• CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

    Each week we will be giving away CS:GO Beta keys! This week our competition involves designing taglines for our site, ValveTime.net.

    We’re looking to add 3 new taglines to our rotation, with each winning tagline grabbing a beta key for CS:GO. Feel free to poke fun and humour at the Valve Time concept or be informative about ValveTime.net as a hub for all Valve and community news. The choice is yours!


    You can enter by posting your tagline in the comments below. We’re also accepting entries via our Facebook & Twitter. You may enter only once on each of our accepted entry methods. Competition closes 6th April at 23:59pm GMT. Good luck!


Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. morgs
    Valve Time - Ready when they are.
  2. Fayloure
    ValveTime - Where things get done, eventually.
  3. Liquid
    ValveTime - You'll be proud to be a part of it!
  4. Zoomer
    "Forget Hammer Time, This is Valve Time!"
  5. 2Fast4U
    ValveTime.net - "where time slows down."
  6. sinkoman
    "Vegetatime.net! No wait, that's not right..."
  7. Simen
    ValveTime - "Keeping you Valved!"
  8. Moop222
    Valve Time - Giving you the news ... when we have them ... sometime ... eventually...
  9. Sebiq
  10. Chris_D
    Hint: You aren't going to win with that one.
  11. Insano
    ValveTime - "Read, discuss, play!"
  12. <RJMC>
  13. Dinnesch
    ValveTime - The latest Valve news before we post it!
  14. Januska
    ValveTime - Especially for you
  15. Edeslash
    So if I post one entry here and one on twitter, both are treated as separate equal entries?
  16. kheilon
    ValveTime: Valve news that's worth the wait.

    *elbow poke*
  17. babuin
    ValveTime for true connoisseurs!join our universe!
  18. Funky_FingaZ
    ValveTime - Making you feel like a Freeman!
  19. javiermaki
    ValveTime - New day, new news.
  20. KROTM@N
    Valve time - Play with us!
  21. Teges
    "Valve Time - more dangerous than Ravenholm"
  22. binczu
    "ValveTime - Today, Tomorrow, Always"
  23. Tao Yang
    A Valve game is never late, it arrives precisely when it means too.
  24. Typhest
    ValveTime.net - Today's news. 28 days later.
  25. MFL
    Valvetime.net - Humbly respecting G-Man theories since 2003.
  26. Shamrock
    Some of these are hilariously good. Can you guys make a list of the ones from FB and Twitter and maybe consolidate them into an external link in the thread? I would love to see what else we as an awesome collective community has come up with. :D
  27. Klaus Gejl
    Valve News. Now On Time. Period
  28. Stigmata
    "We don't go to ValveTime anymore..."
    "Twice the delay, with none of the wait."
    "Isn't it about Time?"
    "The floodgates holding back the valve."

    I'm still going with my first one though.

    [edit] I just got in the beta so don't give me the key :V but one of my taglines better show up on the site!
  29. wimchimp
    Valve Time- Still faster then molasses
  30. A Five Year Old with Guns
    ValveTime - Working to create a better tomorrow - next year!
  31. HAX
    ValveTime : Your Source for daily delay news.
  32. Yorick
    A lot of the suggestions we're getting are hilarious, way better than I was expecting. Keep them coming!

    We're going to have to compile them all together so the staff can vote on their favourites anyway, so I definitely think we can do that.
  33. Skybox
    ValveTime - We have no idea what "deadline" means.
  34. Stigmata
    "Now featuring Offline Mode (work in progress)"
  35. BKnight
    Everything comes to those who can wait...
  36. CrazyMuff
    ValveTime- Where the best never rest.
  37. Stigmata
    "On the Clock, 24/7"
  38. BakonGuy
    ValveTime - Better late then never!
  39. Shem
    "Our salve is Valve."
  40. catbus
    ValveTime - "Hats coming soon!"
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