Dota 2 in VR (Need help with shaders and textures)

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    Apr 6, 2016
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    First, sorry for my english.
    I have HTC Vive and now I am trying to launch dota 2 map in VR using Aperture Robot Repair content. Both game (Dota 2 and Robot Repair use the same Source 2 engine, almost the same).
    I have copied "RobotRepair\bin\win64" and "RobotRepair\vr\" folders from RobotRepair to Dota 2 folder. I use this launch options for vr.exe "start vr -noassert -retail -autofidelity +map dota".
    Map starts fine, but all models are without textures.
    When I add shaders folder map from dota to vr and then start dota map, it becomes black. I can move around it and I see through debug, that my position is changing, but how to add light?
    Or fix textures with other way?

    P.S. There is error in console "Error creating shader global_lit_simple.vfx for material" without shaders from dota folder.

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