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    This is the second in the series of basic playing guides. These guides will
    teach you the basic things you need to know when playing Day of Defeat.

    Move and fire

    Try never to move on your own unless you are trying to do some infiltration.
    Always move in at least a pair so one can run and the other is situated
    to give covering fire. Covering fire isn't random shooting it requires the
    second man to pick points where he thinks enemy fire is likely to come from
    and to fire at them if he sees any sign of movement, after checking the
    target is an enemy if FF is on.

    By repeating this with roles reversed you'll be able to move swiftly with
    constant fire support and you'll be in a good position to assault any enemy
    positions you encounter. All movement should be done with a lot of input
    of the strafe keys to thrown off an enemies aim. Also remember using strafe
    keys you can move in one direction whilst looking in another, this allows
    you to keep an eye on likely sniper positions yourself so you are ready
    to take action if you see something untoward.

    If you know the maps well enough you should be able to move around most
    parts, at least for short distances, backwards. This will allow two of you
    to move as a pair one covering the front and one the back and will help
    prevent any ambushes or the enemy sneaking in round behind you.


    Sprinting must be used wisely in DoD as you can only do it for limited distances.
    Practice with the different classes so that you know exactly how far each
    will sprint, because there's nothing worse than running out of stamina in
    open ground. You should be sprinting from one piece of cover to another
    to cover longer distances. The ideal time to sprint is the the wake of a
    grenade or artillery blast. There's a huge smoke cloud to hide you and by
    the time it disperses, if all goes well, it's too late for the enemy to
    aim and shoot at you.

    If the distance is too great for you to make in one go and there's no cover
    my advice is to start off running normally until the distance is shortened
    enough to complete it as a sprint. This is because it always takes the enemy
    a short while to react, then they have to aim and in that time you should
    be able to suddenly accelerate out of vision.

    Also if you do misjudge and run out of stamina on a sprint I think you're
    generally best crouching for a moment and finishing the sprint. If you try
    to run it you end up hobbling along slowly and make an easy target that
    the enemy can pick off with ease. It only takes a second to gain enough
    stamina to sprint the rest of the way so ends up getting you there faster.
    Sprinting is also often your only defence if you're bandaging yourself.
    You are unable to fight so try to avoid getting killed until you can retaliate.


    Make use of cover in DoD it is not merely there to make the map look complete
    it's there to save your life. Don't fall into the peek-a-boo frame of mind,
    "I can't see them so they can't see me." The chances are that your legs
    are sticking out or that they're in a window behind you.

    You're best off staying crouched rather than prone as your body is kept
    compact and won't stick out as much. Only use prone to peak over obstacles
    or round longer ones that will hide your full length it's also good for
    sniping from windows etc.

    You'll soon learn in maps which obstacles make good cover and which don't
    by the fact you'll keep getting shot/shooting people in bad cover. Also
    learn which positions can fire at you whilst behind cover and keep a close
    eye on them.

    Crouching and sneaking

    Crouching eliminates almost all sounds made from walking and also when used
    climbing ladders dramatically lowers the noise made. Crouching will steady
    your aim for shooting and reduce recoil. Also your stamina level will shoot
    up again when you crouch so remember to do it quickly to regain any lost

    If you hear footsteps or other nearby sounds crouch and keep listening.
    Move forwards slowly whilst crouching (sneaking) and keep your ears open.
    Sneaking is particularly good for sneaking up behind people especially MGs
    and Snipers and allows you to approach undetected for a knife or spade attack.
    Crouching is also necessary to pass through small tunnels and many gaps
    in walls, this can often not be done in the prone position, this is due
    to a bug in the game.

    Team spacing

    It's a good idea to stick together but keep some spacing between you and
    the others around you. A group of huddled soldiers is a juicy grenade or
    automatic weapon target. In the words of Sgt. Horvath (Saving Private Ryan)
    "One man is a waste of ammo, five men are a juicy opportunity."

    Another reason to keep apart and not to crowd into rooms is that doors are
    made for one man at a time and if a grenade comes through the window no-one
    will get out because you'll all get caught up at the door. Also if you're
    spaced and one member gets shot then you have the chance to work out where
    the shot came from and not get caught out as well in the same burst.


    I very rarely if ever just press the space bar. Crouch jumping is the only
    way to go. This (for those of you who don't already know) is when you crouch
    then jump. This has to be done quite carefully but with a little practice
    soon becomes second nature and allows you to jump much further than normal.

    Every jump you do drains stamina. On the plus side if you crouch jump and
    hold crouch whilst in the air it not only makes you a smaller target but
    you'll regain stamina whilst in the air. I generally Hold Crouch after landing
    for a tiny bit to so my stamina bar is all the way up again. The crouch
    jump is also necessary to pass through smaller gaps like windows and with
    practice you'll be able to jump through windows without touching them, it's
    purely a matter of timing.

    Crouch jumps are a great way to get around corners a well timed crouch jump
    with good use of the mouse and strafe keys will send you flying sideways
    around a corner ready to take on any body waiting for you. Remember that
    when jumping you can still turn around so by using the mouse and strafe
    keys you should always land facing the direction you want no matter which
    way you jumped.

    Jumping can also be a good way to avoid enemy fire in a small room or even
    at times resorting to a jump from a window to avoid being shot or blown
    up is the best bet. Finally on maps like dod_avalanche jumping from the
    windows doesn't do much harm but can help you take the flags swiftly or
    back up a team mate on a flag.


    In my opinion this is only really useful for ambushes and sniping. Whilst
    prone you may be a smaller target to those level with you but anyone above
    sees your full length. Also you stick out too easily if you move due to
    Half-Life being unable to deal with it properly. The bonus with being prone
    though is that almost all recoil is removed except for MGs and automatic
    weapons still have some spread but you don't have to fight to keep the cross-hair
    in place any more.

    Going prone is also a good way to sneak past enemies when you have a low
    wall to cover you, dod_anzio is a good example the bridge is best crossed
    prone or at a sprint. If you're sniping prone is definitely the position
    of choice and weapons like the Garand and Carbine definitely work better
    whilst prone.
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