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Clint Hocking Departs from Valve

Discussion in 'News' started by -smash-, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. -smash-

    -smash- Gold Content Creator Staff Member


    We've come to learn that, just after a year and a half stay, Clint Hocking and Valve reached a parting of ways. This is according to Clint's personal blog and LinkedIn account.

    We never found out, officially, what he was working on while he was there. The bio page on his personal blog says that his specific roles were "designer and level designer" at Valve. And, according to the Jira database leak from last October, he was assigned to the Left 4 Dead 3 project.

    Before joining Valve, Clint's more notable role was Creative Director at Ubisoft for nine years, where he worked on Far Cry 2 and the original Splinter Cell. According to his blog, he was also a script writer for Splinter Cell, and he was "honoured for his writing work on the title with the first-ever Game Developer’s Choice Award for Excellence in Scriptwriting."

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  2. BabyHeadCrab

    BabyHeadCrab The Freeman

    Perhaps this has to do with their focus on storytelling evaporating and their software platform team exploding.
  3. Mogi67

    Mogi67 Companion Cube

    he looks like a pussy ass bitch i would have fired him too
  4. MFL

    MFL AlbatrossofTime

    Thanks for that stunning bit of heartfelt wisdom Mogs.
  5. Vegeta897

    Vegeta897 Banned as all fuck

    I guess he just couldn't hock it.
  6. OmegaX

    OmegaX Tank

    Let me guess, this guy actually makes games? No wonder they fired him.
  7. Omnomnick

    Omnomnick Lead Content Creator Staff Member

    Who said he was fired?
  8. TheWiktor

    TheWiktor Party Escort Bot

    I read that as 'Client Hacking' at first

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