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Black Mesa: Source Interview with RPS

Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn Site Director Staff Member

    You may have heard of it, a mod called Black Mesa: Source, a recreation of Half-life 1 on the Source engine. Oh yes you do remember it, well it has been a long time and you can be forgiven for perhaps forgetting it's still in the pipeline since it was announced in 2005.

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently caught up with Carlos Montero the mod team's project lead to ask what's happening with BM:S and why it's taken so long.
    Unfortunately if you're hoping for a solid release date for this mod the best I can tell you is a 'soon-ish timeframe' which if we run through our ValveTime.net computer should be in 27,340. I don't have units unfortunately so that could be minutes, days, weeks or jellyfish. Part 1 | Part 2

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  2. Danny_ZQ

    Danny_ZQ Party Escort Bot

    I'm just glad they're taking their time. Unlike the rest of the internet, I'm actually patient.
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  3. blackout

    blackout Spy

    same here
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  4. Eejit

    Eejit The Freeman

    This mod is still alive? Yawn.
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  5. MuToiD_MaN

    MuToiD_MaN The Freeman

    Sigh, I don't know how to measure the time length of 27,340 jellyfish! Great interview. I have a newfound respect for the team.
  6. simonjedi

    simonjedi Spy

    I'm pretty sure that the release date has been 'soon-ish' since '09
  7. Tollbooth Willie

    Tollbooth Willie The Freeman

    Of a 14 year old game.

    Modern gamers don't give a ****. You're supposed to be making this for the fans of the original. I'm not saying this as a fan, I'm saying this as a person with a modicum of ****ing common sense.

    Just because you got a few pages of glossy print doesn't mean you're a professional money-printing studio all of a sudden. Or that you're gonna transition into one after releasing Black Mesa. But that would suggest BMS will ever be released. My bad.
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  8. Stigmata

    Stigmata The Freeman

    I'm going to enjoy this mod and you can't stop me.
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  9. Barnz

    Barnz ValveTime Reporter Staff Member

    It's a reimagination, not a remake.

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