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Munro set up the original site as soon as he saw the infamous crowbar image on a magazine preview. Almost 10 years later, he's still wondering what happened.

Munro also once tricked Valve's Doug Lombardi into actually talking to him. History doesn't relate what the actual content of the conversation was, but it's widely believed that Munro is the sole inspiration for Half-Life 3 and 4.

Server Admin

StarMonkey has a reputation for breaking everything he touches. So it should be obvious to everyone why he handles all the technical aspects of the site. In keeping with his nature, StarMonkey also likes bungee jumping without a rope, and driving without a car.


Pi has run the forums with an iron fist for a long time now, earning him the nickname "enemy of fun." However, most people are unaware of Pi's long and painful history with fun. As childhood friends, they often played together, but a terrible and unspeakable incident tore them apart and, after a particularly brutal fight, they now don't speak to each other. Not even at Christmas.
Glenn has spent the past few years managing the content side of . Broadly speaking, this means that he is responsible for all the stunning articles that you haven't read. Never one to give up in the face of adversity, Glenn can often be found in his garden, trying to entice the local wildlife to write some content for the site.
Chris joined the site very early on, and left quite early on as well. Then he came back, left again, came back again, left once more and then seemed to hang around like a ghostly apparition or, more accurately, like a lingering bad smell. We tried opening some windows, but he didn't take the hint, so now he's been promoted to Lead Bad Smell.
Yorick has been responsible for the design and implementation of's website and forums. This came as quite a surprise to him, as he was originally only brought in to serve tea and biscuits.

Yorick's allergy to people is well known and documented. If you find yourself alone with him, it's already too late - he will try and absorb you.
ValveTime Staff
Very little is known about FishBulb, aside from the single, hastily-written anecdote that we found one day. It says "FishBulb is the......................with seven...................and only once.......................COMPLETELY MISSING!..........................underwater in a fridge..........................backwards, and very messy.................WITH AN UMBRELLA!"
Ross has overcome amazing odds to be where he is today. He has laboured mightily to get past the terrible and debilitating handicap of being born better than everyone else, to carve out a career as a writer. Every day, he sits at his desk, quill in hand, tearfully trying to suppress thoughts of his terrifying superiority. All for you.

In his spare time, Ross likes to dress up as a criminal and scare bats.
Sliver is a content writer. That doesn't mean that he just writes articles, oh no. He's a very content writer. He likes to curl up in his little basket, with a happy smile on his face, secure in the knowledge that he's bringing joy to the world, one sentence at a time.

Little else is known about Sliver, although he and FishBulb have never been seen together in the same room...
Kineaesth hails from New Zealand, where the only work opportunities are in uranium mining, fjord-building, or being an extra in Peter Jackson's movies. After suffering the ignominy of being turned down in casting for the fifth time, his demeanour was ideal for moderating a busy forum.

Now he spends his days happily handing out warnings to errant users. Dressed as a hobbit.
Digi does mysterious things. When questioned, Glenn would only say that he was "useful" and refused to elaborate further. However, by the glint in his eye and the spring in his step, we can only assume that Digi provides Good Things. What we do know is that he likes crayons. Lots of crayons. He draws pretty pictures of sunshine and rainbows, then applies a grunge filter on top.