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antialiasing causes artifacts

Discussion in 'Half-Life' started by hypophysis, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. hypophysis

    hypophysis Guest


    I have a Nvidia Geforce 6800 LE with 66.81 drivers.
    When i play HL2 with antialising on (no matter if 2x or 4x) I get artifacts. Especially in darker parts like Ravenholm I often get thin white polygon edges that destroy the reality of the game. If I turn AA off, the white lines disappear.
    I found that this was already discussed in July 04, an that valve stated that this was a hard to solve problem. They suggested two techniques: "centroid sampling" and "texture clamping" via pixel shader. I seems to me that the problem hasn't been solved since then.
    Do you also get white texture/polygon edges with AA on? Is this a problem only on Nvidia cards? Does it get solved with newer drivers?

  2. mayfer

    mayfer Newbie

    i don't get any problems with my ati card.
  3. Acert93

    Acert93 Newbie

    I have a 6800GT with the 67.02 drivers. I do not have this problem, and I did not have this problem with the drivers I had downloaded in Augest.

    There are new drivers, so you should download those. Also, since you have as 6800LE, that card only has 8 PS units and low quality RAM. Since AA/AF take up a lot of RAM bandwidth, I think the game would play best with no AA and instead run at higher resolutions. Just a suggestion.
  4. Mr Neutron

    Mr Neutron Newbie

    I get a small ammount of this on my x800xt. The pixels aren't glaringly white, so it's not so bad. It seems limited to the edge of certain textures like water. I think i would notice it more if I weren't playing at 1600x1200
  5. I used to get artifacts after a lot of playing (from heat) then I got a new gfx card cooler, and that took care of it.
  6. Dead-Inside

    Dead-Inside Newbie

    Or you wouldn't get any at all when you releave the card.
  7. hypophysis

    hypophysis Guest

    Thanks for your answers.
    I have changed drivers to the actual official 66.93 and the white lines are almost totally gone. :)
  8. Milkman

    Milkman Newbie

    Whats are Artifacts?

  9. RAST

    RAST Newbie

    This is when you have a graphic with stuff in it that shouldn't be there. White dots, lines and stray polygons are all artifacts. The #1 cause for them is OCing your card which creates more heat than the card can take and causes failures of the RAM or GPU.
  10. Biggleska

    Biggleska Newbie

    I used to get that with my old FX5900 when i had AA on in Kotor (Which is now in this pc, but i have a 6800gt at home) - it was to do with overheating... an extra fan solved the problem.
  11. Narcolepsy

    Narcolepsy Newbie

    I get that on my 9800 Pro. I posted the issue in the ghost town that is the Community Support forum, but didn't get much help. Any idea how to cure this on a Radeon?
  12. Milkman

    Milkman Newbie

    You know this is Ironic, right after I posted here I started getting Artifacts in HL2.

    I have a 9800.
  13. itsmygame

    itsmygame Newbie

    I plan on getting a G-Force 6600, would that be fine?
  14. destrukt

    destrukt Newbie


  15. RAST

    RAST Newbie

    I have one and I'm completely happy with it. It OCs well, too.
  16. itsmygame

    itsmygame Newbie

    Well thats good... :)
  17. speedfreak

    speedfreak Guest


    I've just shelled out on an upgrade for my PC and must admit I was amazed when I started playing my DVD version of HL2. That is, until I got graphical issues. They began near the very start of the game - I got of the train, met Barney, headed out to the open air, up a ladder, down into a play ground and then entered a building just in front of two guards. The corridor is all messed up and it's impossible to see anything - spikes etc....

    My upgrade consists of...
    Abit AV8-3rd Eye Mainboard for S9391
    AMD 64 3500+
    1 Gig Corsair 3200 DDR
    Gainward GeForce 6800GT 256MB Golden Sample
    650w PSU

    I downloaded the latest drivers from nVidia 66.93, and played around with the graphic settings within the game.

    But all in vain.

    Any suggestions very greatly appreciated.
  18. RAST

    RAST Newbie

    Double check that you have both power plugs on different arms of your PSU octopus. Just something to check.

    Usually video corruption is caused by heat...what does your GPU run at? Mine is around 40C idle and never hits the threshold of 100C.
  19. speedfreak

    speedfreak Guest

    RAST, thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate the speedy reply.

    "Double check that you have both power plugs on different arms of your PSU octopus"

    My graphics card is the Gainward Golden Sample, and as such comes already overclocked (runs more like an Ultra) and guaranteed to be rock solid. The temperatures are low, again around 40C. You mentioned to check "both power plugs" - are you saying that the card has two power connections? As far as I can remember there was certainly only one power connection on the graphics card, but I will check (is this what you meant?)

    Thanks again,
  20. Sid Burn

    Sid Burn Newbie

    Hmm... just turn it off... so you can play HL2 with no problems.

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