• Arsenal Mode Added to CSGO + 10,000 New Players

    Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 10, 2012.


    The Counter Strike: GO beta has updated adding a new map from Arsenal: Demolition mode. Valve have also added 10,000 more players to the beta, so check your account if you've applied via the survey.

    The full change log can be found here.


Discussion in 'News' started by Hectic Glenn, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. FarisTooMuch
    nicee but im not the lucky one again! =((
  2. Hectic Glenn
    Here is an image of the new map, it's the house from the Left 4 Dead campaign, Death Toll. Anyone recognise it?

  3. FarisTooMuch
    why why why why not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sergiu
    i never win :((((
  5. Sergiu
    awsome picture Glenn
  6. Shem
    That image brings back memories of panic and good times.
  7. baristasdemir
  8. Rustinat0r
    http://steamcommunity.com/id/rustinat0r/ I have been playing cs for over 10 years. In an old account I have 3000 + hours drivewhich took a former girlfriend. And that's 700 hours. I am a true fan of cs! My english is shit, im russian, sorry!
  9. Sergiu
    ist about lucky :) not how many hours you spent playing ^_^ good luck bro
  10. Rustinat0r
    good luck bro
  11. Sergiu
    good luck to you too bro
  12. ríomhaire
    Confirmed that L4D and CS take place in the same universe?
  13. Lobster
    It is a fair bit different from the L4D map. I guess we could say it was down river. lol
  14. Hectic Glenn
    Well I'm certain CSGO will have some kind content shop for cosmetic items only, some of which will be player skins. I'll put good money on the L4D character models being in the CS shop!
  15. Rustinat0r
    This is an unnecessary thing for the players. The main thing that would make a goodhitboxes and physics. I do not see commercials for it a new game, only the free add-on.
  16. ríomhaire
    You sure about that? I was expecting CSGO to just be a one-time payment thing. I doesn't seem like they'd be able to provide a massive variety of cosmetics without breaking the style. Didn't they even say they were going to restrict the model choices depending on map? (so no Arctic terrorists in South America for example)
  17. Hectic Glenn
    Yes you're right and I do think it will still cost money up front but extra content could still be available for enthusiasts. It wouldn't fit in the tone at all, but neither does 90% of the TF2 items these days...
    No it is the same boat house that you defend in the finale. Literally, the same boardwalk, the same houses, the same boulders. It's just daytime with lovely weather!

    edit: I will admit, the interior of the house is much more stylish, but the geography and map layout is nigh on identical
  18. ríomhaire
    Actually Glenn I'd say the TF2 team have for the most part learned what things broke the artstyle and what they've been adding recently fits better than what they used to have. Of course by now the artstyle is broken beyond repair so it hardly matters I suppose. Unless you have insider info Glenn I still doubt that happening is CSGO.
  19. Lobster
  20. DecayingMadness
    I got a beta code from PAX but my PC is too crap to play it properly, I wish I could transfer it to someone here :( but its locked to my steam account. Plus I used to play CS way too much when I was younger and I truly don't want to end up doing that again anyway since I've fallen back on so many other new releases over the years.

    PS: Love the new look of the site.
  21. Hectic Glenn
  22. Rustinat0r
    I'm still waiting!
  23. Sergiu
    same here ^_^ this is the 2nd day i dont sleep to catch the giveaways
  24. Gery9112
    I hope I'll win next time....I've been playing CS since 2003
  25. Sergiu
    ive been playing CS since i was 12 years...now im 22 :) Cs RuLLz
  26. Rustinat0r
    I also saw cs 12 years ago. But it just did not like me and I began to play only 2 years later.+1 Cs Rullz:cool: