Featured Dota 2 "The International 2016" Event Concludes

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    After over a week of competition in Seattle and months of build-up, this year's iteration of The International Dota 2 tournament has finally concluded following a 3:1 match-up between Digital Chaos and Wings Gaming at the Main Event. This makes the five Chinese players of Wings Gaming the most recent winners of The Aegis of Champions, taking home a total first place prize of $9,123,681.

    Congratulations to the latest winners of The International!

    Wings Gaming
    • shadow
    • bLink
    • Faith_bian
    • Innocent
    • iceice
    Of course, runner-ups Digital Chaos don't go home empty handed, taking home just over $3M. With 105 total picked and banned heroes, two new hero reveals, excellent production value, plenty of side content, and a bunch of neat Augmented Reality videos, this year's tournament was a fantastic summary of all things Dota, bringing together all of the best casters, personalities, and players for one of the most balanced tournaments anyone has ever seen.

    The International is always the most exciting Dota 2 event of the year, and we're already looking forward to the next year of great content and competitions!
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    Alas de la victoria increíbles !!! :Rodar los ojos: Muy buen tiempo de juego y felicidades por el gran premio! :LOL: Dota 2 es un gran espectáculo, para no perder se ni un solo segundo... y disfrutarlo... , porque cada momento puede haber una sorpresa y cosas por describir, como las habilidades con los de cada uno de los personajes... bueno eso si... casi no pude ver lo por entero entero! :divertidísimo:

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