• Apple and Valve to form console gaming partnership?

    Discussion in 'News' started by Sliver, Apr 16, 2012.

    Multiple sources, including Digital Spy, have released an article with speculation that Valve and Apple may be partnering and working on something "that would involve video games integration with the firm's rumored connected TV device."

    This, of course, stems from Tim Cook, Chief Executive of Apple, visiting and taking a tour of the Valve offices, coupled with the various news stories and recent pickups by Valve.

    Of course everything at this point is only being guess work and rumors, and no concrete evidence or announcements have yet come out. You can visit the Digital Spy to read the rest of the article.


Discussion in 'News' started by Sliver, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Pi Mu Rho
    Nice to see that we're not indulging in baseless rumour-mongering.
  2. 0ut_Stander
    When It is finished and ready to release, I bet it costs a fortune...Apple.
  3. Stormy
    Keep those stinky bastards at apple off my games!
  4. Lobster
    The Internet is like a giant game of Chinese Whispers. A single news story will do a complete circle around hundreds of websites, before looping back on itself with a fresh new layer of magically obtained information.

    There is nothing new about that, but its still amazing how many people out there absorb the majority of their news through Headlines alone.
  5. -smash-
    Completely, 100% baseless.
  6. bobtheskull
    Woot!!! I'm gonna set up my mates who have Xboxes with this 'news'.... then sit back and count how many different shades their faces go before they start frothing at the mouth... I love these kinds of rumours!
  7. Ren.182
    Big picture mode.
  8. ríomhaire
    Why would it make them angry?
  9. bobtheskull
    Because the vast majority of them despise Apple products, and like Valve titles. I think it's something to do with the Microsoft/Apple thing. I dunno. Either way, its made a dent in their day, which has, in turn, made me chuckle to myself.
  10. Krynn72
    This is guaranteed grade A bullshit. Apple has shown next to zero legitimate interest in the gaming industry. Something like this would not be how they take their first step into it, and I honestly don't think Valve would trust Apple to know how to handle the industry's customers, because, well, they've shown no interest and all. They'd muck it up and it'd look bad for everybody.

    Plus it'd probably be using a mac OS, or some derivative, and nobody would develop games for it. And they have a history of only wanting to use their proprietary shit, so even if a developer did want to develop for it, they'd probably have to jump through so many hoops for Apple's pleasure that they'd just stop halfway through.
  11. sixteenth
    Definitely agree with anyone in here saying it's nothing more than bullshit. At the very highest my speculation allowance will go, they could be in talks of bringing the Big Picture mode to Apple iTV. It's more likely that they're probably discussing Mac development for future Valve titles or the Steam app.
  12. ríomhaire
    ****. I was in the middle of writing a fairly lengthy post but I lost it due to backspace so I'll just post the gist:

    Sliver you defended this article to me in the chat saying that this site pretty much needed to post any Valve-related news making rounds on the 'net, even if it's a silly rumour. That's fair enough, but you did not present this as a rumour right off. The headline is very important and if you want this site to be taken as a serious news source the headlines must be able to be taken with some sort of authority.

    As such, if something is only a rumour then you must say so in the headline and not leave it to main body to say so just because it creates a juicier headline. This is a classic case of tabloid journalism: Phrasing the headline as a question because it's nearly baseless and cannot be said as a statement with any sort of integrity. That's what makes this a tabloid post and that is why I object: I like this site and would like it to be somewhat respectable. Do you want to be a news source or a tabloid Valvetime.net? It's up to you.