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Artifacts in stress test

Discussion in 'Counter-Strike' started by bth, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. bth

    bth Guest

    Hey all,

    I'm still playing around with all the settings... I've got a 6800GT, slightly overclocked using an NV5 sliencer.

    At any rate, as I tweak the settings and start the stress test, I can see, for lack of a better explanation, pink artifacts/tearing in the rock texture you see at the bottom where the camera is pointing. Sometimes I'll see the same effect in some of the other textures during the stress test. If I quit CS:S and restart, all is good.

    Normally artifacts are due to oc'ing too high or temperature issues, but I don't think that's what this is as I've not seen this in any other game, even CS:S after playing for hours. It's just in the stress test, typically after monkeying the video options.

    Opinions? Software or hardware?
  2. Quelaar

    Quelaar Newbie

    Happens to me all the time too, it's perfectly normal.

    Try restarting the game after tweaking settings.

  3. bth

    bth Guest

    Thanks Quelaar!
  4. XtremesT

    XtremesT Newbie

    yea, when i first ran the test after tweaking some settings and got that, i was a little scared, but then i just restarted cs and all better.
  5. poseyjmac

    poseyjmac Newbie

    it happens consistenly to me when running VST, changing resolutions, and then running the VST again. although with my new monitor i can't run at anything other than 1600x1200 without crashing.

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