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EXCLUSIVE: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Concept Art

Discussion in 'News' started by Chris D, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    UPDATE: The raw, non watermarked images are linked below. Click on an embedded preview image to download its high quality counterpart. Enjoy!

    Fancy a glimpse of what Half-Life 2: Episode 3 could look like?

    Here you go then:


    These fantastic images have been sent in by an anonymous visitor to the site from an unknown source. Despite that, we have no reason to believe they aren't real.

    One could argue that perhaps they are just generic Half-Life 2 concept art of concepts that never made it into the final game. But there's plenty of evidence here to suggest they are post Episode 2.

    For example:
    • Alyx is wearing Eli's jacket
    • Crashed helicopter in an Arctic location
    • Art featuring Xen
    • Combine Advisors in Xen
    The images are from circa 2008 and therefore not necessarily representative of the current state of the project, but it's great to see new media, nonetheless. Check out the combine overwiki for the entire story on what we know about Episode 3 so far.

    Alyx's head


    Alyx in various styles


    Various characters


    Destroyed Mil Mi-8 in arctic environment




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  2. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    Apologies for the poor watermarking on some images.

    I blame Photoshop.

    Of course Adobe blames my own uselessness while using Photoshop.
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  3. Paulaner

    Paulaner Space Core

    Anonymous visitor? From an unknown source? Come on. I don't think they are real.
  4. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    They are real.
  5. Blacksky

    Blacksky Hunter

    Man! I think i just shat myself! This is GREAT news!
  6. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

  7. Spiderm4N

    Spiderm4N Medic

    really awesome :love:
  8. Danny_ZQ

    Danny_ZQ Party Escort Bot

    [​IMG]What is this supposed to be?
  9. Pi Mu Rho

    Pi Mu Rho ValveTime Admin | Enemy of fun Staff Member

    Well, when a man and woman love each other very much...
  10. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    Some of this looks like shit you'd see ripped straight from a Deviant Art account.
  11. Edeslash

    Edeslash Party Escort Bot

    I'm sorry to disappoint you but my 7-year-old cousin drew these and they looked all Half-Life and shit so I decided to send them to you.

    And what do you mean 'anonymous'? Don't you know that le_cake_is_the_pyro98_MLG@ponymail.com is my e-mail address?
  12. TechnoHippyChic

    TechnoHippyChic Companion Cube

    So here's what I've compiled about these:

    Eli's jacket (as mentioned)

    Soviet Russian garb?

    Communications / monitoring station, within view of a nice explosion

    Dilapidated Arctic Citadel?

    Some kind of circular portal, or something, on a large column, with an incomplete ring. Crane would suggest recently worked on or being built

    Not sure about the Xen stuff, probably hard to capture it's feel in a concept sketch

    Synth with pitchfork hands

    But these are from 2008. The first "new" bit about hl3 and it's 4 years old, lol. They could've gone in a wildly different direction since then.
  13. Godron

    Godron Spy

    Can't make up my mind on these. How do you know they're legit, and how do you know they're from circa 2008?
  14. mechanicallizard

    mechanicallizard Party Escort Bot

    I call bullshit
  15. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member

    I know Andrea Wicklund drew them, they are from an album she posted online which has now been removed. She is a Valve concept artist who did a recent event we posted about (she's also the hand you see on the Left 4 Dead logo). It should be quite clear from the quality of work and it's faithfulness to Half-life these are real. We have absolutely no question that they are authentic.
  16. MFL

    MFL AlbatrossofTime

    The style is quite similar to the concepts from the space-based IP.

    Not gonna take the time to figure out who's a mod here and on spuf. Just gonna say thanks for having the balls, if it cost you your job. Or the patience to hold onto this til they let you.
  17. Cuthbert

    Cuthbert Spy

    We have waited too long, I think I broke something in my brain.
    I won't believe anything related to Episode 3 until I see it on official Valve sites.
  18. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

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  19. Gloone

    Gloone Spy

    I was right to predict the helicopter would be downed, but like almost everyone else I am surprised to see artwork for Xen. It's conventional wisdom that those levels were the low point of the first game. Perhaps they don't intend to use them for gameplay, although I imagine they do. Certainly they need a makeover, which it looks like they're getting. It could be very cool.

    Contrary to ValveTIme's rather bold claims however, I don't see any evidence that the combine structure (presumably we see two different ideas for the same thing, there's only so many monumental pieces of architecture you can sensibly fit in the Arctic) is Weather Control. Quite the contrary, the whole concept of the Weather Control doesn't make much sense outside of the scrapped original story, where the atmosphere was visibly being degraded. Whatever it is though, and it looks like it's very important to the story, is extremely intriguing... I don't think we expected to see anything like that. The picture we always had in our heads was of a barren wasteland with the Borealis at the crux of all things.
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  20. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    Xen would have been awesome without the shitty platforming. Xen in a current day game would be good to see.
  21. Darkside55

    Darkside55 The Freeman

    I'm coming for you Willie.
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  22. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    Bring it homo. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for the day.
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  23. Damic

    Damic Spy

  24. MFL

    MFL AlbatrossofTime

    Didn't you know the Combine were Japanese?
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  25. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

    Xen had awesome platforming. Maybe you guys just suck at jumping.
  26. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    no it was bad my opinmion is fact gnjh
  27. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    There was jumping?
  28. Solver

    Solver Tank

    I love this - the sheer irony of the first Ep3 material in who knows how long being 4 years old. I'm also sure that reading the development history of Ep3/HL3 will be no less exciting than the development history of HL2, with all that's happened so far.

    And Xen really has the potential to be good. In HL, it was the low point gameplay-wise, but I still regard it as one of the best-crafted alien environments ever seen in a game. If they can pull off that environment again but with different gameplay, it could be great.
  29. ray_MAN

    ray_MAN Tank

    Well, that settles it!
  30. sharkyshu

    sharkyshu Hunter

    Well .... damn. Judging on what Hectic Glenn said we can call this one real . Soooo once again we got more questions than answers . A downed heli, some Xen like setting, some structures that we cannot identify(although I think one of them must be Weather Control), some clothes, some octupusy thing that shoots lasers?! aaaaaaaand that is it. I always thought that in EP3 the heli will get shot down somehow ... so I am glad that this is what is obviously going to happen.

    Come to think of it isn't is sad that the latest info on Ep3 or HL3 or whateva is 4y old .... kinda sad for all the fans .

    PS: Is there any response from Valve about those pics?

    EDIT: the number on the heli's door actually is the same as the number on the heli at the end of EP2 ... so nice attention to the details .
  31. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member

    For those of you like sharkyshu who would like some further analysis, you can watch our video analysis on the art, which includes info from the HL2 beta leak relating to some of the images:

  32. TechnoHippyChic

    TechnoHippyChic Companion Cube

    Jeesh, I didn't even realize that was supposed to be an advisor. Been too long since I played ep2. Too, too long...
  33. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    I was wondering what the hell you meant by a synth being in there.
  34. sharkyshu

    sharkyshu Hunter

    Very nice, thanks.
  35. toaster-chan

    toaster-chan Party Escort Bot

    xen rulez end of story
  36. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    The OP has been updated and the raw images have been embedded.
  37. trunk_slamchest

    trunk_slamchest Party Escort Bot

    all this makes me think of is...hats
  38. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    So, I guess Jamil Mullen isn't doing the face of Alyx? Alesia Glidewell is instead (based on past Valve games, she seems to be the go-to face/body reference model)?

    I hope not, I don't think I can take a different looking Alyx!

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