• Argyll and Operation CO-IN

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    Today we speak to the project leader of the impressive looking
    Operation: CO-IN modification for
    the Half-Life 2 engine.

    Halflife2.net: First do you mind introducing yourself and your role?
    Halflife2.net: Could you describe your mod in a short sentence?</p>
    Halflife2.net: You mention on your site that it is set in modern times (post
    1945). Do you have any plans on including events and actions from these earlier
    years? (Pre 1970s, say)?
    Halflife2.net: You mention that realism will be a major focus of the mod...
    could you give an example of the trade offs that you are making between that and
    game play?
    Halflife2.net: But to what extent will the mod be realistic?
    Halflife2.net: How will the different nations &quot;packs&quot; integrate and affect
    the game? What purpose do they serve?
    Halflife2.net: So will some players see themselves as American, and some
    as Canadians?
    Halflife2.net: Will someone who is playing as the USMC see the other players
    as USMC players, even if they see other players as Canadians?
    Halflife2.net: Will this have an affect on weapon selection and effects?
    Halflife2.net: Your mod seems similar to
    <a href="http://www.americasarmy.com">America's Army: Operations[/url]
    could you describe how OP: CO-IN differs from it?

    Halflife2.net: Well, many of those differences you mentioned seemed like
    cosmetic differences, such as the different nations. Will these differences provide
    a major difference in game play? Also, what do you mean by more realistic objectives?

    Halflife2.net: Your &quot;Squad based Teams&quot; feature interests me. Could you describe
    how it will work?
    Halflife2.net: These systems sound ideal for clan play, but how do you foresee
    it will hold up on public servers?
    Halflife2.net: Sounds good in theory, but I’m still not convinced. I've played
    a lot of online games in my time, and it strikes me that the majority are playing
    to be the highest in the scoreboard. There will of course be a great following of
    team play lovers I’m sure, but have you any plans to help enforce team play over
    personal frag count?
    Halflife2.net: Excellent, I was hoping for something along those lines. Best
    of luck to you and your team. Well, I don't have any further questions, do you have
    anything you'd like to say in closing Argyll?

    We would like to thank Argyll for taking time out to give us this interview and
    wish the Operation: CO-IN team good luck in the future.
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Discussion in 'Featured Articles' started by Munro, May 24, 2009.