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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike' started by TheInfamousMobb, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Will someone please, PLEASE, send me their clientregistry.blob file, my dumb brother uninstalled steam and now when I try installing it it wont work, but I have fixed this before by adding the clientregistry.blob that I keeped backed up on my Ipod but I deleted it! I need the clientregistry.blob file that is about 160kb or so, please, if any can help me I would really appreciate it.
  2. josho

    josho Guest

    and im sure this has nothing to do with warez eh?

    haha... purchase the game. no one is going to send you this file.
  3. Dekstar

    Dekstar Companion Cube

    What an idiot. sorry, all you admins, but he really is flame-baiting here. I mean coming and asking for a file so he can use a Warezed version. I suggest you note his I.P. and let his ISP know about this little escapade of his :E.

    If I knew where you lived, I would drive your car through your wall, and punch you in the mouth. Seriously.

    Edit: With your fist, by the way. I'll chop it off or something...

  4. my god you people are retarted, my file is 100% legal, I got it through my ati coupon when I bought my vid card, and I have already fixed the problem, now I should drive to your house and punch YOU in the face for being such ignorant assholes.
  5. JimmehH

    JimmehH Spy

    Delete the clientregistry.blob file. Steam will re-generate it.

    Edit: Ooops. A bit late.
  6. Dulrough

    Dulrough Newbie

    If you have a leagal copy, uninstall EVERYTHING of steam, reinstall, log in and everything should be hunky dory.
  7. yea, i uninstalled steam like 3 times, but now I got it working, thanks to everyone that wasnt an ASSHOLE!
  8. Dekstar

    Dekstar Companion Cube

    Haha, hey, not my fault. I know about the warezed version, and you need a client registry.blob file, which you then edit to get steam to do something. So it's a bit odd when someone comes on and asks for a file that is so easy to get hold off unless you don't have the game in the first place.

    I apologise for thinking you had the cracked version.

  9. Appology accepted. Next time dont assume things.
  10. Hypertony

    Hypertony Newbie

    Next time, mention that you have the legit install. Makes things a lot easier!
  11. ch0ke

    ch0ke Newbie

    lmao so if he added the kine in btw i have a legal install everything wouldve be fine and dandy hmm

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