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Beyond The Box-new interview with gabe newell

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by mchammer75040, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. mchammer75040

    mchammer75040 Newbie

    I looked around, and didnt see it suprisingly but heres a 6 page interview with gabe on the future of valve...if its been posted before dont kill me people:

    EDIT: I better get mentioned on the front page!
    *shakes fist
  2. toaster-chan

    toaster-chan Party Escort Bot

    More Chell!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I was worried we'd never see her again.
  3. Operational

    Operational Newbie



  4. Narvi

    Narvi Newbie

    So, she's not Alyx's mom! Take that, idiots!

    Oooh, an RtB style book for the TF2 development!
  5. Xendance

    Xendance Tank

    That was interesting.
  6. AciD

    AciD Newbie

    Who is Daniel Mortensen?
  7. Xendance

    Xendance Tank

    Someone's son.
  8. FrostXian

    FrostXian Newbie

    Some fag wanting proof to support a lie.
  9. Baracuda

    Baracuda Guest

    i beg the differ my good man

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