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Garrys Mod Question

Discussion in 'Steam and Other Valve Games' started by LegendaryFroggy, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone. Im new here and I was wondering, What is the best deal to get Gmod? What I mean by this is, Should I get Gmod and CS:S or The Orange Box and Gmod? Or should I get all three?

    Follow up question, If I only get Gmod with Counterstrike, Will I be able to get NPCs and ragdolls from Half-Life 2?

    Follow up Follow up question, Ive seen videos with Combine-esque gates that can open. Is that included in Half-Life 2, or do I have to get the episodes?

    Done :cheese:
  2. tschumann

    tschumann Spy

    With the Orange Box will give you more content, but Counter-Strike Source content is probably more widely used. All three is probably the best option.
    I think that all Half-Life 2 content is there by default.
    I'm not sure about the gates, do you have a picture?

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