Featured Dota 2 6.88 Balance Patch Released

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    Quietly, and without much fanfare, Valve have this evening announced and released the 6.88 balance patch for Dota 2. The unexpected update comes only a day after the conclusion of the Manila Major tournament, and is therefore only a minor patch featuring small gameplay tweaks with no major changes to hero abilities or item capabilities.

    While a few overly-powerful heroes have been nerfed, including Beastmaster and Death Prophet, most of the changes introduced with 6.88 are actually buffs. Buffs include Enigma's Black Hole being changed to deal Pure damage through Black King Bar immunity, increased slows for Lich's Chain Frost and Ice Armour, and a health increase to Warlock's Golem. A few item tweaks were also made alongside plenty of other hero changes, which we recommend checking out over on the official changelog!

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