• CS:GO Update adds Sugarcane, Short Train, Safe House and Bank Maps

    Discussion in 'News' started by Sliver, Apr 14, 2012.

    In a hefty update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive four new demolition maps have been added, as well as a number of new UI updates, bug fixes, and gameplay changes. But first, a look at the new maps:


    bank01a.jpg bank02a.jpg bank03a.jpg bank04a.jpg


    safehouse01a.jpg safehouse02a.jpg safehouse03a.jpg safehouse04a.jpg

    Short Train

    shorttrain01a.jpg shorttrain02a.jpg shorttrain03a.jpg shorttrain04a.jpg


    sugar01a.jpg sugar02a.jpg sugar03.jpg sugar04a.jpg

    To take a look at the large and quite extensive update list, check out the Steam Product Update. We will have a set of gameplay trailers focused on these maps uploaded onto our Youtube channel sometime tomorrow. As a reminder, you can check out the latest gameplay videos of CS: GO at the Valvetime Youtube page.


Discussion in 'News' started by Sliver, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Simen
    So I cant really tell what seperates the map de_train from Short Train. Except maybe the balcony on the fourth picture. The screenshots look good though and I do hope they are as good as they look!
  2. Dr.IndianaJones
    All the maps seems pretty cool, except the only problem I have is that Bank, Sugarcane, and Safehouse all seem to be based of L4D /L4D2 maps. When you play them, you will understand. I guess I want them to come up with some original maps and not something that seems port over and changed a little.
  3. Barnz
    more L4D stuff in GO, yay
  4. Russian Mafia
    It's cool that they are adding a lot of new maps at least. Also, I just got into the beta, so yay me.
  5. SpotEnemyBoats
    CSGO has such good lighting effects, and such low poly world models (environments). Still, can't wait to play it.
    I can already tell Sugercane seems to be based on a L4D2 map, without even playing it. But I guess you have to start somewhere. What is Bank like?
  7. Damic
    Was thinking the same.
  8. ríomhaire
    Maybe Valve are just having a bit of fun and deciding to set L4D and CS in the same universe?
  9. Dr.IndianaJones
    Bank and Sugarcane remind me of Hard Rain. Bank being close to Hard Rain's finale and sugarcane being...well the sugarcane factory. Safehouse reminds me of Blood Harvest's farmhouse finale
  10. xyzzy
    People go on about Source being outdated, but IMO these screenshots look really good.