxide starts to sublimate (which means going from a solid directly to a gas) and rise into the atmosphere...because methane is 3 times more effeciant as a green house gas than carbon dioxide, the earth warms up alot faster...as soon as the seabed gets really warm..tons of the methane hydroxide spew out of the ocean into massive colums on water going as high as 3000 feet...and when this stuff mixes with the oxygen in the air...the colums explode and fire is shooting out of the sea 3000 feet! It sounds cool to watch but the effects are not good...the ice caps have melted already and the atmosphere turns a bright red colour. Drought ensues and oxygen starts to go down because of the loss of plant life..most animals on earth will die, but human always find a way to survive.

    How to correct this...DO NOT STOP PUTTING CARBION DIOXIDE INTO THE AIR!!! Everyone thinks that this is the right thing to do..but it's not. If you have no carbon dioxide = no greenhouse effect. This has happened before and the entire planet became covered with ice 3 miles thick...it's so cool to think about this but it's would not be funny if it really happened. Well...what do ya think?? :eek:
  2. Icarusintel

    Icarusintel Newbie

    global warming never did worry me, it's not that big of a problem, and yeah, it happens naturally anyway, the world lways fluctuates from ice age to global warming and back again, it happens, people just want to be able to control the environment, people want to play god, and they can't do shit
  3. KoreBolteR

    KoreBolteR Tank

    when global warming reaches us, we will all be wiped out..

    but ill be dead by then anyway.

    when were all gone the world will recover, go back to normal.. then more species will arise harm the world once again (over millions of years)
  4. The Monkey

    The Monkey The Freeman

  5. Vorac1ous

    Vorac1ous Newbie

    So in other words, keep breathing out & we will fix global warming forever? Pfft...

    DEATH eVADER Space Core

    Thats why we need to launch a nuclear strike, the nuclear winter will cancel out the effects of GW
  7. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    I just hope they replace fossil fuels (but not completly) with hydrogen in the near future.
    Scientist have predicted that in 200 or less years global cooling will be a problem.
  8. The Monkey

    The Monkey The Freeman

    More than that. There has been 4 major ice ages in the past, they all occurred before the dinosaurs. But the last one was different. It has small periods of ice age, galactis, followed by small period of warmth, intergalactic. Since we're in an intergalactic now, temperature rising is only to be expected, but maybe not at this pace.
  9. Dan

    Dan Tank

    Personally I don't think we have the power yet to seriously damage the earth. People tend to underestimate the resiliance of life. At most, if we nuked everything we could probably kill 70% of all life larger than a rat. But that's still not that much.
  10. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox Newbie

    Yes global warmin has happend before, but we are have accelerated it a lot, which means that a lot of species will not have time to adapt. Furthermore the human race uses an incredib;le amount of recources that will come unaviable when teh caps melt and a lot of land is under water, which could result in more then a billion death. Furthermore you have the toxins that we spill out, the polution, so the little land that will stay dry will be poluted. Your conclusion is absolutely rediculus. the lack of knowledge by you righties always surprises me, as does your way of thinking.
  11. jondy

    jondy Newbie

    Your last sentence is pretty much self contradictory - the playing god you're talking about there is simply the negating of the damage we are doing right now by 'playing god' and producing a shitload of CO2, methane, SO2 etc which is ****ing with the atmosphere
  12. kmack

    kmack Guest

    ignorance is bliss i guess.

    the fact is ,global warming is occuring, ignoring the problem doesnt help much. we can only guess what hte consequences are (perhaps nothing, but perhaps something awful) but it should be stopped, it is swiftly growing out of control.

    i could point out thousands of facts (from now, and ancient history) but its obvious from your post that you will ignore them completely.
  13. dream431ca

    dream431ca Newbie

    Even with all this carbon dioxide we are putting out we are not accelerating it. It takes millions of years for this to occur...and scientist also predict in the future that there won't be an accessive amount of carbon dioxide..there will be very little of it left in the atmosphere (based on scientific theory and simulations). and what toxins are you talking about...nuclear waste..biohazards..that's already happening. We won't need global warming for toxins to spill out cause it's already done and still going on. My conclusion may be rediculous but that's how it is...besides it's gonna happen again regardless of how much carbion dioxide goes into the atmosphere.
  14. Direwolf

    Direwolf Newbie

    A lot of people are concerned because some mathematical predictions state that we may have accelerated the process to the point where it won't take a few million years.

    And mind you, all of the ideas on both sides of the debate are just theories. Many are potentially correct and theres lots of contradictory information floating around.
  15. oldagerocker

    oldagerocker Newbie

    Global warming happens all the time.... you can thank it for keeping the planet sustainable for life. What you're talking about is one possible occurance or process among many hundreds, of which most cannot be quantified, all of which causing climate change.
  16. Synthos

    Synthos Newbie

  17. Direwolf

    Direwolf Newbie

    From what I've read probably not. The poles flipping is a massively slow (for us) event, and no one has come up with a real good reason as to why it would cause warming as quickly as we've experienced.
  18. Synthos

    Synthos Newbie

    well, it does cause fluxuations in earth's magnetic field, exposing earth to frequencies of light usually shielded..

    Plus the timing seems to match up.
  19. fantasiser

    fantasiser Newbie

    Humans cause only an estimated 10 percent of greenhouse emissions. Also, many statistics show a trend called urban warming (areas that were once perhaps a farm but have become dense urban areas have increased in average temperature) yet most remote temperature calculations only go to show a very slight increase in average temperature, if any.

    Edit: another interesting point though not directly related is that the hole in the ozone layer (which by the way, we have never actually measured BEING there, ie the hole could have been there since forever ago) is actually getting smaller, not larger as many people predicted would happen due to human activity
  20. Mr-Fusion

    Mr-Fusion Tank

    I heard all the exhaust from jet engines blocks out the sun slightly, and counters the effect of global warming? Bullshit? When all flights were cancelled due to the September 11 attacks, visibility drastically improved....

    that's all anecdotal...btw
  21. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox Newbie

    Nou that is true, the temperatre rose in those 3 days by 2/3 degrees. Cause see you have greenhouse gases and shit, that are put in teh atmosphere. Now the greenhouse gases warm up the planet, and the shit blocks the sun, hence it cools it. When the airplanes stopped flying, there was less shit in the atmosphere, hence the temperature rose.
  22. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox Newbie

    Post your sources thats say we are not accelerating it, that say there is gonna be less carbondioxide in the atmosphere.
  23. Gray Fox

    Gray Fox Newbie

    Again sources. Cause that humans only contribute only 10% seems a little bit optimistic, it seems they are not counting teh farm animals that we breed in large quantities that also produse them. but even still 10% is more then enough to upset the balance over 200 years of industrialization.
  24. Geronimous

    Geronimous Newbie

    People underestimate the size of opur poluting the atmosphere. Global warming is natural, yes, but our polution is a huge accelerator to this process, something that cannot be healthy. Besides that, the polution we keep putting in the air will only accumilate and worsen already exsisting problems (smog, etc).

    Global warming is a natural process but I really do not see reasons to reduce ourt poluting scheme... The United States really should have signed in Kyoto.
  25. vetebulle

    vetebulle Newbie

    Global warming can only be called speculation, perhaps educated guessing at best. There are so many factors at work that operate the climate that foreseeing what will happen is pretty much futile, atleast with what we know now. For all we know, global warming could lead to increased evaporation from the sea, leading to increased precipitation which in turn would lead to a larger mass of snow and ice in the polar regions, effectively cooling the planet down again. Or not, due to some other factor. There isn't any solid proof as to the effects of global warming, or if it actually does exist to begin with.
  26. kmack

    kmack Guest

    and saying that it doesnt exist is speculation at best.
  27. Synthos

    Synthos Newbie

    well, we're going to run out of fossil fuels before Global Warming gets too bad

    and then we'll have a REAL problem on our hands
  28. A comment intended to make others in the thread look bad, while at the same time attempting to elevate my standing and inject my opinion that I'm passing off as fact. This comment merely servers to make me look like an idiot and further more annoys many in the thread.

    A witty point, placed into my post to fall back in incase my initial comment turns sour and I need to try to climb out of my hole.

    If all else fails, I will say at this point that everyone is taking me too seriously and I was only joking.
  29. vetebulle

    vetebulle Newbie

    I think I might have messed up while translating. By global warming I am referring to the developing surplus of greenhouse gases (and the effect it has on other factors) which allegedly has led to an increase in temperature. This is, to my knowledge, still an unproven theory based on what seems to be a wee bit dodgy sources.

    But yes, the existence of the greenhouse effect is not speculation however, something I hope I didn't appear to imply.

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