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Doom3 IS Gold

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by x84D80Yx, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. ailevation

    ailevation Don't toke Sour Diesel

    :dozey: I wake up at 1 PM to find out that Doom III is GOLD!!!!!! OMG THAT PZNROROAOS G ZORO ! What a way to start my DAY!! I NEARLY KILLED MY MOMMY HUGGING HER!

  2. lans

    lans Newbie

    You'd say the same if you're friends were all Doom 3 fanatics and had brainwashed you. :p
  3. lans

    lans Newbie

    BTW, Is it just me, or does Doom 3 sound too much Halflife-ish?

    I mean replace UAC with black mesa and the opening scene sounds almost the same. I mean even replace the zombies with headcrap zombies, Z-sec with marines, torch with crowbar and viola! half-life!
  4. brightgreen

    brightgreen Newbie

  5. Griz

    Griz Newbie

    Not likely....

    "Of course, id Software is not a dumb company. An Xbox version of "Doom 3" is well underway and was heavily shown at this year's E3 trade show. When that will hit the streets, though, is still up in the air.

    "We can't say, at this point, that it's going to come out this year," said Hollenshead. "There are a couple of big pieces of work that still have to be done."
    " - Source: Chris Morris' Game Over Column at CNN Money
  6. ray_MAN

    ray_MAN Tank

    Where did you get that quote?
  7. Gunner

    Gunner Tank

    Except D3 has the storyline of the original Doom, which came out about ten years ago.
  8. ailevation

    ailevation Don't toke Sour Diesel

    :naughty: In that quote I provided, it starts out like Half Life... Hmmm and Gabe was pretty hyped about the game... hmmm.... maybe he helped out!! No wonder there were delays in Hl2! So Gabe and his team could work with iD!
  9. Zerox

    Zerox Newbie

    Grrrreat news!
  10. ray_MAN

    ray_MAN Tank

    Well, this is basically a remade Doom 1. So, maybe Half-Life is modelled off that! :O
    EDIT: I doubt it.
  11. ailevation

    ailevation Don't toke Sour Diesel

    :dozey: I think he means how they presented it not how the storyline is, sheesh.
  12. lans

    lans Newbie

    True, half-life was a more ellaborate version of Doom, anyway. But basically Doom 3 seems to be presented like half-life.

    Edit: alievation just said it!
  13. Dr. Freeman

    Dr. Freeman Newbie

    time to upgrade or buy a new PC altogether buddy :)
  14. ailevation

    ailevation Don't toke Sour Diesel

    :eek: August 5th, better start taking them karate classes. The stores is going to be a battlefield.
  15. Some_God

    Some_God Newbie

    Ill play Doom3 and HL2... more fun for me. :)
  16. x84D80Yx

    x84D80Yx Newbie

  17. ailevation

    ailevation Don't toke Sour Diesel

    :cheers: I believe someone mentioned those pics, especially the 2nd one. I seen both pics before.
  18. simmo

    simmo Newbie

  19. Grimresfa

    Grimresfa Guest

    YES! finally! one of them is being released doom 3 half life 2 stalker and knight of the old republic sith lords is what I have been waiting for..... one of the biggest games to 2004 is being released .... *tears*.... I'll get to play it finally :)
  20. Holy craporma!!!

    Those pics.... wow... just wow!

  21. ray_MAN

    ray_MAN Tank

  22. Some_God

    Some_God Newbie

    Those pics are teh win... I cant wait to get nostagia. :)
  23. -TaNaKa-

    -TaNaKa- Newbie

    nice wallpaper hehe. looks great
  24. booogerhead

    booogerhead Newbie

    i am going to best buy tommorow and buying the old doom to play it again. this spiffy laptop has no floppy drives, to my dismay. :D i have no words to display my excitement, for it is that great. :)
  25. thenerdguy

    thenerdguy Newbie

    OK that settels it im building a system.

    I just ordered an

    amd 64 3400+
    chaintech MObo
    1024Mb ram

    I allready have an audijy and a geforce 5800U :) I allready pre ordered doom III a few months ago. :) muahahahahaha
  26. riTuaL

    riTuaL Newbie

    I'm gonna get it, it will hold me over..
  27. Edcrab

    Edcrab Veteran Incompetent

    YEAH! YEAH! *thrusts hips at random passerby*

    6th August translates as 10th for Carlisle... but hell, it's Doom! YEAH!

    *temporarily hides HL2 Fanboy shirt*
  28. jimbones

    jimbones Newbie

    Three simple words: ABOUT ****ING TIME!!

    Hm I noticed a certain slowness of the olde intarweb today. that might explain it.. :dork:
  29. FoxDie

    FoxDie Newbie

    WOOHOO! I reserved my copy today, and they gave me the nifty reserve box :thumbs:
    *Frosty leaves to fondle reserve box*
  30. blindvomit

    blindvomit Newbie


    **** Yeah, **** I can't wait, shit over at planet doom's forums theres a golden thread it's been open for like half a day and already 430+ replies and counting **** YEAH THIS GAME IS GONNA ****ING RULE **** YEAH!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!
  31. /me cries because he doesn't have a good video card.
  32. Tork

    Tork Guest

    Just entered a preorder with gamestop.com, total came out to $64.98 with overnight shipping, cant wait.
  33. FoxDie

    FoxDie Newbie

    Do you live far away from any gamestores? I reserved a copy in-store today at my local Gamestop, and they gave me that goofy little metal figurine too :p
  34. blahblahblah

    blahblahblah Newbie

    Why do you pre-order at a store? Do you get it before other people or something? I always go to the store the day of release and buy it off of the store shelf. Somebody enlighten me, I want to play Doom 3 when it comes out. Not a minute later.
  35. blindvomit

    blindvomit Newbie

    Just in case they sell out, like a reserve.
  36. Alig

    Alig Newbie

    Yeah thats what i do as well...ive never pre-ordered. I live in quite a small place sort off so games always there day of release.
  37. SubKamran

    SubKamran Newbie

    Yah...so... :hmph:

    I probably won't be picking this up. I might if there's a deal, or maybe my friends could burn me one.
  38. blindvomit

    blindvomit Newbie

    STFU and leave asshole, you don't like Doom 3 then don't post in the ****ing thread, simple as that, you party shitter asshole.
  39. Dr. Freeman

    Dr. Freeman Newbie

    in some areas its hard to get a hold of a popular game.. (like Toronto for example) especially limited editions like HL2's Collectors Edition.. there will be a limited supply one would think.. so around here if u want a CE, its best to pre-order.

    i remember Diablo2 sold out on first day.. i walked into the store to pickup my copy only to see others who hadn't pre-ordered giving me mean looks :|
  40. Tork

    Tork Guest

    I live right next to a couple of gamestores, some have the preorder and some dont, I purchased far cry from gamestop.com and it was here pretty quick so i just decided to get it from there. :thumbs:

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