• CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

    Each week we will be giving away CS:GO Beta keys! This week our competition involves designing taglines for our site, ValveTime.net.

    We’re looking to add 3 new taglines to our rotation, with each winning tagline grabbing a beta key for CS:GO. Feel free to poke fun and humour at the Valve Time concept or be informative about ValveTime.net as a hub for all Valve and community news. The choice is yours!


    You can enter by posting your tagline in the comments below. We’re also accepting entries via our Facebook & Twitter. You may enter only once on each of our accepted entry methods. Competition closes 6th April at 23:59pm GMT. Good luck!


Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Kyperion
    Valve Time: The only thing in the world thats keeping freeman alive.
  2. [TXPSTF2IL] darth_melek
    Where are Valves there is Gordon Freemen, valvetime.net the place to know Valve's world.

    (I allready have the I just want tgive a key to my freined and I also want to give a good Tagline for you Valve:)
  3. SpotEnemyBoats
    Valvetime - Faster than a speeding snail
  4. OmegaX
    Valvetime.net - ...any minute now
  5. Crossman
    Who knows? Time knows. ValveTime.
  6. ray_MAN
    ValveTime.net - Delayed
    ValveTime.net - When It's Done
    ValveTime.net - The Definitive Source for All things VALVe... Soon
  7. StunTM4n
    ValveTime. "Is it really that time again?".
    "From start to finish, that's when."
  9. CheatingDeath
    VALVETIME - "Timeless news. More times less new."
  10. Sergei
    Do you like to play? Then valvetime realizes your dreams. Stay with us always.
  11. Hectic Glenn
    No more entries are being accepted, winners announced tomorrow. Stay tuned.
  12. Gman
    Turn the Valve and get the latest news and more,here at ValveTime
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