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Feb 3, 2005
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Newbie, from USA

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Mar 31, 2011
    1. Danimal
      Something to add to the growing pile. Thanks! :)

      What did you think of it personally?
      Student is fine.
    3. Escaep
      I cleaned some room up (I think).
    4. CyberPitz
      Or I'll just delete and forget about them. Most of them are years old that I just forget exist. lol
    5. Danimal
    6. Bad^Hat
      Hello yes you are clear for landing.
    7. Danimal
    8. Danimal
      8 - A woman's back, the blots on each far-side of the image look too much like three-legged chameleons to be the backs of her arms.

      9 - The negative space in this once reminds me of the Holy Grail, or a Goblet in general. A snake's head (blue-grey ink) rests just below it, and I'll assume that noxious-looking cloud beneath it is it's breath.

      10 - A red-glowing tower (The negative space being the tower itself), like the Citadel combined with that place The Lich King hangs out, surrounded by fireworks.
    9. Danimal
      Well let me try and describe it best, I've kind of MS Paint'd a couple of them to get my view across easier:

      1 - I see a monochromatic dress-mask, like a masquerade one.

      2 - 7 faces

      3 - (The one in the thread) the demonic bull/goat face emerging from fog, as I mentioned earlier. Though looking at it again it's more of a gas-mask/jet-pilot helmeted figure wearing a beret, above two pillars of flame/smoke. The red blots on each side used to be the tip of a pair of curved horns in my original interpretation.

      4 - Two mangled vulture skeletons symmetrically laying beside each other's spines.

      5 - Two hands making a 45 degree angle where the palms meet.

      6 - Two Retro Sci-Fi laser pistols, symmetrically laying beside each other.

      7 - Two amputees sitting beside each other.
    10. Danimal
      So if my interpretations of those ink blots are absolutely nothing like their subsequent popular responses, does that make me crazy? D:
    11. Vegeta897
      Did you ever have an iron giant avatar before? I know someone here did.
    12. BabyHeadCrab
      Hey dude, I'm not ignoring you on purpose--school work has been crazy. I enjoy writing about video games in between readings. I hope you're well and apologize for being a prick, I get argumentative sometimes... as you well know.

      Hope you're doing well, man - you should hop on Steam soon and chat it up.
    13. toaster-chan
      Hello how are you
    14. toaster-chan
      Love that gif
    15. YROC
      :D :D :D :D :D
    16. Danimal
    17. Krynn72
      Hey, thanks for that link man. There were a couple good postings on there I didn't see on the sites I usually go to. Could come in handy, so thanks for being on the lookout.
    18. Raziaar
      If you end up making your monitor purchase, let me know. I'm looking for something in the same range as you.
    19. Dr.Demento
      I'll just say that you were cool to chat with on the forums back in the day. It's a shame I can't reveal my previous identity without giving up the benefits of being anonymous and thus stirring up previous grievances with other members, but such is the nature of the internets.
    20. Dr.Demento
      Undoubtedly. Friend request incoming. As for me personally, I shan't leave any bread crumbs, but I do indeed actually know many of users from a previous life.
    21. Dr.Demento
      Sup Virus? You may not know me, but I know you. How are things on these days?
    22. Gargantou
      Hey thanks, it's from an old pen-and-paper RPG called Twilight 2000 if you've heard of it!
    23. Gargantou
      Please don't be mad at me bro :<
    24. Gargantou
    25. kineaesth
    26. kineaesth
      Hey, I can't edit the poll in that regard. You could make another thread and I could put all the posts in it for you.
    27. Danimal
      Alas my knowledge is that of the average.
    28. Danimal
      Hey VirusType? Do you know the story behind Wish You Were Here? I think I, like, know it.
    29. Danimal
      Your avatar was close to rekindling my childhood love of werewolves.

    30. CyberPitz
      RX-7 kicking a Mustangs ass, what's new? hahah.
    31. CyberPitz
      I....can't even...tell what the shit is going on in the picture! Is the turbo on top and they are taking the "top mount intercooler" a weeee bit too literal? :laugh:
    32. Raziaar
      Haha, I could be! Every morning when I wake up and turn on the computer... every single character of every single word jitters horizontally a little bit, so that my whole screen while otherwise stationary, looks like it's alive!

      Beginning stages of degenerative eye disease! Or not... heh.
    33. Raziaar
      Soooo sorry for the confusion! It wasn't based on the post but rather, once again, the avatar.
    34. ZT
      Yeah, two things actually. One short, one a bit longer. Just in my spare time.
    35. Escaep
      I just use whatever the stock Windows picture viewer is. I don't have many pictures on my hd so I never use it often.
    36. ZT
      I do indeed. Yeah, people jack things all the time :/ But it is sometimes the price that must be paid for your ideas to be open.

      A lot of times if I like a quote or something I've made up, I'll just integrate it into one of the stories I'm writing.
    37. ZT
      whats the second line of your sig from?
    38. Sheepo
      Hey, I can't tell whether you're kidding or being serious or being ironic or being ironically ironic with that Call of Duty post, but if you're being serious I suggest you see a professional about your mental health.
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