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EXCLUSIVE: Next-Gen Source 2 Engine Is In Development

Discussion in 'News' started by -smash-, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. MuToiD_MaN

    MuToiD_MaN The Freeman

    Exciting times, fellas.
  2. The RaDaMaNt

    The RaDaMaNt Medic

    Gabe leads us to new era of gaming:bounce:
  3. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    I think L4D has some great AI and Portal 2 has some great NPC animation, but the current Source engine branch is far from being an elite engine. CSGO still doesn't have full blown global illuminization, physics are a bit clunky and alot of textures still look like from Quake 1 (being low res). I know gameplay is more important, but I think visual fidelity is pretty important when it comes to art assets. A benchmark franchise like Half-Life needs that jump in tech that makes you say 'wow, that was ****ing amazing'

    Its important to note that Valve said they haven't had a chance to make serious upgrades to the engine because they've been busy making games, making Steam better, etc. So I'm excited to hear what Gabe has to say about all of this.
  4. WildBeλ³st

    WildBeλ³st Medic

  5. LilJoe

    LilJoe Headcrab

    class ENGINE( object ):
    Known engine names
    SOURCE = 'Source'
    SOURCE2 = 'Source 2'
    SFM = 'SFM'
    HYBRID = 'Hybrid'
    ALL = 'All'

  6. Trooper

    Trooper Spy

    Nice find and thanks for posting!
  7. ACelibateClergy

    ACelibateClergy Infected

    Hybrid could just be a term for a hybrid between Source 1 and Source 2 for something, maybe a cinematic. I wouldn't read that far into it. It would seem so with the "SOURCE_FAMILY" term.
  8. scherzo

    scherzo Headcrab

    Nah, I`m gonna wait for Source 2 Episode 1 =P
  9. LilJoe

    LilJoe Headcrab

    That whole thing is code I found in a file called "constants.py".

    Here's another interesting one I think:

    if engine == 'Source':
    # Example: C:\Dev\tools\python\generic
    pyPath = Path( r'{0}\python\generic'.format( toolsDir, version, arch ) ).unresolved()
    # Example: C:\Dev\source2\main\game\sdktools\python\2.6\win32
    pyPath = Path( r'{0}\python\{1}\{2}'.format( toolsDir, version, arch ) ).unresolved()
    return pyPath

    That path in the second example seems to indicate the devs have a directory for Source 2.

  10. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    Did a little research and I found out Hybrid is a Source engine game for Xbox live marketplace, a 3rd person sci-fi shooter.

    A little peculiar it mentions Hybrid in the same light as SFM, Source and Source 2. Is the game hybrid just coincidence and also a name of an engine at Valve, or its basically just the game? Hmm.
  11. LilJoe

    LilJoe Headcrab

    Uhhh, this isn't about Source 2 or anything, but I did find a VTF file named "borealis.vtf". Now why would that be in SFM........
  12. LilJoe

    LilJoe Headcrab

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\hl2\materials\environment maps\borealis_003.vtf"
  13. LilJoe

    LilJoe Headcrab

    No joke, if you do a search for "borealis" in windows explorer in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\hl2", you will get a good amount of stuff. Lots of VTF's.
  14. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    That is a recycled art asset. IIRC, it's been there since HL2 was released.
  15. Warped Dan

    Warped Dan Vortigaunt

  16. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    A rather large Update... 64 bit? New filesystem?

    Update #2

    J*Rod from Facepunch has noted a few new things in his recap. First, now there's some evidence that suggests Source 2 will take more advantage of 64-bit systems. You can find the reference at:


    Line 1540:
    # Disable 64-bit for 32-bit projects​
    if ( self.engine in ENGINE.SOURCE_FAMILY ) or ( self.engine == ENGINE.HYBRID ):​
    self***n32bitCheckBox.setChecked( True )​
    self***n32bitCheckBox.setDisabled( True )​
    self***n32bitCheckBox.setDisabled( False )​

    From what I can understand, this if/else statement is disabling 64-bit for 32-bit projects that are from either the Source, SFM (the 2nd engine from SOURCE_FAMILY), or Hybrid engines. But, it's not disabling 64-bit for Source 2, so the take away here is that it's suggesting Source 2 supports 64-bit. But it's not for sure as I don't understand the entirety of the code.

    You'll remember that Valve had implemented support for 64-bit in Source way back in 2005 with the release of The Lost Coast, but Valve hasn't added the support to any of their other games due to some cases of poor performance and glitches.

    Second, currently Valve's game models are of the MDL format. Well, it appears that Valve will be moving to a new format, VMDL. And the "V" prefix is popping up all over the place. VGAME, VPROJ, VMOD, VMDL, etc, which could support the fact that they're going to use a new filesystem and pipeline. From:


    Line 138:
    '''A "Valve Path" is one that is relative to a mod - in either the game or content tree.​

    Ie: if you have a project with the content dir: d:/content and the game dir: d:/game​
    a "Valve Path" looks like this: models/awesomeProps/coolThing.vmdl​

    To resolve this path one must look under each mod the current project inherits from.​
    So a project "test" which inherits from "another" would result in the following searches:​

    And just as well, the key values that current Source games have are stored in a file called gameinfo.txt. It looks like Source 2 games will be storing these values in a gameinfo.gi.
  17. Damic

    Damic Spy

  18. tenyuhuang

    tenyuhuang Sandvich

    For the new icons, did anyone remember that Valve said they're working on new Source SDK tools due to frequent complaint from the developer community on outdated editor and tools in the official Source SDK wiki?

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