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Garbage pile twice the size of texas floating in South Pacific

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CptStern, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey



    http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/artic...SS6JS8RH0.DTL&hw=pacific patch&sn=001&sc=1000
  2. -Psy-

    -Psy- Walking round in women's underwear

    That's where the seagulls congregate and come up with plans on how to dominate the world from the skies where nobody would expect it.
  3. Azner

    Azner Tank

    Give it to singapore, we can build land with it...

    I think.
  4. <RJMC>

    <RJMC> The Freeman

    and people say climate problems are not important
  5. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

    Why can't we dump it all into a volcano or something clever like that.
  6. Krynn72

    Krynn72 The Freeman

    Because that would be a lot of effort to waste since people will bitch about doing that.
  7. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

    unregulated burning of garbage = toxic gases/chemicals released into air/water
  8. alehm

    alehm Newbie

    We should sell our groceries in delicious edible bags.
  9. Pesmerga

    Pesmerga Newbie

    Is that any worse than the unregulated trash collection in our oceans?

    Heck, we might start a new ecosystem down there or something. Underwater cockroaches.
  10. Raziaar

    Raziaar I Hate Custom Titles

    Dammit. I was trying to find a Futurama picture from "A Big Piece of Garbage" but had no luck. I don't even know where my futurama discs disappeared to.

    The image where the mayor of old new york secretly pushes off the garbage pile to the ocean.
  11. <RJMC>

    <RJMC> The Freeman

  12. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    WTF, that is truly disgusting looking. D:
  13. Dog--

    Dog-- The Freeman

    I think it's cool. It reminds me of those cockroaches that carry around the brain bug in Starship Troopers.
  14. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    I love that scene, I forgot how awesome that movie is.. I should buy it.
  15. jverne

    jverne Newbie

    agree, that movie was way underrated, it was pretty decent for what it was.

    anyway i was saying more than a year ago there are other things besides global warming that are dangerous.
    but of course who cares unless a giant trash wave hits them.:rolleyes:
  16. Milkman

    Milkman Newbie

    Finally, we now have an excuse to repeal the above-ground nuclear test treaty.

    As with most problems, a giant floating garbage heap could be solved by a nice 20 megaton thermonuclear airburst.

  17. noQ

    noQ Spy

    God bless America.

    *avoids flying chairs*
  18. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

    Satellite pics or it didn't happen.
  19. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

    search for sat pics couldnt find them
  20. Raziaar

    Raziaar I Hate Custom Titles

  21. Hellrider

    Hellrider Spy

    I don't think I ever threw anything in the water, in the street yeah but not in the sea..

    Well how big is Texas anyway ?
  22. Raziaar

    Raziaar I Hate Custom Titles

    2.3 times smaller than Alaska.

    Or if you prefer it another way... 10 times the size of Florida.

    And if you prefer it even another way... 1.4 billion square feet.
  23. Hellrider

    Hellrider Spy

    And in meters ?
  24. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

    And ounces?
  25. The Monkey

    The Monkey The Freeman

    W00t, free shoes!

    DEATHMASTER The Freeman

    I like the volcano/ land idea. Though land may have 'unforeseen consequences'. Volcano would have to be limited maybe... putting texas in there and all.
  27. Jintor

    Jintor Didn't Get Temp-Banned


    Give it to Singpura, they need land.
  28. Dan

    Dan Tank

    Are you sure about the stats on that? Texas is pretty big. Twice the size of Texas would pretty much cover all of Europe.
  29. Darkside55

    Darkside55 The Freeman

    Guys, I say we claim it.
  30. Adabiviak

    Adabiviak Space Core

    I want to see more pics - I'm leery about this. If it's actually anywhere near as big as Texas, it'll get my vote for a new wonder of the world.
  31. Raziaar

    Raziaar I Hate Custom Titles

    Texas is small compared to the ocean though.

    All you want to know.


    It is entirely too strange though that I can't find any pics that show an expanse of water from a boat or something...

    EDIT: Found this video on wikipedia.


    Yikes... Surprising. So I guess the reason we're not seeing pictures of some thick mass of plastics is because most of it is broken down and sort of hides in the water as a soupy sludge.
  32. <RJMC>

    <RJMC> The Freeman

    just look a map
  33. Azner

    Azner Tank

    So how do we use it again?

    *Scratches head*

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