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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Fuse Kazuki, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Hey guys, whenever I start up Sven Coop to try to play it'll give me a missing client.dll error. This is the full error I got: Could not load library C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\Steamapps\myusername\Half-Life\Sven Coop\cl_dlls\client.dll. Whats going on? I got this error two times already today, and its making me mad. I already reinstalled my Sven Coop, play it for awhile then I have to goto a party. Then I come back, try playing it and it gives me it again?? What do I do, I know I'm not going to reinstall Sven Coop all day and get all my models back. Is anybody else getting this? I know two others that got this and one of them is playing right now. But how do I fix it??
    My friend said I should uninstall, then defrag and under options to tell it to delete fragmented files then reinstall a patch, or I could just f disk my drive completly for no reason, which one should I do?
    You guys may not know much about Sven Coop or even like it but, I posted in SnarkCafe and in Sven Coop and noone knew how to fix this error, so I thought I'd post here for help. Thanks for the help.
  2. I think I used to get that same error way back when with cs 1.5 when I first installed - think it had something to do with my version being out of date or something.
    Do you get this error just when joining a multiplayer server or do you also get it when hosting? (if it was a version problem you'd be able to host your own game properly).
    I don't think defragmenting would help - assuming this is the same problem I had a defrag would be a waste of time.
    Keeping in mind that my memory is kinda foggy on this - I recall trying to fix the problem by backing up the client.dll file then copying the file from another game (ie cs 1.6/dod or something) - *note* although I remember doing this I don't have a clue whether this worked or not at the time.

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