Dota 2 Weekly Patch - 28/02/13: An Introduction

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    This week's Dota 2 update will see the arrival of the first mission of the new tutorial mode, appearing in the form of a "Quest" system designed to help teach newer players about the mechanics of the game. This first mission, entitled "An Introduction", focuses on using Dragon Knight to teach movement, combat, last hitting and shop mechanics in a singleplayer scenario, hopefully helping to ease the game's steep, and sometimes harsh, learning curve. The new mission can be accessed via the new map screen by clicking on the "Quest" tab on the left hand side of the "Play" menu.​

    A total of eight (yes, eight!) cosmetic item sets are ready to be included for heroes Nyx Assassin, Alchemist, Weaver and more, all of which will be available in the Dota 2 store after the update goes live. The Dota Profile UI will also receive a small update in the form of a new status section, allowing players to update their profile to inform other members of the community about their recent activities, or to just be rude. It would appear that hero Skywrath Mage will be included in next week's patch, so check back here the same time next Thursday for our full update write-up.​

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    Seeing as the LoL tutorials suck, I could see this giving Dota many more players. It would be cool to see them do a short story tutorial consisting of like 6 missions (one for each ability, an intro, and a late game) and being dynamic in that you can use any of the heroes and be taught how to use them. This may seem excessive to people who already know Dota 2 pretty well but for new players this would kick ass. If any one can pull this off it's Valve... and they really need to release this out in the open. Waiting is only hurting their chance to grow.

    "Bringing new players into Dota is something we’ll be doing in collaboration with you, combining single player tutorial adventures with features like the recently released Hero Guides."

    I hope this means what I think it means... I'm getting excited for the future of Dota now!

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