• CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

    Each week we will be giving away CS:GO Beta keys! This week our competition involves designing taglines for our site, ValveTime.net.

    We’re looking to add 3 new taglines to our rotation, with each winning tagline grabbing a beta key for CS:GO. Feel free to poke fun and humour at the Valve Time concept or be informative about ValveTime.net as a hub for all Valve and community news. The choice is yours!


    You can enter by posting your tagline in the comments below. We’re also accepting entries via our Facebook & Twitter. You may enter only once on each of our accepted entry methods. Competition closes 6th April at 23:59pm GMT. Good luck!


Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Shadow Aka Rider
    Valvetime.net - We can count to three.
  2. mrhairspary
    Valvetime.net - After 10,000 years in development

    valvetime.net - At least we have 200 likes on facebook
  3. OlegEgorcev
    ValveTime- These people do not have a calendar.
    ValveTime- We do not know how to do quickly. But do our best quality.
    ValveTime- Our site is something done on time? Then you have the wrong address.
    p.s sorry for my english
  4. Kiszka
    Valvetime.net - delivered on schedule!
  5. Stigmata
    "The Same News You Get Anywhere Else... Only Better"
    "Please contact Munro directly and frequently if you require any forum assistance"
    "Gabe filters our email addresses"
    "Welcome to ValveTime. Now get out."
    "Half-Life 3 is hats. Nothing but hats. Don't get excited."
  6. Tommy
    "Valvetime~Put down the crowbar, put on your hat, finish your cake, and the news shall come"
  7. Warped Dan
    "Valvetime.net - It's only a model"
    "Valvetime.net - Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. "
    "Valvetime.net - Now with 100% beef"
  8. Stigmata
    "Illegal in seven countries; mandatory in four"
    "More popular than Dota"
    "News here!"
  9. CaptinDirt
    "Valvetime.net - Our news has time to lose"
  10. Stigmata
    "The bee's knees at a snail's pace"
  11. Stigmata
    "No word yet on Ricochet 2"
    "The Bottom of the Internet"
    "I've seen games you people wouldn't believe..."
    "Not Even Once."
    "(to the tune of Nardwuar's Theme Song)"
    "We're paid exceptionally well for what we do."
    "Just say 'Yes!' to ValveTime! [Spacebar: SAY YES]"
  12. sixteenth
    "Valvetime.net - Rest assured, Stigmata will come up with another tagline."
  13. Maxey
    "It's cool for us to make fat jokes. No, really."

    "Better than r/gaming, worse than 4chan"

    "From the makers of ValveTime.net"

    "The Konami code does not work here."
  14. Mattei
    ValveTime - Gaming is a dish best served cold.
  15. gchan
    ValveTime - Its only a matter of ValveTime
  16. Jack Randery
    "ValveTime - Run , Think , Shoot , Live , News"
  17. Lewk
    valvetime.net - Start your day with a steaming cup of Valve news.
  18. Bjorng
    Valvetime.net-- Up-to-date news on your Rebel scum descendants' most anticipated titles!
    Valvetime.net-- with every article a pig gets closer to its wings.
  19. anryu451
    Valvetime - The old site was Halflife2.net....we don't go there anymore.
  20. YouKnow
    "Wake up. Wake up and smell the news."
  21. Kisze
    "ValveTime.net: Not quite done yet..."
  22. sixteenth
    "Someone got their panties in bunch and downvoted all of the reasonable suggestions. - Valvetime.net"
  23. Eejit
    Welcome to ValveTime.net. It's timer here.
  24. aamp
    ValveTime=Where the time is funny
  25. lord_raken
    "ValveTime - Putting down your Episode 3 rumors so you don't have to. "
  26. tomemozok
    Time,Mr.Freeman?Is it really that ValveTime again?
    It seems as if you've only just arrived,and yet time flew by while you were observing the forums...
  27. Hobbax
    Valve Time- We are making good games that are really no long.
  28. StarBob
    Valvetime.net: When patience is the only episode left.
  29. Avoidist
    Valvetime.net: Where the future is a thing of the past.
  30. Kapee
    ValveTime.net - Bending time, Valve time
  31. Ⓕⓡⓞⓓⓞ
    Here's my submission

    bringing now to the future since 1996

    VALVe was founded in 1996 by former Microsoft employees Gabe Newell aNd Mike Harrington
  32. liwkid
    "ValveTime - We wish we could do more than keep an eye on Valve"

    Everybody knows who told that :)
  33. Poké
    Valvetime has next months news today!
  34. Boff
    Valvetime.net - Valve News, all the time.
  35. CrazyMuff 2
    ValveTime - we are here not drink beer
    ValveTime - it's time to play
    It's funny to listen to and read other news, if valvetime near you
  36. Xevrex
    ValveTime.net -- You can't make puns on "halflife2" now, so no more posting "helplife2.net" advice threads, you sad, sad people
  37. Jack Randery
    Make news... Like a boss!
  38. Greenblur
    ValveTime.Net, We're as clever as we are late.
  39. Stigmata
    "gabelord rising"
  40. Igor
    We are just doing their job. For you.
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