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    We talk with project leader SidewinderX and coder [=hris from Cold War: Melting Point.
    Halflife2.net: First of all, I'd like to thank you both for taking the time
    out to speak to us. Can you both start by telling us what your roles are on
    Cold War: Melting Point?

    Halflife2.net: You recently made the decision to change the backdrop of the
    game's story from being set in the modern world to a historical 1960s setting. What
    was the reasoning behind this major change?

    Halflife2.net: Sounds like a wise decision in my opinion. How do you expect
    the rest of the community to react to this change?

    Halflife2.net: Something I feel is pretty unique about your mod is the Campaign
    Mode. It's clear that you're not just aiming for some sort of Counter-Strike or
    Day of Defeat style clone, but you're going for something original. How exactly
    will the campaign mode work?

    Halflife2.net: What was the reason for the Cuban campaign being shorter and
    more simple? Is this so you can get the mod out of the door quicker or was there
    something else that influenced the decision?

    Halflife2.net: It's over a year ago now since Valve had their Half-Life 2
    source code stolen. Up until the first release of the SDK it seemed as though a
    lot of mod makers were trying to get a head start in their development by using
    this source code (and the tools included). Is this something that Cold War: Melting
    Point ever considered doing themselves?

    Halflife2.net: Now there's been so many changes to the mod, what has this
    done for the overall progress? Is there much work you're going to have to completely
    re-do? Additionally, what is the overall progress of the mod at this time?
    Halflife2.net: Now part of the SDK is out, how long do you estimate it will
    be before we're able to see some screenshots of Cuba?

    Halflife2.net: If all goes well, the rest of the SDK should be released no
    more than a week after Half-Life 2 is released (if we're being optimistic). If all
    goes well, how long after that point would you expect there to be a public playable
    version of the mod being released?

    Halflife2.net: Great - thank you both for the chat. I for one am definitely
    excited about the mod and I wish you both the best in your respective roles and
    look forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks! Anything further to add?

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Discussion in 'Featured Articles' started by Munro, May 24, 2009.