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CSGO Will now have items (This is not a simulation)

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike' started by Hobbax, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Hobbax

    Hobbax Medic

  2. morgs

    morgs The Freeman

    Not a huge issue in my eyes unless they alter the game in the way that TF2's items do. If it works like aesthetic items in dota I'd have no problem with it.
  3. Lobster

    Lobster The Freeman

    Premium community maps, interesting. I wonder what the restriction will be? Access to official servers I am guessing.
  4. SpotEnemyBoats

    SpotEnemyBoats Companion Cube

    If CSGO starts to turn into a hat simulator with floating pink unicorns, then there would be an shitstorm.
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  5. Rorschach120

    Rorschach120 Party Escort Bot

    I want "beer-in-hand" models and animations for every gun.
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  6. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds to me like they're doing a system to reward community map makers by buying a pass add selected community maps to the matchmaking. That's a pretty neat way to get compensation to them and will probably be more lucrative to the map makers than TF2's map stamps.
  7. beatricemorton

    beatricemorton Sandvich

    haha!!...Good One! I want that too!! :) online pokies
  8. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    Hey look, totally unwarranted alarmism about shit we already knew. Cool post.
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  9. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    It would be a pretty good way to reward CS:GO map creators and really boost creativity in order to get more community made maps made official. The workshop has some pretty fantastic and original maps.
  10. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    Community map packs being delivered by developers is nothing new, nor will it effect competitive or vanilla gameplay. This is purely a good thing, it will eventually allow for easier scripting and addition of assets to community servers supplementing the workshop. I'm not sure why this was some kind of concern. They aren't bloating the shit out of it like TF2's obnoxious bullshit.
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  11. Hats. Hats everywhere as far as the eye can see. I think this will be a positive step forward for rewarding the community map makers. This also might be an extra incentive (other than being able to advertise your name everywhere on the map) for new map makers to go ahead and publish their own maps.
  12. Jinoru

    Jinoru Headcrab

    Asthetic stuff would be awesome...and suppressors. :)
  13. ríomhaire

    ríomhaire Moderator Staff Member

  14. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

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