• CS:GO Key Giveaway – Create A ValveTime Tagline

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

    Each week we will be giving away CS:GO Beta keys! This week our competition involves designing taglines for our site, ValveTime.net.

    We’re looking to add 3 new taglines to our rotation, with each winning tagline grabbing a beta key for CS:GO. Feel free to poke fun and humour at the Valve Time concept or be informative about ValveTime.net as a hub for all Valve and community news. The choice is yours!


    You can enter by posting your tagline in the comments below. We’re also accepting entries via our Facebook & Twitter. You may enter only once on each of our accepted entry methods. Competition closes 6th April at 23:59pm GMT. Good luck!


Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. MiTaReX
    ValveTime - where all other time-space continuum means fail.
    When does Episode 3 release? Only ValveTime can tell!
  2. Au-heppa
    "ValveTime dot net?"
  3. Jarek
    ValveTime, Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again?
  4. BabyHeadCrab
    Valve Time: Let off some Steam while you wait for Gabe's Team
  5. Edeslash
    "Valve News - Delivered faster than Valve can"
  6. Russian Mafia
    ValveTime: Never posting news early or late, but exactly when we mean to!
  7. Lobster
    ValveTime.net - Today's News... Tomorrow!
  8. ríomhaire
    Lobster you're only allowed post one entry, which is just as well because only your first one was any good! (meant in a joking rather than harsh tone)
  9. Lobster
    Oops! -fixed- lol
  10. Shamrock
    ValveTime.net - Don't expect anything for Christmas.
  11. Vegeta897
    Valvetime.net - the definitive source for Half-Life 2
  12. sixteenth
    Valvetime.net - Still no blue theme.
  13. The Monkey
    Valvetime.net- Membership count dropping at a faster rate than Gabe's life expectancy
  14. ríomhaire
    Valvetime.net - "When it's done"
  15. Tyguy
    Valvetime.net: For your viewing pleasure
  16. FrostedxB
    Valvetime.net: A website
  17. Canadian BLT
    Valvetime.net: "Anticipating Episode 3 since October 10, 2007!"
  18. BlueWolf72
    valve time, satisfies the need.
  19. YROC
  20. Stigmata
    "Where the days turn to years."
  21. xbolt
    ValveTime: Grow a beard in 30 minutes.
  22. XfinityGamerZ3R0
    ValveTime.net - Home is where the Valve is.
  23. Rustinat0r
    Valve time - Do not lose time in vain!
    Valve time - it's every time!
    in my opinion is better in tune with the slogan that would have been.
    sorry, my english shit!:rofl:
  24. majan_pl
    Making sure that you will waste some time.
  25. 2Leto
    Valve Time - The time for Valve! ::(
  26. NJMagnessUSMC
    Valve Time - News that's not "Episodic". Thank God.
  27. Overwatch Sector
    ValveTime.net - Daily Valve news on delay...
  28. MuToiD_MaN
    ValveTime.net -- The right website with the wrong domain can make all the difference in the world. (I keed, I keed)
  29. Sneaki
    ValveTime - Want Half Life news? Stay tuned!
  30. bobtheskull
    ValveTime - If it ain't late, it ain't worth playing!
  31. Chabo
    ValveTime - Keeping you up-to-date on Ricochet, and all other popular Valve games.
  32. DjMuffinTops
    Valve Time- As easy as 1,2, but not 3.
  33. myphoenix100
    ValveTime- Where the best never rest.
  34. ozkar99
    valvetime - news about valve software. "when they are ready"
  35. Sloth
    Valve Time - For when you want to vent some Steam.
  36. Sgt.Waffles
    Valve Time - News Coming "Soon"
  37. kilogic
    Quality Content Without the Wait!

    Or the less implied.. Valve-Quality Content Without the Wait!
  38. MultiVaC
    "ValveTime - Conditions could hardly be more ideal"

    P.S. Just to be clear, does "enter only once on each of our accepted entry methods" mean we can submit a different entry in each of the three methods? For example enter one here, and enter a different one on Facebook?
  39. Rain Hard
    Want to learn all the hottest news?
    valvetime.net produced the most interesting and relevant!
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