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    Discussion in 'News' started by Pi Mu Rho, Aug 24, 2009.


    After the popularity of our previous giveaway, we're happy to announce that, courtesy of the generosity of Novint we have another Falcon to give away to a lucky forum member! This time, there's a little bit more to it than just posting in the thread. To commemorate Novint and Valve's support for Left 4 Dead, this giveaway has a decidely more undead theme to it.

    Here's what you have to do - recently, I played a game of Left 4 Dead using my Falcon. I played the No Mercy campaign, on Advanced difficulty with two other people and one AI bot. All you have to do is guess the score. For the purposes of this giveaway, "score" means the following:

    Of course, if that's too difficult then you can just guess a number - this is just to show how the score was worked out. It could be amusing to see some of the figures you come up with, though...

    • One guess per person.
    • No duplicate guesses - if your guess is the same as one already posted, then yours won't count.
    • Only members who joined prior to Thursday, August 20th may enter. The last giveaway was open to anyone, this one is for the established members.
    • The guess that is closest to the actual score without going over will win the Falcon.

    As a reminder for those of you who may be unsure what the Falcon is and what it can do, take a look at my review here.
    Also remember that you can buy a Novint Falcon with a 20% discount. All you have to do is use the referral code "HL2NET" when you buy. You can find Novint's promotional Left 4 Dead page here.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Pi Mu Rho, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. CombineHarvester
    That was my first thought too! I didn't quite have the courage to go with it though. Perhaps had Hectic Glenn posted the info before my guess (and yours) I might have gone for it. Still, his comments might mean that he only had a small FF number, but an accuracy of 20% or such. Oooh, such an evil competition! :) Good luck with your guess. If I don't win I hope you do! I love the idea of the figure being 0, and everyone bar one person going over :)
  2. Iced_Eagle
    239.85 bob barker
  3. Marler
    Going through a game without getting friendly fire is difficult as you can't predict what people are going to do and yeah, this competiton is tricky, Really want to win though so I worked mine out
  4. Pi Mu Rho
    I'm really impressed by the number of entries, if not the quality!

    So, the results!

    Total number of zombies killed - 2331

    Number of Friendly Fire incidents I had - 18 (yes, it's shameful)

    Accuracy percentage - 35%

    2331 x 18 = 41958

    35% of 41958 = 14685.3

    So, that makes Snowknight26 the winner. Interestingly, he was the one that seemed to apply the most logic to working it out and got the closest by a huge margin!
    Anyway, congratulations SnowKnight26!

    Here's the evidence if anyone is interested:
    Show Spoiler

    and remember, you can still buy a Falcon with a 20% discount by using the Halflife2.net referral code (HL2NET) on Novint's site.

    Thanks for taking part, guys.
  5. CombineHarvester
    Congrats to the winner.

    I'm not sure you are right in thinking that others didn't apply the most logic though. I came close to the correct common infected killed, it is just that I didn't account for such a high number of friendly fire incidents! :) I have to say, my accuracy is never greater than about 8% so congrats with such a huge percentage (35%). However, I only have, at most a 4 or 5 of FF per game hence my guess was way out.

    Cheers, and thanks for the two great competitions. Now to buy one of these......
  6. Pi Mu Rho
    Well, we were hoping for a bit of site loyalty...
  7. Rizzo
    This was fun. Im not sarcastic, I really liked this.
  8. CombineHarvester
    Oops. Understood.

    I just read Snow's working, and I have to say he came very close, although oddly his common infected killed was way out.

    He used quite a high accuracy, very close to yours. Perhaps I'm a bit gung-ho resulting in my pathetic 8-10% accuracy.... Or perhaps its because I always use a shotgun and never rifles or pistols :)

    EDIT: Just bought using the HL2NET code. Apparently it'll ship in a couple of days. Looks like I've got the Orange box and Penumbra Overture with it. The Orange box set I already have, but I suppose it is handy. I bought Penumbra Black Plague(?) from Steam. Anyone know if this version will work with the Falcon, or do I have to purchase the Novint version.

  9. Marler
    congrats :( Any other giveaways coming up soon? :bounce:
  10. Orcone101
    Pi is falcon whore 100
  11. MetalNinja
    Good job Snow =D It turned out I was about....10,000 away from the actual score 0_0 Hope there'll be another like this in the future ^_^
  12. SpiderPig
    So random guesses dont work ay? time for a rethink in my strategy..
  13. toaster-chan
    Oh no, I thought you meant total number of common infected that just you killed :< Ah well. Grats, Snow!
  14. ZT
    ^Dis, o well.
  15. _DieSector_
    Congratz on the win and congratz on this great competition ^^

    stay cool.
  16. Kinslayer
    Wow Pi, you have quite the number of friendly fire incidents there :LOL:

    (He probably got the high accuracy from shooting all his teammates)

    I tried to work it out using my stats but mine were far, far different from yours :(

    'Grats, Snowknight
  17. ZT
  18. Shem
    Congratulations Snowknight :thumbs:
  19. Glue

    I have to type something down here...
  20. tomnovint
    hey all this is tomnovint, Novint's CEO. I spend a lot of time on boards in general answering questions. If anyone has any questions on the Falcon, you can post them here and I'll answer ;)

    thx, tomnovint
  21. ZT
    You're just here to win a Novint, Novint!
  22. tomnovint
    lol. I have 10,000 of them, so don't need any more myself. We will be doing some more community events though, and we'll be getting more involved with halflife2.net in general. thx, tomnovint
  23. Snowknight26
    I'm still surprised at your ridiculous number of kills - time to get my average kill count up a bit higher. :rolling:

    Thank you for the kind words everyone. ^^
  24. Acepilotf14
    Yeah, I had a question.
    Why is the black Novint Falcon more expensive than the white one?
  25. numinis
    goddamnit I was just here to post 1400 but then I decided to see if no one won allready :( damn you guys :p when is contest 3?
  26. Marler
    they just added support by default to CSS with this
    Heh, I was about to start up a game and see just how much I could get and guess.
  28. ZoFreX
    Do you have any plans on getting a UK distributor?
  29. Marler
    ^^ I'm interested to know the answer to this aswell
  30. Hectic Glenn
    I'd be interested in knowing about new packages with the Falcon. Currently they come bundled with many games, but many gamers (and members here) own Valve games. Are there packages available or in the works with no extras & just the falcon itself?
  31. tomnovint
    Congratulations Snowknight. Welcome to the Falcon Family! Let me know anything I can do to make your Falcon experience a good one.
    thx, tomnovint

    We have fewer Black Falcons than white ones. I think a lot of people don't care too much which they get, but all else equal pick a black one. That will make us run out of black inventory quicker, so the people who really want a black one won't be able to get one. By making them slightly different in price, people who don't feel strongly one way or the other will get a white one, and more people who really want a black one will be able to get one. Both black and white are greatly discounted too.

    thx, tomnovint

    We are talking to UK distributors, but no specific plans or timing yet. Might be a while - we'll see. Also, probably won't be any cheaper than the deal we have now. We save a little in shipping in bulk, but there is still the shipping costs. Also, there are many other people in the distribution chain that get money, so the end price will likely be higher or about the same.

    Until we do get international distributors, we just opened up international shipping, so you can buy one off our site. With the Halflife2.net discount code, you can get a Falcon for as low as $139 right now. We just today decided to reduce international shipping to about $65 on average = $204 total. $204 = 125 pounds

    so really, you can buy a Falcon in the UK right now for 125 pounds with free shipping ;) That's a pretty good deal

    This deal is only up for 2 weeks longer, and is one of the best deals (maybe the best) we'll do for the rest of the year.

    thx, tomnovint
  32. ZoFreX
    £125 right until customs sting me 49% :( (VAT + handling charge)
  33. tomnovint

    Hey Hectic Glenn. If you want to buy our current bundle deal with no games, and an additional $10/off, I can arrange that for you.


    The current deal is as low as $139, which is a really great deal.

    If you're interested in it, please email customersupport [at] novint [dot] com and ask them to forward on to me, referencing this post.

    thx, tomnovint

    True, good point - there is VAT too. I'm not sure the exact amount - I don't think it's quite as high as 49%, but maybe I'm wrong? International distributors will pay that too, so that cost is just innate in the situation unfortunately. thx, tomnovint
  34. Acepilotf14
    Thanks, I thought it was just simple racism!

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    I still think it is. You're horrible people.
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    Pi thinks so too.