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May 5, 2004
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February 10
van Coevorden

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Apr 22, 2014 at 11:08 PM
    1. Tacoeaterguy
      Happy Birthday
      1. YROC likes this.
    2. Krynn72
      Hey, I want to get a soldering iron finally. I want to use it for motherboard repairs and other, similar electronics. Do you have any recommendation on a quality soldering iron, and what sorts of tips I might need for common stuff?
    3. Krynn72
      Not yet, but i'm freezing my ass off every night so I might still die from it. Thank God I got a job and they have power there for heat.
    4. Dinnesch
    5. Krynn72
      I can't believe you're getting all the credit for Virus leaving. ****ing bullshit.
    6. ríomhaire
      Spy is only useful against large teams so he has no hope of being as useful in a comp match as a Soldier. I know the logistics of getting 24 people all to get together on the one server are dire, but the game is not designed for 6v6 matches, which is what most comp games are. That is not TF2's fault.
    7. ríomhaire
      Decided to take this out of the 2010 games thread. Are you sure the FaN can still do that? I know they reworked its effect a while back, but I don't actually use the thing so I don't know. As for the class balance, I have never played comp but it comes to no surprise to me at all that the class balance in comp is totally broken because the class balance in pubs is also totally broken when you have small teams. TF2 is balanced as a 12v12 game with many of the classes being specialists. When you get down to 6v6 you can't afford to have people play specialist classes any more and everyone has to go to the generalist classes; Soldier, Demoman and Scout (Scout is actually slightly more specialist but his counters are specialist and so he doesn't encounter them in most comp matches so it almost doesn't matter).
    8. toaster-chan
    9. Raziaar
      God dammit. You guys managed t screw up my sleep schedule once again. I hate you guys. As per typical, I stay awake like that and I can't sleep for like 10+ hours afterwards.
    10. Vegeta897
      WHERE THE **** ARE YOU
    11. Vegeta897
      Why are you never on msn.
    12. jet_porkins
      What is your avatar from?
    13. toaster-chan
      Come here and let me smear you with low-fat table spread.
    14. Viperidae
      As said before, who needs readability.
    15. Raziaar
      Oh god, seizure time.
    16. Raziaar
      Why am I not befriended to you? D:
    17. Rizzo
      Okey, Im sure iI have seen you then, maybe it's the avatar.
    18. Rizzo
      Nice page, and how enoying of you to have the font the same coulor of the backround...
      Im wondering thou, if you used to have a different username? Becouse I don't really recognize it.
    19. Viperidae
      Who said legibility is needed?
    20. Hazar
      such a lame attempt
    21. Raziaar
      I'm suing you.
    22. Naudian
      You did it, Pikachu!
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    February 10
    van Coevorden