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    As part of the run-up to this year's International 2016 tournament for Dota 2, Valve have today released the event's Battle Pass and Compendium. Available for $9.99 / £7.19, the Battle Pass provides players with access to the statistical compendium from previous years and the usual host of cosmetic items, challenges, and rewards. These rewards include three Immortal Treasures, Spring-themed terrain, a weather effect, a music pack, "evolving" wards and couriers, a cursor pack, numerous emoticon packs, a custom HUD, a Crystal Maiden announcer pack, various loading screens, and a TI6-themed Effigy block. Like all previous compendiums, more rewards of increasing rarity can be acquired by levelling up the Battle Pass, either by paying for extra points or by earning them.

    Like the previously successful Winter Battle Pass, this new Battle Pass also provides numerous gameplay incentives in the form of quests, achievements, match wagering, and community challenges. These features largely function the same as their older counterparts, only with new sets and items to win. The aforementioned community challenges also introduce a new pachinko machine mini-game known as "Lina's Battle Blaze", where dropped balls will randomly grand players the ability to win additional Battle Points to level up their Battle Passes.

    Other new game mechanics include the ability to compete in an on-going Weekend Battle Cup as teams battle one another across brackets, and a "Prize Pool Prediction" allowing players to channel their inner Oracle as they place bets on where they think the final, steadily-rising total will end up (currently just above $2M at time of writing). Should this year's prize pool surpass that of 2015, all Battle Pass owners will be awarded special treasures able to give Arcana item sets, immortal items, and ultra-rare, expensive items retired in years gone by.

    Those looking to level their Battle Passes up as far as they can will be treated well, as, alongside regular Immortal drops, players can also look to get their hands on 21 increasingly-flashy skins for a courier, a "Prestige" item for Legion Commander, unique particle effects for various items and buffs, 8 taunts for various heroes, and two extremely interesting visual effects. The first effect, "Rival Vials" periodically unlock new coloured liquid effects for players to fill the river with, effects which will then be shown to all players in that current game. The other, known as the "Immortal Gardens Terrain", is a permanent map theme which looks phenomenal and yet can still be used in regular games alongside players who don't have it equipped. This is thanks to the extensive work Valve put into the Source 2 tile system late last year, which keeps layouts functionally consistent, regardless of how they look.

    We could literally sit here all night discussing the details of each and every one of these items, quests, and objectives, but you're honestly better off heading on over to the announcement page to learn more for yourself or to pick up your own Battle Pass. I've got mine - have you?!

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