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Dishonored - New game from Arkane with interesting pedigree.

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Lobster, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    So Arkane studios who made Dark Messiah, Arx Fatalis and since cancelled 'The Crossing' are announcing a new game called Dishonored, a first person stealth game along the lines of Deus Ex. They have DX co-creator Harvey Smith as creative director, along with Viktor Antonov who art directed a lot of Half-Life 2, especially in its early development.

    RPS Article: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/07/07/arkane-dishonored/

    The first piece of art from the cover of Game Informer certainly has a combine C17 vibe going on.


    EDIT - Information from the article can be found here: http://www.gameinformer.com/games/d...ve/2011/07/11/getting-to-know-dishonored.aspx



    First screenshots. The art feels different from HL2 already, which is nice. The game sounds like a mix of a lot of ideas that have come before in some great titles, hopefully they will gel together well into something equally good.


    Video interview with Viktor Antonov about the art direction in the game.
  2. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

    Yes. Yes is all that needs to be said. This game? This game, right here? YES.
  3. Krynn72

    Krynn72 The Freeman

    Either he's a one-trick pony or his bosses specifically want him to rip off hl2's style.
  4. ZT

    ZT The Freeman

    This sounds amazing so far, I really hope it turns out. I have this feeling in my gut that it is going to be one of those awesome ideas that never gets created or ends up being only half of what was initially planned.
  5. Hopefully it doesn't end up being too console-focused like Bioshock.
  6. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    did someone say Harvey Smith? **** yeah!

    they're most likely recycling the stuff they did for episode four.
  7. taviow

    taviow Tank

    This does look good, but wasn't Harvey Smith lead designer for DX: Invisible War?
  8. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    so what, he was also lead designer for the original deus ex
  9. taviow

    taviow Tank

    Warren Spector wasn't involved, and look what happened. But then again, he was involved with Epic Mickey. Not sure what to expect.
  10. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    Spector is a creative director, not a game designer.
  11. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    Colour me interested.
  12. CptStern

    CptStern suckmonkey

    who the hell wrote that? it's terrible

    I can brutually kill people and afterwards no one knows I was there? does Winston Wolfe follow you around or something?
  13. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    It is rare that one person is responsible for the success or failure of a big studio game, Warren Spector and Harvey Smith get a lot of attention for being the big names behind the greatness of Deus Ex, but how exactly do you quantify the specific elements that were so great about the game? There are many elements that fans remember fondly that would have been thought up and implemented by forgotten guys buried in the credits, the point is that it is often a complicated team effort.

    Yahtzee brought up a similar example in his Madness Returns review this week. A lot of the big names who worked on DOOM get a lot of attention every time they make a game, simply because they are associated with a classic. No matter how small or different the project is, people like to believe everything they touch will be groundbreaking genius.

    That said, while I don't know to what extent Harvey Smith's contributions made DX popular or IW unpopular, there have been a few interviews with him in the last couple of years, talking about interactive environments, and a players effect on them, that make me really interested to see how this one develops.
  14. StarBob

    StarBob Tank

    When I think of First Person Stealth... I certainly don't think of Deus Ex.... I think of Thief. I can't think of a game that did it better.
  15. I am very interested in this but cautiously pessimistic.
  16. Wanted Bob

    Wanted Bob Companion Cube


    Actually enjoyed Dark Messiah quite a bit, and with guys that helped design two of my all time favourite games there is certainly the potential here for an awesome game.
  17. GreatEmperor

    GreatEmperor Full of shit...

    Nothing so far but some names. The setting was what made Half Life 2 so interesting and this is looking very familiar so I will keep an eye on this. Hopefully they give it enough development to make it decent
  18. Asknoone

    Asknoone Newbie

    IW was a fine game.
  19. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    I saw this on IGDaily, it looks pretty interesting, Bethesda + City 17 designer makes it pretty hard to miss. Still, I'm kind of hating on how much that concept art actually looks like most of Raising the Bar.

    He better not be a one trick pony, that would suck.
  20. Kadayi

    Kadayi Newbie

  21. Mogi67

    Mogi67 Companion Cube

    Obviously some of you guys aren't artists. Creative output by an artist or musician usually will have uncanny similarities to other works done by the same artist, even if unintentionally.
  22. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    Thank you. IW was actually a good game, in retrospect.
  23. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

  24. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    I have updated the OP with some new information from the article, including the first screenshot.



    Apparently information will be coming out over the next few weeks, as with the original Portal 2 GameInformer reveal.

    The game sounds like how I thought Assassins Creed might be when I first heard about it, the goal of Hitman with the options of Deus Ex and the stealth of Thief.. maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but I can hope! *cries in the corner*
  25. Krynn72

    Krynn72 The Freeman

    Yeah, thats not what I was expecting it to look like when reading the description of the game. I was expecting it to be a sci-fi, futuristic scene, not one with swords and matchlock-looking firearms.

    DEATH eVADER Space Core

    After seeing the cover art for game informer and the first screenshot I would say they are taking elements of Victor Antanov's work in 'The Crossing' and injecting it directly into this game. I guess they cancelled their other project because the concept was iffy and redirected their efforts. Wondering if its still using the Source engine, or something completely different.
  27. ZT

    ZT The Freeman

    I am so confused now after seeing that screenshot. Totally not what the concept art was.
  28. Ennui

    Ennui The Freeman

    Every time I see Victor Antonov's work somewhere my heart immediately jumps and for a split second I hope in vain that it's some new Episode 3 concept art :(
  29. That shot makes it look like Fable 4: Source. Obviously it won't be but that was not quite what I was expecting either. Hmm.
  30. MultiVaC

    MultiVaC Tank

    I could be wrong, but that definitely looks like Source to me. It sort of seems like The Crossing has transformed into this. That's all right by me; the whole concept of the "cross-player" sounded doomed to fail (plus Brink attempted something somewhat similar, and it was shit) and the world could certainly use more Deus Ex influenced games.
  31. Bad^Hat

    Bad^Hat The Freeman

    Definitely has a Dark Messiah vibe to it, which was also Source. Not too bothered about the aesthetic, as long as they pull off a nice balance of non-clunky stealth and non-clunky combat.
  32. Warbie

    Warbie Party Escort Bot

    Ooh, I like the look of this and I liked Dark Messiah. Added to the watch list.
  33. TwwIX

    TwwIX Tank

    The Crossing looked promising. Let's hope that they implemented some of the ideas into this game.
  34. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    Game Informer have posted a new interview with Viktor Antonov with concept art and screenshots from the game.


    In the video he specifically says that the developer wanted him to echo Half-Life 2 in some areas, as they are fans of the game. Though the universe is its own unique world, set in a fictional universe mirroring England around the year 1766. Antonov has a background in industrial design, so the oppressive industrial similarities with the Combine are inevitable, but I think setting it further back in history gives it more of a steampunk look.

  35. Bad^Hat

    Bad^Hat The Freeman





  36. Shakermaker

    Shakermaker Party Escort Bot

  37. MultiVaC

    MultiVaC Tank

    Oh my god, this sounds amazing. I hope it can live up to how great it seems. The world needs it to.
  38. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    Thought I would give this thread a little bump, as a new video has popped up with some ingame footage:

    The City 17 vibe is still there, though the characters give it a kind of Bioshock feel. I really like the ideas behind the game, I just hope Arkane can get it finished. It would be a damn shame for the developer to end up as a producer of fascinating vaporware.
  39. Remus

    Remus Companion Cube

    Looks great. Definitely on my most anticipated list.
  40. Sliver

    Sliver Companion Cube

    Definitely not a fan of steampunk, but I'm going to keep my eye on this.

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