• G-Man Playable Hero in Dota 2

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Apr 1, 2012.

    Our investigative sleuths at ValveTime have been combing through the Dota 2 beta since the recent update this weekend and found some incredible secrets within.

    It seems that the G-Man will be making a cameo appearance in Dota 2 as an 'intelligence' based hero. We were able to find the upcoming hero poster image as seen above in the game files as well the ability to select him on the hero info screen by making some config modifications.

    The icons representing his skills are seemingly vague however they could hold the secret to when Episode 3 will be released. We will keep you updated on any progress we make.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. sixteenth
    Whoah. Won't get my hopes up for anything, but now that this day has finally come... I, uh, feel weird.
  2. -smash-
    Hmmm, wasn't expecting that.
  3. MFL
    For the love of god switch to the Lore page.

    edit- Well I certainly need to go to bed earlier it seems.
  4. Zephos
    What a lovely April morning.
  5. Shem
    I'll try to make this brief:

    The briefcase represents his ability to make deals with others. The portal, as you may already know, shows that he is able to travel to a certain point without having to go through physical space. The straightening of his tie emphasizes how calm and collected he is. The snoring bed reminds us all of his power to put one under stasis.

    The briefcase refers to Freeman's contractual binding. The iconic image of the portal from Portal refers to the G-Man's affiliation with Aperture Science. The straightening of the tie is merely a symbolic representation of the G-Man's demeanor. The snoring bed refers to the many times the G-Man has had to put the baby, Gordon Freeman, to sleep.

    My two cents have been given.
  6. Vegeta897
    Edit: **** off this was posted on the 31st
  7. BabyHeadCrab
    lol @ people who didn't realize the date

    awesome April Fools joke
  8. Quixoticism
    If only it was real... :sadface:
  9. Fatikis
    Seriously, whoever made this post is a ****ing assholes.
    People are going to believe this shit.

    It is April first kids.

    Don't guy into the stupid.
  10. Edeslash
    EP3 will be released 17.14.2020? We're going to need new months soon.
  11. Lasphere
    Awsome april fools joke. hahah!
  12. Ketran
    Even if this wasn't an obvious April fool, I still wouldn't want it.
  13. Shem
    Great job.
  14. Simen
    Would've been sick if it was true :D
  15. Danny_ZQ
    April Fool's? I THINK NOT!
  16. Wanted Bob
    Lol, I read this when it was the 31st here in Canada, so it fooled me for a bit.

    Nice prank :p
  17. toaster-chan
    You know Britain isn't a real country, right, so your 'time zone' technically isn't real either (I checked)
    Just saying, if I don't get playable G-man heads are gonna roll
  18. sixteenth
    There are users who contribute, and then there is you. Shut the **** up.
  19. Panzer XiII
    "The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world."