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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive delayed until Summer

Discussion in 'News' started by -smash-, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member

    This is ValveTime.net, so you can expect to see a few news stories about game delays. But because this is Valve we're talking about, delays are only beneficial to us fans (except in Half-Life 3's case).​

    Speaking with Kotaku, Doug Lombardi said that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is going to miss it's early 2012 release date, and will be shooting for this Summer.

    Visit www.counter-strike.net for official information and updates about the game.

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  2. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    I don't remember anyone saying it was going to be released in "Early 2012", I just remember people guessing that.

    Oh well, I have Beta access regardless! :D
  3. Rustinat0r

    Rustinat0r Headcrab

    Bad news. I want play NOW!
  4. Cunni

    Cunni Spy

    Anyone else hoping this is so it can be packaged with Half Life 3 in something like "Orange Box 2?"
  5. Shem

    Shem The Freeman

    What would a Valve game be without a delay?
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  6. Ren.182

    Ren.182 Companion Cube

    As nice as that would be I really can't see Valve announcing Half-Life 3 just a few months before release. It's gonna have a massive hype train when it comes round.

    I'm gonna try play more CS:GO, I did quite enjoy it when I played for 10 minutes last night.
  7. Stormy

    Stormy Companion Cube

    I guess its because it looks like shit. They need to rebuild all the art work.
  8. eQUIV

    eQUIV Spy

    Although I wouldn't say it "looks like shit" like the last guy. I will say I was expecting a larger jump forward in the graphics for a new title. When you look at games like BF3, it's hard to be impressed by the CS:GO graphics. But in the end, graphics do not make a good game.. but it nice to have ontop of a good game. Now I just need someone to send me a beta invite, since I don't want to wait until summer... :)
  9. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    I think this will be common in all Valve's games. As we know from when they developed Half-Life 2, it wasn't very long, if any time at all, before other engines started wiping the floor with Source and have continued to. But we have to remember that Valve like to make their games run on as low powered hardware as possible and I'm sure that's some of the desire for CS:GO.

    Whether or not that's just a poor excuse for an outdated game engine, I don't know :) I personally still think Source looks very good, but it is getting pretty dated these days.
  10. Cunni

    Cunni Spy

    Yeah but thats why CS:GO will be delayed yet again until Christmas 2012, which will be the HL3 release date!
  11. Tyguy

    Tyguy Space Core

    I read somewhere they are releasing more keys. How would I go about getting into this beta?
  12. Schru

    Schru Vortigaunt

    From the official CS website's FAQ:

    Because standard link insertion function insists on adding 'http://' before every link, the link must be opened from within the website.


    Edit: [steam]steam://takesurvey/2[/steam]
  13. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    Move along, nothing to see here. Just testing something...

  14. Chris D

    Chris D Administrator. Staff Member

    Ok guys, as you can probably tell from above, Steam links now work. Unfortunately to use them you have to use the BB Code. It works very much like URL tags. They aren't parsed automatically (yet) you have to manually do the tags:

    Option 1: [steam]steam://takesurvey/2[/steam]

    Option 2: [steam=steam://takesurvey/2]Insert Text Here[/steam]

    Option 1: [steam]steam://takesurvey/2[/steam]
    Option 2: [steam=steam://takesurvey/2]Insert Text Here[/steam]
  15. Insano

    Insano Tank

    Sorry to be that guy.

    Anyhow, I look forward to CS: GO. It will definitely rekindle an old flame.

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