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Gabe Picks Up Academy Fellowship BAFTA Award, Says Steambox Prototype 3-4 Months Away

Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member


    In an interview with the BBC after collecting his prestigious academy fellowship award at tonight's BAFTA ceremony, Gabe has revealed a Steambox prototype is only 3-4 months away.

    The hold up for the device? Well Gabe said: "The main thing that's holding us up... we have a couple of different controllers prototypes we're using". From the prototypes Valve send out, they will be monitoring gaming experiences relative to the controller variants being tested.

    He also touched on potentially "dusting off" some other games, such as Ricochet & Day of Defeat to "give them a new spin" given the changing climate. You can watch the full interview on BBC News.

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  2. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    A Day of Defeat 2 or Ricochet 2? Ah, clever Valve to avoid counting 3 on a certain game!
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  3. Hobbax

    Hobbax Medic

    HL3 is not going to be released i confirm it trought conversation

    BBC interviewer: "Are we going to see Half-Life 3 and when?"

    Gabe: "*grins evil* Well I can't really say anything Half-Life 3, and when I do I'll certainly tell BBC about it."

    BBC interviewer: "Is it in development, I think then?"

    Gabe: "When I have something to talk about, I'll be happy to talk about it."

    *later on in the interview*

    Gabe: "We always looking at our different games, even Ricochet and Day of Defeat thinking how we can evolve them given a changing gaming landscape. We have all these different properties which mean different things to different customers, and as appropriate we dust them off an give them a new spin."
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  4. ChiliFan

    ChiliFan Space Core

    Turns out "Ricochet 2" meant literally Ricochet 2.
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  5. MFL

    MFL AlbatrossofTime

    As appropriate?
  6. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    Anybody think this smells of Doug Lombardi (especially what happen at /v/'s visit to Valve)?
  7. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    Gabe was giving a very general statement, IMO. He was just pointing out the fact that they reboot old games, for example TF2, CS:GO, Dota 2, etc. This doesn't insinuate Ricochet 2 (as we know it) = Ricochet 2, or HL3 is kaput, or what ever... Listen to the question that's being asked.
  8. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

    I won't be surprised if Ricochet 2 becomes a) a real thing, and b) a semi-niche 1v1 eSport title like 2GD / The GD Studio's Reborn. It has all the necessary strategic elements - positional play, skillshots, etc. All it needs is a set of mechanics that create a bit more variance and support individual play styles.

    But we all know it's actually HL3.
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  9. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    ssshhh, don't let darkseid hear you.

    But seriously, I think I'd like a Ricochet 2. If it's done right, with a Tron inspired visual style atop the new Source 2 engine (assuming Gabe means what he says). It would be wonderful.

    But it would be kind of funny if Valve did the ultimate troll when he was talking about "Ricochet 2" and it turns out that its the game Gaben was referring to. And now Ricochet 2 has a campaign mode.
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  10. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

    And then it turns out that Ricochet 2 is actually a VR game that C17 citizens are subjected to as a psychosomatic distraction from the grim realities of life on Combine-occupied Earth.
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  11. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    I'd like to hear Mr. Ward's explanation for this. As far as I see Valve could definitely sell their version of the Steam Box at loss. I can see reasons why they wouldn't or shouldn't, but they definitely could seeing as the majority of games being bought on the device are going to go through Steam.

    I just want to see their damn controllers though. I'm really curious as to what they have. That said, I think it's going to be pretty difficult to one-up the PS4 controller right now. If someone makes good drivers for that thing it looks to be almost the perfect PC controller to me.
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  12. MFL

    MFL AlbatrossofTime

    Rift based Ricochet would be fantastic.
  13. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member

    I've updated the OP now with a picture of Gabe and his BAFTA.
  14. kineaesth

    kineaesth Moderate Staff Member

    They did an awful job, it doesn't look anything like him
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