Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dedicated servers in beta; Patched

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    Listen up, server providers. Valve has released the Windows and Linux dedicated server files for CS:GO beta participants.

    Some customizable features, such as the Message of the Day, have been removed because Valve will be testing for "for setup, stability, and management issues" during this first phase.

    As the server list begins to grow, it should help increase the number of beta testers at an even faster rate. Also, a wider variety of servers means quicker, lower-latency servers will be available.

    If you want to host your own Global Offensive server, visit this page and follow the directions. Valve also recommends signing up for their mailing list so that you're kept up-to-the-minute on their server patches.

    In conjunction with the release of dedicated server files, an update to the Global Offensive game client is out. You can view that change log here. Some highlights include:
    • The addition of the GSG9 and Balkan character models.
    • More tweaks to the recoil model.
    • 'Warmup round' added to the game.

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