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Cs 1.6 bots available?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Ruubie, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Ruubie

    Ruubie Newbie


    Me and two friends are gonna have a lan party soon, we will be playing counter strike 1.6. However, with bots it is much more fun. Does anyone have bots for CS 1.6? Or could we use the condition zero bots? We really need them :)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hypnosos

    Hypnosos Newbie

    Zbot is the best one for 1.6 I think.
    You shoud do a backup of your cstrike folder. You don't have to, but be sure to backup liblist.gam, since you will need the original in the future if you want to uninstall Zbot.

    The zip file will contain a cstrike file, extract it using WinRAR or WinZIP to /SteamApps/mail@mail.com/Counter-Strike/

    It will ask you if you want to replace files, choose yes on all of them.
    And... Steam -> Launch CS -> New Game -> and so on into the game.

    Add bots using commandmenu, default button is "H". The first time you add a bot on a map it will analyze the map, you will have 5 fps or something like that in everything from 10 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the size of the map and your computer, you will see a progress bar showing the speed and how much it's done.

    When it's done, the server will restart.

    If you don't feel like using commandmenu, then use these commands in console, I think they speak for themself...


    bot_kick nameofthebot
    bot_kill nameofthebot

    bot _pistols_only

    bot_difficulty 0-3
    0 = easy 3 = hard


    Use 1/0 to allow or not allow the bots purchasing these items.

    bot_allow_rouges 0/1
    1 = Bot are always rushing 0 = More defensive style

    If I remember correctly, zbot_command.txt comes with the .zip file, you can find more commands in there... hehe.
  3. Ruubie

    Ruubie Newbie

    Thank you very very much :) <3
  4. Yes Zbot is what you want. Most other mods are just meh.
  5. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member

    ZBot is pretty good for CS 1.6, and i must say that Hypnosos' post there was very informative and awesome, nice one.
  6. Ruubie

    Ruubie Newbie

    One more question: Do all the lanners need zBot or only the server?
  7. Ruubie

    Ruubie Newbie

    Okay, the LAN party is tonight, I hope it will work out, I'll just add the bots on 1 PC (server PC) and I'll find out :)
  8. Ruubie

    Ruubie Newbie

    SORRY for the triple post, I couldnt remove my posts :(

    Okay guys it all worked out, but I have another question :)

    I'm having a LAN-party with 4 friends soon.

    I wanna have HLTV on the main server, and record all the games so we have all the games we played and later on I can compile them all in a movie.

    Now we are with 4, so we installed ZBot so its 4vs4, human vs bots. I never worked with HLTV before, but my aim is that every single round will automatically be recorded. Then after, I've got huge amount of demos, and I can sort them all out :)

    Now what I do is start the Dedicated Server and in-game I can control the server with rcon (remote control). I wanna add bots, but when I play on my server as client I cant add bots, because im not the server admin. Now I can admin the server with rcon, and I need to put "rcon" for each command. For example, when I wanna change grevity I put in "rcon sv_gravity 100".

    Now I wanna add bots with ZBot, so I put in the console: "rcon bot_add", but it does NOT recognize the command.

    So how do I add ZBots with HL Dedicated Server? :)
  9. foust

    foust Guest


    i insalled it lyke it says above. but when i load cs and load up a new game it analyzes... then final when its finished analyzing the server restarts. then it start analyzing agan and restarting the server etc. etc.

    have i done something wrong or sumet?
  10. Naph

    Naph Companion Cube

    I see the general CS public seeped its way into Halflife2.net
    You'r lost, go home

    By the way, if you read the console, it says that "Waypoints could not be saved; Cannot find Directory cstrike/save/" or something of that genre.
    Run along, create the directory...

    Year old thread, year old cs player :D
  11. foust

    foust Guest

    well, first of all i though you were a complete nob. still do acctualy.

    and yeah after reading the console there was nothing that said anything about;

    "Waypoints could not be saved; Cannot find Directory cstrike/save/" or something of that genre.

    any way, i do belive that the help and support section is for help and support. not taking the piss out of people.

    and just one more thing to take into consideration before you reply. i only created an account to get help on this subject, since i cant get it i dont realy see much point in keeping it so any post from this point on telling me how stupid or shit i am will not be read so theres no real point in doing so.
  12. Naph

    Naph Companion Cube

    Glad to oblige
  13. xvillanx

    xvillanx Newbie

    Use CZ bots , there better.
  14. Xendance

    Xendance Tank

    The Help & Support forum isn't for you to call people complete nobs.
  15. 2JZzzzz

    2JZzzzz Guest

    need help

    Ok guys, i've had it with this. Trying to get the bots to work, using Zbots, tried all the above mentioned along with anything else I can find..

    Unzipped like instructions said, backed up original liblist.gam or whatever it's called. Ran CS, worked fine, hit H, load bot, analyzed, server restarted, analyzed, restart.. ect.. keeps doing so.. picture of consol error:
    can anyone please help me?;(

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