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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Shakermaker, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Shakermaker

    Shakermaker Party Escort Bot

  2. jimbo118

    jimbo118 Newbie

    Max von Sydow FUK YEH!

    Dragons? Gamebryo? Aw jeez.
  3. Tagaziel

    Tagaziel Party Escort Bot

    Yay, more faux-roleplaying for children.
  4. Bad^Hat

    Bad^Hat The Freeman

    But is it on gamebryo?
  5. Mirage

    Mirage Vortigaunt

    Hoping it's an improvement over Oblivion.
  6. Warbie

    Warbie Party Escort Bot

  7. Tagaziel

    Tagaziel Party Escort Bot

    Based on what? A pre-rendered CGI cutscene? The game's still using Gamebryo.
  8. Warbie

    Warbie Party Escort Bot

    I don't care about the engine so much and would be happy enough with Oblivion + new stuff. You never know, it might not be terrible! ;)
  9. Ren.182

    Ren.182 Companion Cube

    I'm looking forward to it because it's a new land for me to explore and new people from me to steal from!

    God, I hope there is a Thieves and Assassins guild again!
  10. Paulaner

    Paulaner Space Core

    So what? Engines are not so important, as long as games are funny.
  11. jimbo118

    jimbo118 Newbie

    I wonder what it says about me that with oblivion, f3, and f: nv I robbed everyone and from every settlement I discovered.

  12. Yessss! I can't wait.
  13. Tagaziel

    Tagaziel Party Escort Bot

    Sandboxing games the size of a sandbox are your thing I presume?
  14. bodhi

    bodhi Spy

    Ive never played an Elder Scrolls game before, so I'm interested in how this turns out. Dungeons, Dragons and Potions aren't really my thing, so if its another Gamebryo glitch-fest ill give it pass.

    I can put up with some bugs and an antiquated engine from New Vegas, as i love the setting/theme and storyline - but this will have to be a 'tech5' game with minimal bugs to convert me to a day-one buyer. Especially with ME3 and Uncharted 3 released at the same time - games that are not only sure to be fun, but highly polished too.
  15. I'm so glad they went with Skyrim. I loved Bloodmoon. In all likelihood, I'll probably ignore the Main Quest and just walk the earth, admiring the landscape and graphics.
  16. Ren.182

    Ren.182 Companion Cube

    I'm not really knowledgeable of the Elder Scrolls Lore or World. I basically just played Oblivion for the thieving, killing, exploring and the occasional side quest which tickled my fancy.

    What's Skyrim like? More like the Oblivion world? Deserts? Snowy? Or don't we know?
  17. I applaud your playstyle, Ren.182. In Oblivion, I was essentially a vagabond, and I intend to continue that fine tradition in TESV. Skyrim is an analogue for medieval Scandinavia. The Nords of Skyrim featured prominently in Bloodmoon, which I enjoyed more than Morrowind. Bring on the snow and forests!
  18. lord_raken

    lord_raken Tank

    I'm excited. I really enjoyed the expansive nature of oblivion and the guild quests were pretty awesome. It could also be very challenging.

    It was a little bland. The massive world looked mostly the same no matter where you were (you needed mods to make it otherwise), the fact that "cities" only had about thirty people in them was very distracting and unimpressive. Even at places that were supposed to be emotional... it just felt awkward and wooden.

    What I am hopping for:

    Take a lesson in conversation from Mass Effect.

    Base their cities off of Assassins Creed (or mass effect, now that I think about it... the difference is that in AC people move, in ME they really don't)

    avoid the atrocious leveling system they had in the last game... It was frustrating to triumphantly acquire a deadric blade only for every bandit to suddenly start wielding them. (there were mods that fixed the leveling scale in Oblivion)

    create a more immersive story.

    Make it so that if you ignore the main quest Shit still goes down (at a slower rate maybe but stuff can happen without you being there) so you can chose to be the rallying hero or the Phoenix from the ashes. "Hey man, where were you when this scaled bastards were burning down our country?"... Answer: "I don't know... making gold and chasing wenches."
  19. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    hnnnggg I'm psyched. Bethesda is a class act, regardless of Gamebryo.
  20. Ren.182

    Ren.182 Companion Cube

    Snow and forests sounds great. Looking forward to some nice big mountains and some great views :D

    This would be awesome. Having to go through a city as populated as Assassins Creed trying to track down a target for the assassins guild would be great. Rather than having 1 of 5 targets to choose from which was usually the case in Oblivion. Having to talk to people who might have information about their whereabouts would be great too :D

    I hope Bethesda fix this too.
  21. Isn't Skyrim the frozen territory to the north where every 100 years (or whatever period of time) demons unfreeze and kill everything? I think I read a book in one of the mages guildhalls about it.
  22. Sliver

    Sliver Companion Cube

    Uhh is there a source for this game using Gamebyro? I kind of doubt it since the company that created that engine went out of business and Zenimax recently purchased id. Who, you know, have idtech 5.
  23. Tagaziel

    Tagaziel Party Escort Bot

    Howard mentioned in an interview a while back that they've got too much experience with the engine to just throw it all away.

    And Sliver, idtech 5 isn't necessarily well suited for large open world games.
  24. ZT

    ZT The Freeman

    Thievery and archery are the real way to go in oblivion, in my opinion.

    I loved hopping from rooftops at night as a Khajiit, breaking into someone's house, or murdering someone with a well placed arrow.
  25. Gargantou

    Gargantou Companion Cube

  26. jimbo118

    jimbo118 Newbie

  27. Ren.182

    Ren.182 Companion Cube

    Archery was always underpowered though I felt :( Always had enemies still chasing me after they were full of arrows.

    Potentially awesome news! Seems like we're going to be getting some fancy new graphics, with hopefully better animations and AI. Though, it could also mean a whole new bunch of game breaking bugs! (Hopefully not!)
  28. Lucid

    Lucid The Freeman

    I am ****ing psyched.
    Skyrim was my favorite part of Morrowind.

    Even more psyched that they may not be using Gamebryo.
  29. Paulaner

    Paulaner Space Core

    Yes, we should wait and see, instead of jumping on the "Gamebryo sucks" wagon. Back in 2006 Oblivion was state of the art. I don't expect Skyrim to be less groundbreaking.
  30. ZT

    ZT The Freeman

    Archery moddd
  31. Gargantou

    Gargantou Companion Cube

    Oh they finally went for a new engine? At least that's good.
  32. Qonfused

    Qonfused Party Escort Bot

    Well I'm excited.
  33. Warped

    Warped Newbie

    **** another 150 hrs of my life gone to video games :(
  34. unozero

    unozero Tank

    "Seeing lots of speculation about #tesv game engine. It's brand new... and it's spectacular!"

    now please get the **** out of this thread I'm sick of your shit always bitching about this or FO.
  35. Dinnesch

    Dinnesch Space Core

    Why all the hate for Gamebryo? I think it's a decent engine considering all the things Fallout 3/NV had to take care of. What New Vegas had was just extremely poor game programming.

    Open world games with lots of mechanics will never look/perform as good as railroad shooters, ****ing call of duty kids.
    Everyone always complaining about graphics/performance makes me worry about the future of games like GTA, Fallout, TES and Arma.

    Would like to see some gameplay from this new TES game.
  36. Tagaziel

    Tagaziel Party Escort Bot

    I'll believe it when I see it. If the engine is as spectacular as Oblivion's much vaunted Radiant AI I'll get the last laugh.

    Besides, am I not allowed to be skeptical towards a company that churns out mediocre games marketed as the Second Coming of Christ?
  37. AHA-Lambda

    AHA-Lambda Newbie

    new engine? thank god!

    i'll keep an eye on this but oblivion bored me to tears (tho maybe i didn't give it a fair shake =/)

    DEATH eVADER Space Core

    Given how successful the Brotherhood Questline was in the Oblivion do you think the Climbing Skill will be reintroduced from Daggerfall? I personally want to scale cliffedges and go spelunkin
  39. bodhi

    bodhi Spy

    They may have experience with it but they cant just keep using an (apparently) updated version of a last-gen engine. Sounds thoroughly unambitious to me - not to mention depressing as all that 'experience' gets us a flakey game every 2 years.

    I cant believe that tech5, Carmack's latest and greatest is inferior in any way, shape or form to Gamebryo. It cant possibly handle a large open-world any less adequately than Gamebryo manages to - there's really no excuse for them not to use tech5

    edit: Just seen twitter updates about a 'new' engine. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen some gameplay. It'll probably be the newest version of Gamebryo, you know, the one they just got out the door before they went bust that now incorporates support for multiple running animations to accompany 'forward' - such as 'sideways', 'uphill', 'downhill' and the all-new 'back-pedal'

    True for most games but it can be done, we have a new benchmark in Red Dead Redemption. To balance all my Gamebryo hate though, i will say that when I finish a session of F3 or New Vegas I always save fast-travel somewhere scenic so when I next load the game ill get to see one of those lovely sunrises. Pretty ****ing sad of me, actually
  40. JesusToast

    JesusToast Newbie

    I'd be happy if they just got rid of enemy scaling. It's retarded to do a late-game quest and get an awesome piece of armour only to fight a standard bandit who is wearing something twice as good. It'd also be nice if they somehow managed to import the charm of Morrowind without reverting to dice rolling combat.

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