Dracten Needs Your Help (3D modeling)

Discussion in 'Game Modifications' started by Tal_Nova, Jul 31, 2003.

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    Well we finally got up a L bot on irc.quakenet.org #dracten.

    Dracten is a Fantasy,Science Fiction, Action,
    Adventure game, Horror, Comedy- and beyond.

    You Can play characters which most FPS don't allow you to play.
    (Hint: When's the last time you played a game where your a Griffon in a fps?)
    This game would also have vehicles and even Mechs.
    Weapons: Swords,Bow and Arrows, Machine Guns, Rockets
    etc. a few surprises ;) which again have yet to be done in a FPS

    If you like what you see so far, this game is for you....

    This is a mod for Half Life 2 (making a new full game with source)
    progress on this game 10% complete - I have some models which are not finished - Most concepts are done - Concept for levels and enemy's is complete.

    I am looking for:
    web designers
    3D modelers
    Texture Artists
    Musicians etc.

    This Mod will tell a interesting and mysterious story,
    The Mod will let you experience new characters in a story unlike anything seen before.
    You will be able to play this game in third person and FPS. (you decide)

    Now your probably wondering - okay is this just single player?
    What about multiplayer and coop?

    This Game would be for everyone. - It would have single player and Coop, multiplayer, also have team battles - where you can choose sides, or if you want have AI on your teams helping you or if you want unlike other mods. Set your own rules - for example you could have a team match where you don't have to wait 2 minutes just to be respawn - you can have a battle where only your allowed to spawn X amount of times. (lets say 5 times)
    - again let the servers be in control or you could use defaults and not put in the 5 time respawn and just have a good old deathmatch where points count - or what I like tug of war - If you die your team looses a point (which ever team can get to a certain score wins) -those are some ideas I have- again i'd love to hear yours.

    This Mod would definatly show Sources full potential.

    please if your interested leave me a message at:
    [email protected]
    ICQ 164387931

    I will show you some samples of my idea for those serious in wanting to help out.
    (Why am I not showing everythingon these forums?) I don't think it would all fit ;) I am wanting to start to get a team together on this game and get it off the ground, then show it to everyone.

    I want to help create a game which I believe is way over due.
    I hope we can achieve this goal together.


    some characters from the game
    (for those who don't think I am serious)








    A little taste of the Story:

    a strange object is found hurled to the earth.
    a group of scientists come upon the object - they study a strange object like beacon.

    They find a distress call from another world which seems to be under attack (unlike our world) you see a bunch of worlds and races trying to fight off something which seems to be growing out of a planet like a plant.

    Mankind ready's up and uses the beacon device, they arrive on a world called Shanra - (Shanra is a planet full of city's and lush rainforest type environment)
    The Races on this planet are dinosaur like characters, who are like us, but have high tech weapons)
    Mankind Learns that a group of races have gotten together - (all types and kinds) have been trying to stop a evil being from taking over other planets and universes., but sadly other planets and universes have already fallen to the Master (The Master has turned some Races into killing machines and have even created his own races and even manipulated some to believe he will let them take over the planets his army's take.) Some places are still under attack and need your help - shanra is about to fall, if the planets generator protecting the planet is destroyed. The masters full force will be able to move in completly.

    The Master wants to be in total control of all races and all universes.

    You Then Learn that this so called Master is from another dimension, but they have yet to see it. The races who are fighting this creature need your help and all the other races who seem to be arriving from other worlds and dimensions.
    Cause if Shanra Falls, than he is only a step closer to taking total control over the other earths and wiping out the other races who oppose him. Can you find a way to stop him?

    okay That just gives you a idea on the theme and a little bit about the story. Concerning characters - will have a very good variaty of actors.

    if you have any questions please contact me or DK.
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