gettin mad over here, game wont start

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by danmccormick, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. danmccormick

    danmccormick Guest

    For some reason, my Half-Life 2, and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch games won't launch. HL2 will make it to the very first loading screen (after valve picture and copyright info, just before main menu) It will enter the load, then midway the game shuts off. I was able to play the game for a little while but this started to happen after a bit, so I re-installed it all, and its happening again. As i said the game can run on my computer, but for some reason, it just, shuts off. There are no other applications running, excluding the vitals of course, and steam isn't downloading or updating anything. So, anyone know whats happening 'cause this is really irritating. (I assume HL2: DM isnt working because of the fact that HL2 isn't, it just makes it to a blck screen then shuts off) Help is GREATLY appreciated, gettin so mad because I paid for a game I can't even play...makes me wanna buy a hard copy here, or get a freebie! :frown:
  2. reg44reg

    reg44reg Guest

    Im having the exact same problem not finding any answers in the forums, just more complaints
  3. iphitus

    iphitus Guest

    same problem here, would absolutely love a solution.

    I managed to make hl2 start by typing: mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware 0 in the console. Alas, i dont even get the chance to change that in HL2DM.

    Although even though I get hl2 to start, I still crash whenever I save. I turned off autosave, though it still saves, then crashes upon a quick or any other save.
  4. CowTipper

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    i used to crash during the loading screen within hl2. using the -console launch command, i've been able to get to the main screen. in order to play it, i used the command "mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware 0"
    i put that into an autoexec.cfg file for hl2, and it's allowed me to play the game, somewhat normally. i'm trying a new command tonight that suppose to fix the crash during save. "mat_forcehardwaresync 0"
    hope this helps you guys
  5. iphitus

    iphitus Guest

    it worked for me :p

    funny, i beat valve at their own game workin out that save fix...
  6. baldor

    baldor Guest

    in order to play it, i used the command "mat_forcemanagedtextureintohar dware 0"

    my console didnt like that comand, how do you enter the commands?

    Got the same error as you might guess
  7. iphitus

    iphitus Guest

    egh, this forum adds a space into hardware, take it out. Also, dont include the quotes
  8. danmccormick

    danmccormick Guest

    ok, so I had the game running thanks to your guys' help. Now, I went into HL2:DM's properties to see if I could get it to run, so I right click it in the Play Games, go to properties and click...I waited for a good ten seconds, so as you could imagine I was thinking...okaaay, wierd. So it finally opens, and now my laptops activity light is going hardcore, just fast, and my computer starts running slow! So I click X to make it stop, and I have to wait for a few seconds again, and it stops, and all is fine again. Now here is the new problem. I try to start it up normally, and, as it has done before for no reason at all, it says that there's a problem in my local game files and it says it will try to get them again from steam, so I say ok, and it just trys to start the game over and over with the same message popping up, and guess what? It does it to normal HL2 now right now I'm gettin mad again :flame: , and if anyone knows wtf is goin on, help is again appreciated. :cheers:
  9. musclecar

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    Game Shuts Off

    Just a suggestion, but I installed my OLD video card drivers, and all my problems dissappeared. Good luck!

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